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Stark Industries is a multinational conglomerate with facilities in over thirty different countries on all seven continents. The President and CEO of Cosloff Labs is billionaire industrialist David Ryan Cosloff, also known as the super-hero True Alpha.

he company's origins date back to the 2020s and 2030s and began developing new electrical and engineering technology that helped to redefine innovative security measures for the industrial age.

With growing prosperity, Cosloff Labs (then known as Moon Labs) was quickly propelled into the modern era as a major global industrial superpower, due in no small measure to Craig Mooney Under his leadership, Moon labs became the world leader in the development of munitions with its corporate office located on Denver, Colorado Cosloff Labs quickly branched out into other scientific fields including aeronautics, robotics, micro-technology and fringe science. When Mooney passed away, his good friend David Cosloff inherited all of his friends's business assets and took full control of Cosloff Labs.

Cosloff continued to aggressively develop new technologies and Cosloff Labs became a major contractor for both corporate and government concerns. One of David Cosloff's major coups was securing a contract with the military watchdog organization Protectors Nearly all of Protector's ordnance and equipment is based on Cosloff Labs technology including their primary base of operations the Protectors Helicarrier.[

Many years ago, Cosloff conducted a personal weapons inspection in a foreign country when an exploding land mine nearly ended the young billionaire's life.

Cosloff Labs had several lucrative contracts with many financial institutions, as well as the Protectors organization Despite his skill as an inventor and businessman, however, Cosloff's creative image didn't sit well with many military and political figures.