Quote: "I have fell in love with the guy of my dreams but I feel like I don't know him."


Ashley Smith was born in October 20th, 1996 in Colorado Springs, CO. Ashley's parents are married Zack Smith and Lori Smith. Ashley's best friends are Kimberly Grayson, Brooke Grayson, Betty Oswald, Janine Jenkins, Elena Polo, Teresa Polo, Emily Clarkson, Maria Clarkson. Ashley's love interest was David Cosloff. Ashley was in junior high when she had a crush on David.

When her mother fell seriously ill, Ashley gave up her acting at school and took a job at New Life Church When Lori was cured, Ashley felt very happy.

Arriving at her Aunt Janet's house on a Saturday Ashley and Leslie wanted to join her for dinner.

Ashley soon introduced herself to her new friends Betty, Janine, Elena, Teresa, Emily, Maria, Ashley became more sensitive and insecure when her relationship with David becomes into a biter end.

Ashley meets David

Ashley was just a seventh grader and she was very new to the school, Her friends Betty, Janine, Emily, Maria, Elena and Teresa were at the school with her. Ashley and her new friends were looking around the new school. Ashley saw this handsome guy and he looked older than a 7th grader. Her friends encouraged Ashley to talk to him. Ashley was pretty nervous, Ashley talked to him and his name is David Cosloff. Everybody knew him. During the 4 years they have been close. They are really alike, They like the same things as like shows, movies, food, etc. They agreed to date.

The New Romance

In the beginning of 11th grade, Ashley and David had their first date in a non fancy restaurant. They have been having a great time. David was interested in Ashley and Ashley was interested in David more in a romantic way. After the first date, Ashley talked with her mom Lori. Ashley confessed that she is in love with her date David. Ashley hoped someday that they can be something more. Lori gave Ashley relationship advice. Ashley understood about relationships.

On leaving for a trip to Paris, David and Ashley exchanged a long and passionate kiss. A kiss that would prove to be the turning point in their relationship as Ashley realized the true depth of her feelings for David. The characteristics of Ashley reminded David of his mother Lana Cosloff.

They had been getting closer and closer and more passionate and Ashley started to love that but David hesitated and Ashley wanted to know what was going on and David randomly left. Ashley was very frustrated.

During the months, Ashley continually grew upset over David because of the lying he did of all the things that David went through. Ashley spent most of her time being distant with David. She also grew more insecure and more frustrated. She said, "If you don't give me an explanation, I am going to leave you Cosloff".

Ashley and David had a heated argument about David's secrets and lies, Ashley was very emotional and she was screaming and David accidentally struck Ashley and went away.

Ashley was still upset at David for making excuses and she wanted to have time for herself so she can heal. so Ashley decided to go to college. Ashley still loves David though. Ashley is concerned for David.

Ashley going to College

After senior year, David and Ashley were a couple but everything will change when Ashley is going to college and David stays in Colorado. David and Ashley were pretty sad but they will do long distance. Ashley really loved him and she wished that David would go with her. David wanted to stay so he can take care of his family. David promised that he would visit. Ashley would miss David a lot. Ashley and her best friends were with her in college and they prayed about the future and her relationship with David.

As time passed, David and Ashley realized that they were deceiving themselves about the depth of their feelings for each another and that they were very much in love. Ashley confessed to him, "I love you David Cosloff, you are my world, I am stronger and better with you, We can fix our problems about us, I want to be with you". David said, "I don't deserve you Ashley, you deserve better than me". Ashley and David kissed passionately.

David breaks up with Ashley

David realized that the relationship is starting to get bitter and cold because of the non frequent calls and the non staying visits. David finally knew that he hasn't moved on from his past so he is going to break up with Ashley so he can find peace. David felt that he had done terrible things. David wants to fix them. He wanted Ashley to have a happy life without him.

When David was visiting Ashley, Ashley was pretty excited, Ashley thought that they will be going on a date. Ashley said, "David! what a surprise come in, come in, I have missed you". David and Ashley were getting along very well. David didn't seem right and Ashley wanted to know what is going on. She was very concerned and David blurted out "I am breaking up with you". Ashley said, "why, what did I do wrong". David said, "It is not you, you are a good woman, its just me, I don't deserve you, I can't give you what you want, I am not ready for a relationship, I am so sorry of not contacting you, it is best if we are just friends". Ashley slapped David on the face and said, "How could you, I loved you and you never loved me, I am so done with you Cosloff, I don't want to see you ever again".

Ashley was now David's ex-girlfriend after a messy break-up and now their relationship was considered frosty, at best.

Ashley's pain

Ashley took some time off from college. She was still hurt from her breakup with David. She was very sad and she had a lot of pain and she had depression. She was having trouble to cope from the nasty breakup and she had a lot of anxiety and stress, Ashley was crying a lot because she loved David very much. Her friends were comforting her. Emily said, "David did the right thing". Ashley said, "I don't want to hear that Emily". Emily said, "That is not what I meant, David has been having issues ever since he was 9, he ha d atraumatic event in his life, he couldn't be the guy for you". Ashley said, "I feel like I don't matter to him, I can't believe he would do something like this, how could he, I wish he would be sorry, and I wish he could be sorry for hurting me". Ashley still wanted David for herself. Ashley wants to be with David for the rest of her life. Elena started to talk to Ashley. They were praying together. Elena said, "I heard about David". Ashley said, "I can't believe he broke up with me, I am suppose to be his life, I am suppose to be his everything, I wish I can just reach to him and make him feel better but no he shut me out instead". Elena said, "I am sorry".

Ashley's mixed feelings

Ashley was having mixed feelings after the breakup; she was sad, angry, hurt, anxious and obsessive during the following weeks and her best friend Maria came over and tried to comfort Ashley but Ashley was obsessive over David. Maria said, "Ashley I know how you are feeling, and I am going to fix it". All of the mixed up feelings made her have a lot of stress, Ashley said, "I think David is cheating on me, how could he, maybe also he hates me as well, why what did I do". Maria said, "Please let David go". Ashley said, "I can't, I don't want to, maybe he is better without me". Ashley was crying and Maria comforted her.

Finishing up college

Ashley was finishing up college, Ashley and her friends went to Fort Collins, Denver, Englewood, Brookside and Boulder. Ashley was having a fun time she was having stuff out of her head so she can relax. Ashley and her friends were adventuring Denver and having a good time they went to stores and they were actually hanging out. They stayed in a hotel.

Then they went to Englewood and explore a lot of stuff there and it was really pretty. She was in the restaurant called The state Pub. She bumped into a guy and he looked a lot like David. Janine was checking up on Ashley if she was okay. Ashley wasn't and she was moody a bit. Ashley blurted out "I can't believe that David puts himself first than me just wow". Ashley confessed that she missed him and she was hoping that he was okay.

Then they went to brookside the chocolate city. Ashley loved the city and she and her friends were exporting it. Ashley talked about her outrage and she didn't meant that to happen and her friends forgave her.

Ashley graduated college and she is very happy that she got her diploma and she is happy that her parents were there. The only person she wanted to be there was David.

During the 5 years

Ashley was working in New life Church as a helper. Ashley really loved her jobs, she loves helping the women out with issues and other things. She kept David in her heart in a good way, she also knew that David left town and Ashley wanted to date other people she was hesitating a little bit because she loves David. All of her painful and emotional feelings are gone. Ashley's love for David is calm, collected and pure now. She is hoping one day that she could have a second chance with him. Ashley kept hanging out with guys so she can have the comfort. She talked with Kimberly, Brooke and Seth about the wedding and Ashley would love to be at the wedding. When she saw the whole ceremony it reminded her how she felt when she wanted to marry David. Ashley teared up and she said that she misses David.

David reveals the truth to Ashley

Ashley was in her house watching T.V. Ashley had pajamas on, she was barefoot, she was eating ice cream. Ashley heard the doorbell rang. David was by the front door. David was nervous a bit because he hasn't seen her in years. The door opened and she saw David. Ashley was very happy to see him, she grabbed him and hugged him. Ashley said, "David what are you doing okay, I missed you". Ashley was very happy to see him. David wanted to tell her something important and Ashley is listening. David explained to Ashley why he broke up with her. Ashley wanted to listen to this but she thought that David need to have time for himself but David explained to her that he is the True Alpha. David showed her his heroic self. Ashley was very surprised and said, "You are that hero that saved the city from Dark Earth and the Crisis War". David explained about the incident in 2005, how it affected him. David explained to Ashley that why he left Colorado Springs is because of losing his powers to Dark Alpha. Ashley was trying to wrap her head around it and her mixed emotions came back to her. She was very emotional and she was tearing up because of all the secrets and lies during the relationship and she said, "You lied to me about everything". Then David got out of her place. Ashley was crying really bad and she laid in the sofa. She was screaming but she had a pillow on her head. She took a lot of process and time to learn about David's secret. Ashley said, "I can't believe it, I am the ex girlfriend of the True Alpha".

Ashley wanted to have a second chance

3 months later, Ashley wanted to come over David's apartment. Ashley had a dress on and flats. Ashley rang the doorbell. David was shocked to see Ashley after the last visit. Ashley said, "I took a lot of time and space to process everything and I am sorry about my reaction". David said, "It is okay I forgive you". Ashley explained that she knew why he kept this secret from her to protect her and Why Ashley fell in love with him is because he is protective, kind, riskful and heroic. She has been better than she has ever been for a long time. Ashley told David that she wants a second chance. She also wanted to start over to have a fresh chapter. David said, "You deserve better than me". Ashley said, "You are the better guy for me, I understand about your problems and I want to help you David, I am not going to give up on you I want you to know that". David told her that she is everything to him and he wanted to try again, he was very sorry about the bumps in the road, ever since they first met, David saw a resemblance to his mother, Ashley wanted to know about that and also her death. David was very terrified of her death Dark Alpha kept stabbing her and slashing her with Dark Alpha's claws He wanted to be a better man for her. Ashley teared up and she told him that she wanted to hear that for a long time. Ashley is very sorry for his losses. She kissed him and hugged him. She told him that she loves him. She told him that they both can pull through this together. Ashley wanted David to try to get better with the incident in 2005.

The new first date

Ashley was getting dressed for the new first date and she knew that David decided to have a break from the Protectors organization so he decided to have the new first date. Ashley was kind of nervous. Ashley was praying that everything will work out again. Ashley is afraid that it would be all Deja vu. Her friends Betty, Janine, Emily, Teresa, Elena, and Maria supported all the way. They knew that David is a genuine guy.

David and Ashley went to BJ's. David told her that he hasn't been in BJ's for awhile. Ashley and David were talking about a lot of things, life, the past, making things right. They were also talking about making their relationship better and how to make things work out better. They were really happy that they are starting over. Ashley had some insecurities about that their relationship would crumble again. Ashley doesn't want to suffer the pain again. David tried to convince Ashley that he is a better man now and he is going to do better. Ashley is very happy to hear that. Ashley wanted to be the love of David's life and she doesn't want to lose him again.

They went to his apartment, Ashley wanted to talk about the incident in 2005, David was now okay talking about it. Ashley wanted to know why it haunts him so bad and she rubbed David on the back and held his hand. David explained that the murder was very cruel. Seeing his mom's body was the worse one because she was stabbed so many times and slashed so many times. Ashley was very stunned because she doesn't know why Dark Alpha wanted to kill his family. David explained that Dark Alpha wanted him to suffer. David needed to know how to fix it. Ashley told him that she is with him no matter what. Ashley knows that he will find a way. David and Ashley hugged and kissed.

After David and the protectors defeated Lord Lonence, Ashley wanted to make the night special and very sexy so she dressed very pretty and sexy so she can have the affection from her man. First Ashley got advice from her best friends so she can be the best girlfriend in the world. Ashley wanted to make David very special to her.

Ashley was reading Mary Jane Watson from Spider-man, Iris West from The Flash. She wanted to be those characteristics to support their heroic husbands. Ashley decided to dye her hair red and make her hair short. Like shoulder length.

When David came home, Ashley became a sexy diva, Ashley said to him "let me take care of you big guy". David and Ashley were on their bed making out. David took off her stockings off of her feet and they made out some more. They had a lot of passion within each other, there was a lot of kissing and making out. Ashley felt very happy and she got her needs that she wanted. Ashley and David were in their bed together. Ashley was wrapped around him. Ashley told him that she is the happiest woman in the world. Ashley knew that David would make her happy.

Ashley and David started dancing and they were in a romantic moment. Ashley and David were kissing. Ashley fussed over him by putting her foot by his leg and put her hand by his chest. Ashley was so happy that she would never forget this day because Ashley got David back and she would not let him go again.

The awkwardness of sex

Before Endgame vortex, Ashley wanted to do something special for her lover David after what he has done. Ashley decided that she wanted to have sex with him. Ashley bought condoms for David for protection. So Ashley won't get pregnant by accident. Ashley doesn't want to be a mother just yet. After David got home, Ashley was acting very sexy and romantic. Ashley was touching him very romantically, Ashley decided to kiss him on the face and the neck. Ashley took his clothes off, she decided to kiss his chest. They were on their bed and Ashley was on top of David and she shook her head and David was very awkward with having sex with her. David decided to go to the bathroom. Ashley was really concerned of what happened. Ashley was kind of sad, she felt that he doesn't want her.

Their maybe happily ever after

David came back home, David is very happy that everything is back to normal. Ashley was very worried because she hadn't seen him in a few hours. David and Ashley kissed passionately. Ashley wanted to know what is going on and David told her that he is very happy that they are together. Ashley was getting happy emotions. David and Ashley were having sex again but David was on top of her, Ashley put her legs on him. They had sex for over 30 minutes. Ashley knew it was a terrific experience and that is what she needed and she is glad that she lost her virginity to David because she loved him very much. David and Ashley decided to relax and talk about things. They both confess to each other how much they love each other.

Tearing apart/back together

After David was fixing the timeline from Vortex and took his material. Ashley was having a terrific day, she was with her friends and talking about things. Ashley was going to see David at the Protectors Organization to give him something to eat but when she was in the office. David told his teammates that he knows how to fix his life with the time portal material he has to put in his tachyon device and David would save his parents from the Dark Alpha and it would all work out. Ashley overheard about it, she was having mixed up thoughts and she was kind of emotional, her heart decided to break. She dropped off the food and she ran out of the building and she went home and she was sobbing. She said, "I couldn't believe that he would do this to me, i thought we were doing great, I was wrong".

David went home, David was very happy and Ashley was in a sad mood and she said like "how was work" in a not pleasant way. David was concerned for Ashley and he was asking her if she is okay. Ashley was not okay. Ashley overheard the conversation between David and the other teammates about fixing the timeline. Ashley took it the hard way that she thinks that he doesn't want her anymore. David explained and convinced her that is not true. David wanted to fix what happened in 2005. Ashley said "I am not enough for you is that it". Ashley wanted fresh air and then she cried on the balcony and she feels that David doesn't want her anymore. Ashley knew that this would happen.

Ashley had her feelings out of herself and she wanted to talk but David ran out of the apartment because of Hellfire now he is Explosion. Ashley was angry and she laid in the sofa and screamed, Ashley blamed herself for going on this way. Ashley thought that David will get better.

After Kimberly was killed, David was in a very angry and broken mood. Ashley's feelings changed when she saw David really upset and they talked about Kimberly's death. Ashley decided to comfort David and to love him.

David was at the funeral and Ashley decided to comfort him by hugging him and putting her head on his side. Lisa was very emotional. David decided to talk to Lisa and Lisa was crying and hugging David. Ashley decided to talk to Lisa and they had a conversation and Ashley was praying for Lisa's pain with losing her daughter, David was way more determined to finish off explosion once and for all.

After the funeral Ashley and David were talking about making their relationship work. David didn't want to focus on the relationship, he wanted to kill explosion. Ashley blurted out that she was sorry that she was angry and emotional about David's plan, she was just scared of losing him again. David forgave her and Ashley was thinking of going to therapy to make their relationship work. Ashley didn't want the relationship to be bitter and cold again. Ashley was emotional and she was telling him all the pain she had when the breakup happened. David hugged Ashley. Ashley was praying that their relationship will work.

Ashley was reading the bible and praying and Implosion interrupted her and captured her.

When David and the protectors were making a plan to stop explosion once and for all. David heard Ashley's screaming. David ran over there and explosion was going to slit Ashley's throat but Telepathic went behind him and used her powers and pushed him away from Ashley and Echo used his sonic powers to make him weaken. Ashley ran out to safety.

After destroying Explosion, Ashley hugged David very tight and Ashley cried and she told him that she is thankful that David saved her life. Ashley knows that David still loves her. David told her that he loves her. Ashley wanted to hear that and Ashley decided to kiss him. Ashley wanted to know what would happen next. David told her that the protectors will overcome the next worse thing.

They were going to therapy and they were learning the steps to have a good relationship. Ashley was learning to have more affection, developing trust, to communicate more, she wanted to hear that and she is finally going to be a better girlfriend to David.

Ashley and David decided to have more passion and Infection for each other. Their relationship is boosting really high. They both decided to have consensual sex again.

Watching the war happening

Ashley was David's apartment and she was watching it and she was praying that the protectors will win and David to be safe. Ashley never wanted to lose David again after all they went through. Ashley was remembering the past 20 years they had together. When they first met she said to him "Are you an omega or an alpha"? David said "What"? , When Ashley had a crush on him, When they were dating, When she was going to college, the breakup, the mixed feelings, She learns that David is the True Alpha, when she wanted to have a second chance, the new first date, becoming intimate, arguing about David's plan, Kimberly's funeral and David told Ashley that he loves her. She began to cry and said, "Oh David".

Ashley talked to David before correcting the timeline

David was about to time travel he activated the tachyon device MK II. Ashley ran outside and she wanted to talk to him first. David wanted to talk to her as well. Ashley asked him if this is truly what he wants. David wanted to find peace, he wanted to make himself complete. David told her that he is broken inside and he needs to fix it. David wanted to destroy Dark Alpha and erase him from the existence so he won't hurt people ever again. Ashley was tearing up an she was getting emotional. David knows that he will still be the True Alpha. What will be different is that his parents will be alive and also our relationship will never be ruined ever. Ashley wanted him to know that she loves him and she will meet him in the New timeline. Ashley walked back and she was very emotional to see David go.