Ashley Smith was born in October 20th, 1996 in Colorado Springs, CO. Ashley's parents are married Zack and Lori Smith. Ashley's best friends are Kimberly Grayson, Brooke Grayson, Betty Oswald, Janine Jenkins, Elena Polo, Teresa Polo, Emily Clarkson, Maria Clarkson. Ashley's love interest was David Cosloff. Ashley was in junior high when she had a crush on David.

Ashley was never comfortable with her family when she was a child. Ashley always have her half sister and her brother to comfort her.

Ashley is a very happy girl and she loved her school, her teachers and friends. Ashley is a Christian and she loves helping people. Ashley is very sweet and nice person. Ashley has a bright heart and everyone loves and adores her. Ashley has four children Daniel, David Jr., Mary and Janet. Ashley is a loving mother, she supports her children, she cares about them very dearly. She is very happily married to the true alpha.

Ashley loved the city in Colorado Springs and it is very close to Colorado City. Ashley grew up in a Christian family but not strict. She loved being a Christian, she loved reading the bible, it made her a better person. She goes to her schools and she made a lot of friends there. She is a very outgoing person, she is an attractive girl. She feels very happy in Colorado Springs and Colorado City. She loves her parents and her siblings very much. The church she goes to is New Life Church. She is very committed to God. She loves helping out with the women. She got to know Lana Cosloff. They had a good friendship. She knew Kimberly and Brooke Grayson for many years.

Ashley was just a seventh grader and she was very new to Jackson River Middle School, Her friends Betty, Janine, Emily, Maria, Elena and Teresa were at the school with her. Ashley and her best friends were looking around the new school, they had a tour. Ashley saw this handsome guy and he looked older than a 7th grader.

Her friends encouraged Ashley to talk to him. Ashley was pretty nervous, Ashley talked to him and his name is David Cosloff. Everybody knew him and love him, he is a popular guy. During the 4 years they have been close. They are really alike, They like the same things as like shows, movies, food, etc. They agreed to date at junior year of high school.

C.R.O.W, who was at the time a scientist who wanted to create mixtures of different beings He tested it on himself he used bird's blood and also a serum and then The dreadful creature broke out of a special shell, immediately wanting to know where the True Alpha was so that she could kill him.

Meanwhile, Ashley was walking outside and then she saw The CROW and it was attacking her and then the True Alpha saved her from that thing. True Alpha and CROW were both in the air and they were fighting and then they were roaming through Colorado City and Colorado Springs. True Alpha broke his wings and they crashed down and then True Alpha killed CROW so he can never hurt anyone else. Ashley thanked True Alpha for saving her. David and Ashley texted each other. Ashley never knew that David was the True Alpha. Ashley wanted to get to know the hero who saved her.

True Alpha: New Timeline

Present Day, New Timeline, David woke up, it was  a nice day, very sunny, not clouds, He wore a white shirt and blue shorts, He felt a ring on his left ring finger. It was a wedding ring. David said to himself, "I am married"? David got out of the bedroom. David saw pictures of his family. When he saw the pictures of his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins even his kids. David said, "I am a father, I am a married to Ashley Smith, my family is alive". Someone was unlocking the door. David used his enhanced hearing to hear what is in the garage Ashley said, "let's make sure, I don't forget anything, Really your dropped your keys again, why are you always a klutz Ashley huh life". David said, "Hi". Ashley said, "Hi honey, just letting you know, I dropped off the kids at school, I went to the grocery store, sorry it was long, I had a reunion with a friend of mine". David and Ashley kissed. David said, "it is okay, I had a hard day yesterday". Ashley said, "I know, well it is the two of us in the house, do you want to talk or anything". David said, "Come over here". Ashley and David kissed passionately. David lifted Ashley's leg. Ashley said, "Well hello Alpha, what has gotten into you". David said, "sorry about that, I just got carried away". Ashley said, "I didn't say to stop, I am your wife, I have been married to you for 15 years now honey, I really love when you seduce me". Ashley and David sat on the couch, Ashley took off her shoes. David touched and rubbed his wife's feet. Ashley said, "You seem kind of off today, is everything alright"? David said, "The truth is everything seems perfect to me, I have you on my side, being committed to you, that is everything I have ever wanted".  Ashley said, "That is great David". Ashley and David were kissing passionately, romantically and intimately.  

David seem really happy. Ashley said, "Hey you how was it". David said, "great, actually better than great, awesome, it was awesome, seeing my parents even Deborah, they really lift me up you know".  Ashley said, "Good, I am glad you are happy, that is what I ever want from you, I am glad that we didn't get a divorce or being separated, I am so happy to be in this house, in our bed, in our shower with you, I am so happy that your are the father of my children, sorry I am emotional, it is just, we are going to be married for 15 years tomorrow, we sure had a long ride babe". David said, "I am glad I have this ring". Ashley said, "So, what do you want to do honey". David said, "I know". David and Ashley both decided to have sex, this type of sex is very hot, passionate and romantic.  

David and Ashley were relaxing after sex. Ashley said, "Whoa that was amazing, what have you done to my husband". David said, "Well, I am just complete, I am glad where I am right now to be with you". Ashley said, "That makes me very happy that you said that, wow 15 years, I mean we have had ups, downs even surprises but we are always together, we never fight, but a few times but our marriage has not been strained or ruined". David said, "I am glad we are together, you are always my true love Ashley Smith Cosloff". Ashley said, "You have bene my first and only true love David Cosloff, it all started when I met you on my first day of middle school, that was the day I fell in love with you. Ashley put her on David's chest. David smiled and whispered, "Thank you". Daniel and Ashley went to some places together as a mother and son. Ashley wants to spend time with her oldest son Daniel. Daniel said, "So where are we going"? Ashley said, "We are going to Macy's, I need to pick out a dress for tomorrow". Daniel said, "Right the anniversary, well Dad will be really surprised". Ashley said, "Well son, I am going to give your dad the biggest surprise yet". Ashley side hugged her son and they both smiled together. Ashley saw a red beautiful dress and it had jewels on it and it was like 90 bucks because it was half off sale. Ashley said, "This is the one". Daniel said, "For sure". Ashley and Daniel went to a grocery store to get the dinner. Ashley did not want to stop spending time with her son so they went to the park and just walked around. Daniel said, "hey mom". Ashley said, "Yes". Daniel said, "I have been seeing a girl mom". Ashley said, "oh really, what is her name". Daniel said, "Gwen, Gwyneth Kimono", Ashley said, "Oh are you interested to this girl"? Daniel said, "I like her as a friend not a love interest". Ashley said, "I am glad you are waiting it out, your father was like that before we dated, we dated when we were sixteen or seventeen, we didn't rush it". Daniel said, "mom, I am sorry, I surprised you". Ashley said, "It is okay, It is just that I am having a hard time with you being a teenager already, I see you as my baby you know, you are my life, I just don't want you to be heartbroken you know". Daniel comforted his mother, Ashley held him tight. Daniel kissed Ashley on the head.  

On February 14th, It was night time. David wore a tuxedo. Ashley was wearing a long red dress. David said, "Wow you look beautiful babe". Ashley said, "You look very handsome yourself alpha". David and Ashley kissed passionately. Ashley said, "So what are we doing and where are we going"? David said, "How about our backyard on the deck". Ashley said, "Wow you did this yourself, babe I am impressed". David said, "Thank you". Ashley said, "Daniel is invited by a friend at his house and Mary, David Jr, and Janet are with Deborah". David said, "That is great". Ashley and David were enjoying dinner, they were holding and rubbing each others' left hands. Ashley was smiling the whole time of the anniversary. Ashley and David were both making out. David was on top of Ashley and she took off her high heels. They had sex again. Ashley was bursting with happiness. Ashley said, "How did I get so lucky". David said, "When we met at middle school that was the beginning of our lives". Ashley said, "I am so happy that I am the only one you would ever come home too when you were on a mission, preventing bank robberies or saving animals from falling off of trees".  David said, "Ashley you are the only one for me, I wouldn't be the true alpha if it wasn't for you, you believed in me always for over 20 years, I am happy that I am with you in this moment, I love you every seocnd, minute, hour and every day for the rest of my life".  

Daniel came back home. Daniel said, "Mom, Dad". Ashley yawn and said, "Oh hi sweetie, how was the sleepover". Daniel said, "Good, I guess your anniversary was very pleasant". Ashley said, "It was really wonderful, it was really special, we had our favorite dinner on our first date, it was like over 20 years ago, We made love, it was very exciting you know". Daniel said, "It all started when you met at middle school". Ashley said, "Yeah we sure did". Daniel and Ashley continued talking about the early years. Daniel said, "I am very happy for you mom". Ashley said, "Thank you honey, I am so happy I met your father, you wouldn't be born today if we didn't meet". Daniel said, "well I guess you guys had sex then". Ashley said, "Yeah we sure did, I can't believe I am telling you this, but the sex was great, I feel very happy". Daniel said, "You are sure glowing". Ashley said, "you noticed, I love you so much". Daniel said, "I love you too". Daniel and Ashley hugged passionately. Ashley said, "You mean the world to me".

Daniel said, "Dad was sure acting different two days ago". Ashley said, "He was sure happier, that made me happy you know, I am glad I have been married to your dad for 15 years". Daniel said, "me too". Ashley said, "I am so happy that you are in my life Daniel, I am glad that I have the best son in the world like you". Daniel said, "That is the best thing that you ever said to me mom". Daniel and Ashley continued bonding and they ate breakfast together at the house. Deborah dropped off the other kids to the house. Ashley said, "Thank you so much, Deb you are the best". Deborah said, "Anytime". 

Daniel said, "I guess dad is doing his usual work". Ashley said, "Yeah you know it really makes him feel happy doing this stuff to make Colorado City a better place". Daniel said, "Maybe one of these days when I am ready I might be the next one". Ashley said, "Yeah but not now, I don't want you to be in the field yet just be patient okay".  

The day after the family reunion, David, Ashley and the kids went to the park. David and Ashley were sitting by the metal bench and having their time together. Ashley said, "Yesterday was so fun, I am glad the family came over, you really needed that".  David said, "Thank you, you know I really love my family, I am glad I am close to them". Ashley said, "I was never close to my family, my sister and brother but not my mom and dad because there was a lot of tension even before I was born, than I know why because my mother's affair when my dad was in the navy, I was three at the time and the result of it, Leslie was born, the truth came out 19 years after the affair, our wedding, I was so upset at my mom, you convinced me to forgive her when I was ready and, you were the reason why I am close to my family so thank you". David said, "You are the only woman I ever love romantically, I never wanted you to walk on eggshells with your family, I want you to be happy that is all, I wouldn't have these 4 incredible kids without my happy, beautiful and kind wife". Ashley said, "I love these kids so much, being a mother is everything to me when Daniel was born my heart burst and I promised to be there for him whenever he needs me, be affectionate to him and make him a great guy like his father, I even love junior, Mary even Janet, I love all four of our children".

David and Ashley were alone. Ashley said, "Hi how was training with Daniel". David said, "Are you mad"? Ashley said, "No, I am glad that you are preparing our son for his future missions, He is 14 now, he has to learn these things". David said, "I know it will take awhile but he will be a hang of it". Ashley said, "So what are we going to do now". David said, "Well, we will just relax, talk, spend time together as a husband and wife for 15 years". Ashley said, "I like the sound of that". David and Ashley kissed passionately. David said, "Ashley, you are my everything and our family means everything to me, you are the only woman for me, I am very happy for all the good things that happened to us, I don't know what will happen in the future but only we have to look at is today, only I want to do today is to hold on what I have, I wouldn't be the true alpha without you Ashley Smith". Ashley said, "Oh David, you are making me emotional, I wouldn't become the woman I am today without you either Alpha, I am so happy that we have each other". David and Ashley smiled and they kissed again.  

True Alpha: Homecoming

Ashley was just a seventh grader and she was very new to Jackson River Middle School, Her friends Betty, Janine, Emily, Maria, Elena and Teresa were at the school with her. Ashley and her best friends were looking around the new school, they had a tour. Ashley saw this handsome guy and he looked older than a 7th grader. Ashley said, "oh my"? Betty said, "who are you looking at, oh David Cosloff? Ashley said, "You know him". Betty said, "No I have heard of him many times". Ashley said, "I don't know what to do". Emily said, "Just talk to him Ashley, just say hi how are you that kind of stuff". Ashley said, "well it is sure simple for you". Elena said, "Talk to him already". Ashley came to him, David was putting stuff in his locker. Ashley said, "Are you an Alpha or a beta"? David said, "Excuse me". Ashley said, "What kind of role are you"? David said, "Alpha I guess, what is your name". Ashley said, "Ashley Smith, I am new here". David said, "me too, My name is David Cosloff". Ashley said, "Maybe we could talk at lunch time". David said, "okay". The Present day, David and Ashley have been talking at lunch time. Ashley said, "I was so worried when you were in a coma". David said, Well, I am here now". David held Ashley's hand, Ashley said, "I am grateful you are alive you mean the world to me Cosloff, you are a good friend to me David, I don't want to lose you". David said, "You won't".  They almost kissed but the bell rang.  

David was laying on the couch texting Ashley Smith. David and Ashley were getting closer and closer every day. Ashley's feelings for David became more romantic than friendly. Ashley wants David as her boyfriend because she has fallen in love with him. Lori said, "Who are you texting honey"? Ashley said, "David". Lori said, "David Cosloff the guy you have been having a crush on since the 7th grade". Ashley said, "I never told you this mama but We almost kissed at lunch yesterday". Lori said, "What happened"? Ashley said, "The bell rang". Lori said, "he has the same feelings to you". Ashley said, "Yes mom we are both in love with each other". Lori and Ashley hugged. 

At school, Ashley was at her table at lunch time and then Emily, Maria, Teresa, Elena, Betty came to the table they wanted to know what is going on between her and David. Ashley said, "Fine I will tell, I have been having a crush on him for a couple of years then as time went on, we got to know one another, we became good friends study pals even then at lunch time yesterday, we almost kissed and I have to tell you I am in love with him". They are very proud of Ashley because she is love with a wonderful man. Ashley and all the girls hugged.  

Lana decided to meet Ashley as woman to woman. Ashley said, "You must be David's mom". Lana said, "Yes I am, you must be Ashley Smith". Ashley said, "Your son is a very nice guy". Ashley said, "he is the reason I am here, I want to protect him from any bad relationships so Ashley, are you a type of person that could handle a serious relationship"? Ashley said, "Yes I am, I love to have a serious relationship with your son one day". Ashley said, "In the future like a decade from now do you want a marriage even have kids". Ashley said, "Yes of course yes, I would love to have a successful marriage even have children". Lana said, "I am sorry I made you comfortable, I just care about David very much". Ashley said, "I know you don't trust me Lana but I love your son, we have been close for a couple years during that time, I started to have these feelings that I never had before and it was more than feelings for a friend, feelings like romance, I have bene having romantic feelings for David ever since he woke up from his coma, I want you to know that I will support him and love him even comfort him when there are bumps in the road, I love him".  Lana was very approved of Ashley, Lana hugged Ashley. Lana told Ashley that she will support their relationship and Ashley was happy to hear that. Ashley said, "Lana, the first time I met him he told me that I remind him of you". Lana said, "Thank you". While Lana was walking she had a very happy smile.  

C.R.O.W kept attacking the city. The police came. Layne said, "Fire". All the policemen fired at C.R.O.W. C.R.O.W said, "They really think that bullets could hurt me think again". C.R.O.W almost flew to them but a flash of speed hit him. C.R.O.W. hit to the ground. True Alpha said, "You are not going to hurt anyone else C.R.O.W." C.R.O.W said, "Think again". He launched a net to True Alpha. He flew again. Ashley was out and she was walking around she saw chaos near her. C.R.O.W said, "Hey Pretty lady". C.R.O.W grabbed Ashley and she screamed and they flew. True Alpha got the net off of him by phasing. True Alpha yelled, "Ashley"! Ashley said, "Get off of me, HELP"! True Alpha said, "Let her go". C.R.O.W said, "Okay". He dropped Ashley. True Alpha got Ashley Smith. Ashley said, "Thank you for saving me from that thing". True Alpha said, "Go to the cops". True Alpha ran off to C.R.O.W. C.R.O.W came to the location where Julie and Deborah are. Deborah said, "What is that"? Julie said, "I don't know". Deborah and Julie both screamed and True Alpha lunged at C.R.O.W  

Ashley and David were in the park. Ashley said, "Thanks for meeting me here". David said, "Anytime, what is this about"? Ashley said, "I want to talk about us". David said, "Okay". Ashley said, "I don't know how to tell you this umm, I love you David, I know we have known each other for a couple years but as time went on I got to know you more and more you are a great friend the best friend I could ever have and I feel more than a friendship, I am starting to have more romantic feelings for you, why I didn't tell you sooner it is just I think you don't have the same feelings for me". David said, "Ashley, Wow, I never knew that, my mom told me about your conversation with her, she loves me because I am her baby of course, I am her first born, she loves me dearly she doesn't want me to be hurt, what I am saying is, I have been in love with you ever since I saw you, You mean everything to me Ashley, I love you Ashley Smith you never pull me back, you are great being encouraging, You are my encouragement, I love you for that, I don't want you to change at all, I love you for who you are". Ashley said, "oh David you are going to make me cry". Ashley and David had their first passionate and romantic kiss at the park and It changed the whole dynamic of their relationship.  

True Alpha: Against All Odds

True Alpha: Beneath the earth

True Alpha: Darkness

True Alpha: Collateral

On the day, Ashley decided to make the anniversary special so she picked out her romantic/fancy clothes that David bought her at Macy's. Ashley was taking time to put on her white dress, pink lingerie, jewelry and the black heels that are sandals so she can look beautiful so she can turn David on. She is so happy that she had been with the man who she loved very much for a year and she had known for 5 years.

Then she decorated the apartment and it took some time, she had help from her brother. She want to make it romantic. Her brother helped her and her brother was very happy for her. She appreciated everything that her brother has done. She spent some quality time with her young brother. She cooked the dinner, it was some fancy dinner it was like a crusted ham cheese filling dinner. They both liked it. They have eaten that type of dinner before. Ashley texted David that she is ready for the date of their anniversary.

David had been the True Alpha since four years ago and now it is the best time to tell Ashley the truth. They were going to have a romantic date night for their anniversary. David and Ashley were both dressed fancy and there wasn't any trouble in Colorado City. Ashley wore her beautiful outfit, she painted her toenails black, she put cream on them to make her feet look beautiful. Ashley was doing a sexy pose, She said, "Well hello there Alpha, I have been expecting you". David was really impressed like 1000%. David said, "You are really stunning with that dress Ashley". Ashley said, "I just want to show you off and turn you on Cosloff because I love you very much".

David and Ashley were having dinner and they were talking about a lot of things. They both made love (affection, kissing making out, hugging etc.) David and Ashley dancing in a romantic way. Ashley and David both said "I love you" to each other. David and Ashley were on the couch and she took off her heels, she was on top of David and kissing him, she was kissing him on the neck, he interrupted, David blurted out "I need to tell you something Ashley". Ashley said, "What is it David"? She was very concerned

David was prepared to tell her the truth. Ashley was wondering if David is okay. David said, "I am the True Alpha", and he showed her his powers and his suit, his suit was in a box. Ashley was very shocked but she didn't do an outburst, instead she sat down, crossed her legs and froze. David was wondering if he should leave or give space. Ashley said, "Can you hold me"? David hugged her.

Ashley was trying to warp her head around everything and she held David's hand and she put her head on his shoulder, put her legs on his lap. Ashley got all emotional and hugged him and kissed him. Ashley said, "I don't hate you, I would never hate you because you have done everything for me, saving my life multiple times, that is why I love you, you risk your life to save others, you protect and defend people, you support and love people, you accept them for who they are, you are one heck of a guy".Ashley hugged him tightly.

Ashley wanted to discuss their future, David wanted to talk about that as well. Ashley was wondering if their relationship will be at stake when David is being hero and defeating bad guys. David is making sure that he will prevent anything bad happening. Ashley said, I am afraid to lose you, I am sorry that I am emotional". Ashley cares about David a lot and she doesn't want to lose him. David is the best thing that ever happened to her and David is her world.

David wanted to know how to make Ashley feel secure. Ashley wanted David to always think of her when he always go out to the field. She kept begging "please". David hugged emotional Ashley, David said that he won't be going anywhere.

They spent the whole night together, Ashley wanted David to know that she would be ready to marry him when the time is right. She would love to have kids with him. If Ashley had a boy she would call him Daniel. David loved the name Daniel. David wanted to name his future son his name like "David Cosloff Jr.". Ashley loved that name too, Ashley thanked him for telling her about everything. Ashley feels secure and safe when she is with David. Ashley hugged him and put her head on his chest and put her legs on his lap.

Ashley was learning about David's incident with BoneCrusher and she was trying to keep her cool and tried to comfort her soon to be mother in law Lana Cosloff. Ashley was praying with Lana, Ashley was with David when he was unconscious and she was talking with him and she wanted him to wake up for her, Deborah and his mother Lana. Ashley was tearing up and she was crying and she needed to go outside and her family comforted her.

After David woke up because of the enhancer that Jason gave him, she was really happy and also Lana and Deborah.

After the incident, Ashley was trying to deal with the situation between David and his mother, Ashley and her family agreed that David could stay with them for awhile. Ashley wanted David to make peace with his mother. Ashley felt really upset how David shut Deborah out as well. Ashley felt really sad and hurt by it, she couldn't recognize David at all. She had mixed emotions and thought about their relationship. Ashley was wondering if she should end her relationship with David.

Ashley, David and the family were eating at Village inn and they were having a good time. Ashley saw Lana alone and Ashley wanted to do something, when Lana went back from the restroom, Ashley talked to Lana for a bit. Ashley wanted to know how Lana is doing. Lana wasn't doing so well, she has been sad and hurting a lot. Ashley wanted to do something about it.

Lana wanted Ashley to convince David to make peace. Ashley is determined to do that mission.

Ashley and David decided to talk privately, Ashley wanted David to make peace with his mother. Ashley was begging for David to stop shutting out his family because they love him so much. Ashley was getting emotional, she feels that she doesn't recognize David either. Ashley told him that if he doesn't do this, the relationship ends, but she acted desperately. David has to make a decision to forgive his mother.

Ashley was in the women's group and she was hanging out with her friends and she feels in the presence of God. Ashley saw Lana there and she was super excited to see Lana and they were bonding a lot woman to woman. They were getting closer like a mother and daughter. Ashley explained about the talk with David, She made a desperate decision if he doesn't make peace then breakup. Lana wondered if she meant it and Ashley told her no it was just an act of desperation. Lana thought it was clever. Lana thanked Ashley and she would pay her back.

After the conciliation,Ashley explained to David that she didn't mean to breakup with him. David forgave her. David and Ashley were focusing on their relationship and making it a lot better for them. They feel that they were losing each other from all the chaos that has been happening and Ashley wanted to be a better girlfriend for David. They were printing out some papers from wiki how about relationships. They understood the steps and they went at it. They are having better relationship ever since wiki how. Ashley wanted more affection in the relationship. David wanted more trust and intimacy in the relationship.

True Alpha: wrath of the reaper

On leaving for a trip to Paris. It was summer and David and Ashley exchanged a long and passionate kiss. A kiss that would prove to be the turning point in their relationship as Ashley realized the true depth of her feelings for David, She finally knew that she loves him with all of her heart, she was also turned on from David. The characteristics of Ashley reminded David of his mother Lana Cosloff, she thought I was kind of sweet. David wanted to have a woman just like his mom. Ashley was really happy and while she was at Paris, she took time to think through about her future and she is ready to be David's girlfriend.

1 month later, Ashley returned to Colorado Springs and she wanted to see David and she saw him in his favorite breakfast place which was Village Inn and she surprised him. They had a warm hug and a kiss. Ashley said, "I have missed you so much". David said, "I have missed you as well". Ashley wanted to talk about their relationship and she wanted to be his girlfriend. David knew that they had dated for a year. Ashley confessed her feelings for David. David did the same thing and they both agreed to change their relationship status.

They have been more closer and passionate and intimate and they are enjoying their relationship very much. Ashley is in love with David.

Their relationship continued to grow and grow and they are becoming more romantic. They decided to spice up the relationship. David bought her dresses, lingerie, types of shoes. Ashley really loved them.

Lana decided to meet Ashley as woman to woman. Lana was asking very serious questions to Ashley and Ashley wasn't hesitating at all. Ashley told Lana that she wanted a marriage, she wanted to have kids, she is ready to have David as her boyfriend. Ashley explained to Lana she wanted to be there for David through the ups, downs, bumpy roads, etc. Lana was very approved of Ashley and Lana hugged Ashley. Lana told Ashley that she will support their relationship and Ashley was happy to hear that. Ashley also told Lana that David told her that she reminded him of Lana. Lana was very happy of that.

True Alpha: Order of the Sinister

Ashley was captured by Mister Sinister, before that she was unpacking her things for her new apartment and she saw this black hole thing and one dark figure captured her. Ashley was in a dark place and Ashley saw a little bit of the room and she was locked up and she was screaming. Sinisterous was trying to scare her. Ashley was very frantic and scared. Ashley wanted to know why she is in the dark place. Sinisterous wanted to lure True Alpha so he can kill him.

Ashley told him that he will destroy him if they do something to her. Ashley kept screaming again.

True Alpha battled with Sinisterous and he blasted his fire power onto him so he can be destroyed.

True Alpha saved Ashley. Ashley knew at that time that David is the True Alpha. Ashley held David and she thanked him for saving her. Ashley cried for relief.

True Alpha: Below Zero

After that traumatic experience, David took care of her, Ashley was very traumatized from the experience. She was shivering and she was frightened. David gave her a big glass of ice cold water to calm the nerves down. Ashley was laying on her couch but she couldn't sleep. Ashley had PTSD for awhile.

As weeks went by, Ashley moved on from the traumatic event and she worked in NLC. David and Ashley broke things off with each other because of the traumatic experiences. Ashley had an affair with her therapist. David actually had an affair with Psylocke. They both told each other about their affairs, they were working things out and they decided to start all over.

True Alpha: Tornado

Earth Crossover

Ashley was seeing the tornado and then she entered to it but Tornado grabbed her and she was flying and she was screaming. David was trying to save her and he didn't know how. Ashley kept screaming because she was scared.

David decided to run counter clock wise to destroy the tornado and it did and Ashley was safe. Ashley hugged David. After she was saved, David eliminated the Tornado but in the process he created a Singularity of the Multiverse. He created portals for Earth 1. Earth 616. Earth 1610 (before the incursion) and of course Earth 40. When David came back to his earth, Ashley met Captain Marvel.

True Alpha: Master Mind

Ashley was controlled by Master Mind, Ashley was forced to have an affair with him. David was very angry but he killed Master Mind and freed Ashley from his grasp

True Alpha: Revenge of The Nightmare

Ashley had dreams of Nightmare for weeks, Ashley wasn't strong enough to fight him, Ashley explained to David about a man named Nightmare, David recognized that character because he was in the Marvel Universe (Earth 616). Ashley and David were trying to figure how to get rid of Nightmare for good. Ashley was sleeping and also David, Ashley was in a dream world and then she saw this random dark figure. It was like a demon almost. Ashley was very petrified and Nightmare was near her and he actually wanted to rape her but she tried to get him off of her. She was screaming and she was kicking and she was all over the place. David was worried for her and then he tried to wake her up and then Nightmare got out of the dream world. David and Nightmare faced off. Ashley was really scared. David killed Nightmare and Ashley hugged David so tightly and she was weeping for a long time.

After those incidences happened with Tornado, Master Mind, and Nightmare, Ashley and David decided to get married anyway and they had both of their families and friends. It was a great wedding and Ashley and David did their vows and they were pretty deep vows and some of the guests were tearing up. Ashley and David promised each other during the good/bad times they will be together forever. Then they did their kiss and everyone cheered and they all celebrated the wedding. David was with his family and Ashley was with hers to just talk for a bit. David and Ashley are in love and they feel lucky that they found each other. They knew each other for 10 years. They have been in love for a decade and that is magical.

During the wedding celebration, Ashley wanted to say something nice about her parents but Lori blurted out that she had an affair 20 years ago. Ashley was very mad at her mom that she could something like this. Ashley's parents' perfect marriage was an illusion. Ashley was very upset and David comforted her. Ashley doesn't know how to deal with this. David convinced Ashley to forgive her mom when it is the right time.

A few months later, Ashley came to her mom's hotel room because Zack kicked her out. Lori was so thrilled to see her daughter. Ashley wanted to know the full story. Lori explained that her dad was really troubled during that time and when he was at the navy she decided to have an affair with someone. She wanted to be with him but when the therapy happened Lori fell in love with Zack more and their marriage became better. Lori is going to accept the divorce. Ashley changed her heart around and convinced Lori not to get the divorce.

Ashley wanted to get her mind off of her mother's affair. She wanted to do something romantic for the honeymoon. David wanted to know if she will be okay. Ashley was hurt for a few days but she wanted to get her mind off it so she is planning to go to Las Vegas. David agreed and said, "Well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". They were there for a few weeks. They were enjoying their time together as a husband and wife. They were enjoying their time in Las Vegas. They were exploring and they had a good time. The first time they actually made love was in Vegas. They made sure that nobody would hear them. They had a wonderful time.

After knowing that their parents aren't having a divorce. She came in and she was very happy that her family is back in order. She thanked her husband that she loved and supported for not giving up. David would do anything for his wife. They are really committed to each other after the final step in their relationship happened to complete it. Ashley is the luckiest woman to have David Cosloff her husband. She had a double date with her husband and her parents and they had a nice time.

True Alpha: The Deadly Eight Saga

In August of 2021,They were both thinking of having children because it has been 3 years since they got married and they wanted the family life. Ashley is young enough to produce children her eggs are very fertilized, The first time that Ashley and David made love, she got 1% of his powers and that helped to make children without all medicated stuff, she was still human at the time. So they decided to have made love together. They were both stripping off each other and touching their bodies and had a lot of passion. They both had sex together there was a lot of kissing and touching and then she felt the Orgasm and they were take a breath. They both were in love in that moment. They were touching each other and loving each other. It was a dream they were both hoping for. They relaxed and started talking. Ashley put her feet on David's chest and David was touching them and kissing them, Ashley was turned on. David was also kissing her legs and her thighs. Ashley really loved that, she was very intrigued. Ashley decided to kiss his body, even his neck, she held his hands tightly. Ashley was having a thrill in her life with her husband.

When Ashley found out that She was pregnant with Daniel her first son and she was having a lot of emotions, her emotions were running high. The baby was infected with her emotions because of the true alpha power shield, Ashley was hiding the pregnancy from David because she was scared. As David returned home, Ashley said, "David, you are home, it was sure fast, do you want me to cook for you, should I cook you that dinner that you always like". David said, "Honey is everything okay"? Ashley said, "What do you mean, I am fine, I am terrific, No I am not okay". She made up all these accusations that didn't make sense. David said, "Ashley what is going on"?

Ashley did the test the month after Ashley and David had their moment (intimate moment, sexual activity, passionate moment). The test was positive that she is pregnant.

Ashley was having trouble hiding her emotions. David wanted the truth and Ashley was crying very bad. Ashley said, "I am pregnant". David said, "This is wonderful news, I am going to be a dad, this is what I always wanted". Ashley was confused. But Ashley was very happy that David is happy having a child. Ashley said, "We did it". Ashley was very happy and she was having happy emotions. Ashley is so sorry that she was very emotional. David understood it is a girl thing. Ashley tapped David on the chest and she hugged him and she is glad that he is patient with her. David said, "That the true alpha power protects the baby almost everything right". Ashley said, "So he will be normal". David said, "Yeah of course, it makes the baby's emotions more stabilized than ever". Ashley was very interested by it. David and Ashley spent time together and she wanted her feet to be massaged in a romantic way. David did what she asked for. They were talking about serious stuff. Ashley was having doubts that she won't be a good mom. Ashley is worried of having Postpartum Depression. David knows she won't have that David motivated her so she won't have doubts anymore and it worked. Ashley knows how good her husband motivates people.

Ashley was having a lot of cravings because of her pregnancy and David bought 500 dollars worth of groceries and during the following months she was eating a lot so the baby would be healthy. Ashley appreciated everything that David has done. She is very lucky to be his wife. Ashley was craving a lot of peanuts and chocolate. Ashley was gaining pounds but she wasn't fat. She gained pounds so she can support the baby. Ashley is like five foot 7 and 120 pounds. She gained 20 more.

During the 5th month, They found out that the gender was a boy and they were really thrilled. Ashley is happy to have a son. Ashley loves boys because they are cute. Ashley's wish came true, she wanted to have a son of her own. Ashley is determined to call her boy Daniel. Ashley loves the name of Daniel because it is a bible name. Ashley is ready to buy a new house, she is done with living in an apartment. They decided to own a house a bigger house.

David and Ashley got a new house, a month before the birth of Daniel Cosloff. It was a six bedroom house and 4 bath. The house is double the size of David's house where he grew up. It is a perfect home and they purchased it. David unpacked with his powers, while Ashley was resting, she said, "no superpowers in the house David". David said, "Sorry, I wanted to be quick". Ashley giggled and they kissed. Ashley was feeling a lot of kicking which means the baby boy is really healthy. David's powers made the baby boy to not have any problems or anything.

Ashley's labor was about to start and they went to the hospital at 1:00 pm. They were in the hospital for 9 hours and at 10:00 pm. Ashley wanted the baby out of her stomach before the baby does. David fainted, Ashley was really concerned, Lana came along and they talked for some time. Lana is very happy for the both of them, Ashley agreed and she told Lana that she is glad that she created her child with David. Lana smiled and she was touching Ashley's stomach and talked to the baby boy. Ashley's and David's first baby Daniel was born and they were really happy and Ashley fell in love with that baby. Ashley cried happily.

They got home and Ashley was spending time with baby Danny and she was talking to him and singing to him, She said, "Oh Daniel you are the light of my life, you are my world, you are a part of my soul, I will protect you always, I will never ever let you go, you make me and your father so happy, we love you so much, you will always be a part of me and your father, I am so happy to be your mother Daniel". Ashley cried happily while cuddling her son, she kissed him on the head and she was rubbing it gently. David really loved that, it reminded him of his mom when she did that to him. Ashley felt so lucky to be a mom, she learned a lot to be a mother and those lessons did it. She felt very happy and she feels complete with Daniel in her life. Ashley thanked David for giving them a child.

With David fighting other villains, Ashley was worried about him even when she was pregnant with her first son and she wanted him to be safe always and she wanted David to be with her a lot longer. Ashley does respect what David is doing in life but she is worried that he will be harmed doing it. She had cared for David ever since she found out his secret. Ashley loved David with all of her heart. Sometimes she is upset about David fighting crime all the time. She just wanted to have him all to herself. She wanted advice from David's aunt Angela. Angela gave her great advice to be a good wife of a True Alpha and to be supportive and caring. Ashley thanked Angela. Ashley teared up because she is worried about David not coming home. Ashley was in her son's room and she smiled so she decided to cuddle with her son. Ashley had her son to have comfort. Ashley's heart was growing warm when she has her child with her. Ashley said, "I am so happy that you are here with me, I love you with all my heart, thank you for your comfort Daniel".

Ashley was thinking of doing something with Daniel like going to Friendly's, Lana wanted to join because she wants to be the best grandmother to her grandson Daniel. Ashley was going upstairs and trying to find Daniel, she said, "Danny are you dressed, your grandmother and I want to go somewhere with you" and then she saw a sign that says "I have your son if you have the cops involved we will kill him". Ashley screamed so loud. Around that time, She was pregnant with Mary Claire. Ashley said, "OH MY GOD, someone has my baby, I don't know what to do, DANNY"!

David and Lana ran upstairs, David was very angry, Lana is very emotional. Ashley was really upset that someone has her son and Ashley was crying and she said, "I want my baby back, this what I wanted, he is everything to me". Ashley doesn't know what to do. Ashley is freaking out. David and Deborah, Deborah has her powers and she is the white tiger. Deborah has tiger powers now. She and David found Daniel with the velocity and David and Velocity fought and Deborah rescued Daniel. David defeated velocity. David and Deborah came home with Daniel. Ashley was very happy that Daniel is safe. She hugged him so tight, She cried on him and she was talking to him and she told him how worried she was but she is happy to see her son well. Daniel was sorry to make her worry. She told him that it wasn't his fault. She told him about her ways of being his mom. Ashley said, "I will always be worried for you always because I love you so much and I want your little sister to have her big brother okay, I just want you to be careful and safe okay sweetheart". Ashley was tearing up and she hugged him tightly.

After rescuing Daniel, Ashley saw how down her husband is, Ashley wanted Daniel to have ice cream with his aunt Deborah. David was blaming himself for Daniel's disappearance and it is bothering Ashley a lot and she didn't want him to blame himself. David was thinking of a Divorce and Ashley was very emotional, she begged not to have a divorce because she wants to be with him no matter what, she tells him repeatedly "I love you". David told her all those times that Ashley was harmed but it wasn't his fault. She knew the mistakes they both made like the affairs when Ashley accidentally kissed her therapist and David had sex with Psylocke during their break. Ashley decided to encourage and motivate him of how he is a great guy to everybody and Ashley fell in love with him because she knows that he will keep her safe. Ashley told him that he is a great hero and heroes don't give up or punish themselves. Ashley told David that he is the best thing that ever happened to her. Ashley and David kissed. They both told each other that they love each other. Ashley hugged her husband to comfort him. Ashley said, "You are my world David Ryan Cosloff, I am so happy that I created Daniel with you". Ashley and David had their moment together in bed and had made love.

After giving birth to Mary Claire, She saw how much Daniel loves Mary and he was a good big brother to his little sister. She really loved and fond of that. She decided to spend time with the both of them. Ashley was very happy to spend time with them. She fussed over them.

Ashley felt the luckiest mom in the world to have two beautiful children. They are very lucky to have a mom just like Ashley. They never give trouble for Ashley. Ashley's life being a mother is simple. Ashley read some books to them. She cooked them great meals, they didn't complain about it. Ashley has a very bright glow because she has everything that she ever wanted.

True Alpha: The greatest battle

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