In 2022, Ashley was in the hospital for many hours to give birth to her baby boy Daniel. David is very excited to see his baby boy. Ashley got Daniel out of her stomach and he is 9 pounds and 9 ounces. He has black hair and brown eyes. Ashley sure fell in love with him and spent the whole day with her son. Ashley will make sure to be a great mother to her beautiful boy.


Daniel was a very happy kid like his dad and he had a lot of friends he really adored. Daniel always wanted siblings and his mother and father promised him that. Daniel loved going out and to have fun. Daniel never knew that his father is the true alpha. Daniel adored his mother and father he has a lovely home with his great family. Daniel and Ashley have a close relationship they do a lot of things together and they always love each other They fuss each other, they pray for each other, they have a close bondage/intimacy and familyship. Daniel look at his dad as his hero and he wanted to be like him. David did the same thing when he was growing up he wanted to be like his dad fighting crime and protecting people. Daniel of course really love his Aunt Deborah and they are very close, Deborah always spoils him. Kelly is like a sister figure to Daniel. Daniel loves Kelly and they are like best friends.

getting kidnapped

Daniel was six, Daniel was in his bedroom and he was playing with his toys and then a noise came in and velocity decided to take Daniel and he wrote a sign on the wall.

While Daniel was kidnapped, Ashley wanted to do something with her son and then she was calling his name and looking for him and he saw something on the wall and she screamed very loud, David and Lana came up stairs and David and Deborah decided to look fro him and to see who captured him. Ashley was overcome with emotion and she thought that she won't see her dear son again and she is pregnant with Mary Claire. Ashley only has to do is just praying. Ashley is having trouble calming down for sure.

Daniel was pretty scared with Velocity but his father defeated Velocity and Deborah took him home. Ashley was really emotional at the house, David, Deborah and Daniel came home, Ashley yelled out Daniel's name and she ran to him and got to her knees and hugged him and she cried on him. Ashley doesn't know what to do if she lost him forever. David smiled in the background.

spending time with Aunt Debbie

Deborah and Daniel were at the kitchen they wanted to get some ice cream in the freezer, Daniel loved Cookie dough and Deborah loved cookies and cream and they both had ice cream and they were having quality time while David and Ashley were talking. Daniel is glad that True Alpha saved him. Deborah agreed about that as well. Deborah told Daniel that his mom and dad love him so much and he is their world and they were very worried for him. Deborah was very worried for him and also grandma Lana.

loving his sister

After his little sister Mary Claire was born, Daniel would do whatever he can to be a big brother to her. He loves her very much. David and Deborah saw them loving each other and that moment reminded David and Deb when they were kids. They are lucky to have each other. Daniel fussed over Mary, Mary is a happy girl she giggles a lot. Daniel loves being a brother to her.

becoming the big brother

Daniel and Mary Claire were growing up together and they are always on each others sides. They never fight, they always agree on things and they love each other and they are bond is really strong. Daniel loves being Mary's big brother. Mary always needs her big brother and she adores and looks up to him. Mary is always truthful with her brother of course with personal stuff.

Daniel is a big brother to David Jr. and Janet. Mary had a lot of jealousy with that and she felt that she is not important anymore. Daniel saw how bothered Mary is and Mary is just like her mother Ashley, she couldn't hide her feelings and she was very emotional. David understood about her feelings and decided to comfort her and talked to her. Mary is feeling a lot better. Mary was cheering up very fast and then she and Daniel spent time with their younger siblings.

school life

Daniel went to JRMS (Jackson River Middle School). Daniel studied English, Story Writing, science, etc. Daniel loves school, he bonds with his good friends. Daniel has been there for 2 years. Daniel had a crush on someone in his middle school years.

Daniel went to CCHS (Colorado City High School), Daniel studied the same things. Daniel participated in science project fairs. Daniel won during the four years. Daniel participated in other activities in the high school. Daniel loves his school life. Daniel loves being with his friends, doing the activities and the dances.

David fell in love with his high school sweetheart Abby Kimono.

Being the next true alpha

knowing the truth

Daniel became 13 and Daniel saw his mother being really awkward, weird. Daniel paused the T.V and he was wondering what is going on with his mom and his mother Ashley held his hand and she feels guilty of keeping a secret for so long. Ashley was very emotional and Daniel wanted to know what is going on. Ashley explained about his father being the true alpha. Daniel is one too, Ashley is very sorry for keeping this, Daniel decided to take a walk. During the walk, Daniel noticed his powers he tested his super speed and he roamed through Colorado City. Daniel loved the rush and he could feel the power in him. Daniel ran back to the house, Daniel forgave his mother and he wanted to be like his dad. He and his mother hugged it out.

Embracing the New True Alpha

Daniel wanted to embrace his hero self so he was training with his father, and the other alpha team members. Daniel wanted to prepare himself to be the next hero that the city needs. Daniel wanted to be like his dad, Daniel trained very hard, he trained his hardest and he completed the tests and he was ready. So his first mission was a bank robbery and he sure completed it. Daniel did some fixing in the city and he loved being a hero and he is so ready to be the next True Alpha but his hero name is kid beta. That the is term for apprentice.

teaming up with the Alpha team

Daniel is the new member of the Alpha team, Daniel wanted to be apart of a team. He was trained to be a superhero just like his dad.

Daniel was like the newbie to the team and he was training really hard to be a part of the team. One of these days he will be the next true alpha.

Daniel didn't do missions with them of course but when the reversed alpha team happened he wanted to help the alpha team to defeat them.

falling in love

Daniel had a crush on Abby Kimono Gwyneth Kimono's daughter. Daniel had known her his whole life. Abby is an attractive woman. Daniel would want a future with her. Daniel got to know Abby a lot. Daniel knew what his mom Ashley had done so she can protect Daniel. Abby still wanted to pursue the friendship. Daniel agreed.

confession to Abby

When Daniel and Abby became a couple, Daniel decided to tell Abby the truth about him. Daniel and Abby went outside and he confessed that he kept a secret from her. Abby wanted to know what it is.

Daniel explained to her that he is the True Alpha. Daniel told him stories about his dad's adventures being a true alpha. Daniel told him that his whole are true alphas. Abby was really shocked. Abby was having a lot of emotions. Abby hugged Daniel. She said, "I love you".

visiting grandma and grandpa

Daniel loved his grandparents so much so he decided to visit them. Grandma Lana gave him chocolate chip cookies and Daniel loves chocolate chip cookies. Daniel had a nice talk with them and he is glad to have them in his life.

Daniel really adores his grandmother Lana they are very close those two. Lana was wondering how his mother and father are doing. Daniel said that they are doing awesome, they are together like two peas in a pod. Lana felt happy about that.

His mother's illness

David and Daniel were spending time together as a father and son. They got home and they saw Ashley on the floor and she was really sick and she was discolored. Daniel called Ashley's family to come over the house. Her family were worried of Ashley. David was thinking of making the serum to save Ashley.

Daniel was with his mom and she was on her hospital bed. Ashley was getting worse, Ashley complimented Daniel and he accepted it. Ashley wanted to spend time with her children before it passes. Daniel knew that it wouldn't happen she will keep living. Daniel wanted his mom to be here for a very long time. Daniel was really emotional and he is very upset that his mom is dying.

Daniel wanted to do something, Daniel had been with her non stop for a week, the serum is completed and Daniel saw his dad gave it to her. Daniel is waiting for something good happening. Daniel saw a lot of improvements in his mom's system. Then his mom woke up and Daniel was very happy to see his mom alive

Learning of his mom becoming She-Wolf

After Ashley got healed from the PRI, Daniel learned that she is becoming the She-Wolf.

He saw her losing control and creating chaos in the city. He saw her beating his dad to a pulp. Daniel was really getting hurt and angry. Then he saw Eagle Man and Eagle Woman and Code blue into the scene and everything was very hectic.

He wanted to do something but he decided to be with his siblings.

He saw his mom and dad coming home and Ashley wanted to hug Daniel and he refused and he wanted her to stay away from him. He wanted to move in with aunt Deborah. Deborah is very happy to have him in her house.

As weeks go by, Ashley wanted Daniel to come back to his house, Daniel wondered what she wants. Ashley was on her knees and she felt so emotional and she wanted forgiveness and also to have her son back in her life. Ashley repeatedly said that she loves Daniel, Ashley did an emotional speech and Daniel was very emotional, Daniel and his mom cried and hugged it out. Daniel said, "I love you mommy, I am glad I have you back". Ashley kissed him on the head, she promised to not lose control again.

learning his grandpa's death

During the events with Master Mind II, he learned that his grandpa died, he was very upset and he hugged both his mom and dad. The three other children hugged Daniel as well and they missed their grandpa.

Daniel wanted to talk to his grandmother, she felt so distraught and she needed comfort. Daniel and David both hugged Lana. Deborah joined in as well. Lana was crying hysterically. Lana loved her husband for many years. Lana couldn't believe that he is gone.

When Daniel got home, David was out and he wanted to be alone, Ashley was still at the house and she saw how sad her son is. Daniel really missed his grandpa. Ashley missed him as well and she hugged him and cuddled him. Ashley told Daniel that he was a wonderful father to her he was the one who accepted her to the family. Daniel cried on his mother and Ashley comforted him and she was very emotional as well.

Helping grandma to move into a retirement home

3 months later, Lana decided to go to a retirement home and David and Daniel helped her pack up all of her things and sell the house. David, Lana and Daniel went to the Homes for The Elderly in Colorado Springs. They set her in and Lana thanked her son and grandson for everything. She will miss them.

facing threats

Daniel and the others were facing the Time Masters. Daniel was very determined to defeat them before changing reality. The Alpha team were fighting the Time Masters. One of the Time Masters, blasted the Negative Time Portal and then Daniel took the shot. He time traveled to another earth and another timeline. The family was left grieving.

Daniel was trapped on Earth 2 in the year 2075. Daniel wanted to know how to time travel back to his home. So he tried to find a scientist to help him.

Hours later, his father David saved him and they both went back to Earth 1 in 2040. They both defeated The shifter.

His mother Ashley is very happy to see her son alive and well. She wanted to spend the whole day with him. Ashley was having a lot of emotions. Ashley was crying hysterically to let her emotions out. Daniel hugged his mom, Ashley grabbed him so tight, so she won't let go of him. Ashley wondered why Daniel went through the time portal. Daniel told her to save everyone, Ashley thought that he died when he sacrificed himself. Ashley had been through a lot for weeks when Daniel was gone in 2075. Ashley felt that her world went upside down when Daniel was gone. Ashley is so happy to have her son back. Daniel will never go anywhere ever again. Daniel will stay here for a very long time. Ashley is happy to hear that and she put her head on his shoulder and put both of her hands on his arm and leg.

Daniel also spent time with his little sister Mary.

Becoming a man

Daniel is progressing to become the new true alpha. Daniel has been saving people, prevent crimes, etc. Daniel is becoming a man like his father. Daniel is still a member of the Alpha team. Abby still loves Daniel after she knows the truth.

Daniel has his own apartment with Abby and they are living together.

heating things up with Abby

Daniel and Abby have been heating up, they became very intimate, romantic, etc. Daniel and Abby have been making love (kissing, hugging, making out, etc). Daniel felt in the right place with Abby. Abby felt the same way, They have been discussing their future, Abby wanted to have a marriage. Abby thought to herself that being Abby Cosloff would be something.

new chapter in life

After Daniel studied science in college in 4 years, He became scientist in Eco Labs. Daniel was doing experiments to make Earth great again. His girlfriend Abby supported him about his decision. Abby fell in love with him even more. His parents came to visit him and they are proud of him of what he's doing.

Daniel worked very hard for giving the solution to Earth's biggest problems.

the ruined proposal

Daniel wanted to propose to Abby, Daniel and his mom and dad all had a moment together and it was a great family moment. He had motivation from his siblings. Daniel was so very happy and he went their apartment. Then Daniel saw Abby lying on the ground with her throat slit.

Learning of Abby's death

Daniel screamed loudest as he can, David heard him and David was very shocked that Abby is dead. David comforted his son. The police did their work. Daniel was very emotional, he was screaming and crying.

An hour later, They came back home, Ashley was very worried. Ashley wanted to know what happened.

Comfort from mommy

Daniel and Ashley had a moment together grieving for Abby's death. Ashley was comforting her son, rubbing his back, petting his hair, hugging him and kissing him. Ashley gave him a glass of ice cold water. Ashley gave him some Cookie dough ice cream which is his favorite. Ashley was getting emotional because it hurts her when she sees her son like this. Daniel felt that he is wasting his mom's time. Ashley told him that her time is not wasting, what she wants to do is to be with her son during this time. Ashley hugged her son tight. She glowed her eyes because she needs to do something.

Gaining revenge

One month later, Daniel and the family are very determined to get justice for Abigail Kimono.Daniel hunted down the man who killed Abigail who is Savage beta. Daniel wanted to take him down but his mom, dad and aunt wanted to help him. So the family all faced Savage Beta together. After he was defeated Daniel wanted some answers. Savage beta gave him answers. Daniel killed him.

Moving on

Daniel was trying to move on and his family encouraged him to move on. Daniel is back in his apartment, he heard the doorbell ring and his little sister Mary was by the front door. She wanted to spend time with him, she doesn't want him to be alone. Daniel is glad that she came by.

Mary is having a lot of emotions, Daniel wanted to know what's going on. Mary is remorseful and she feels that she was a bad sister to him.

Daniel knew that isn't true. Mary felt that she hasn't been there for him like he has been for her. Mary felt terrible about Daniel's kidnapping, when Daniel was hurt about their mom being the She-Wolf.

Daniel told her that everything is okay. Mary told him everything is not okay. Mary wanted to do better for her big brother. Daniel hugged Mary and she cried on him.

Mary would love to stay in his apartment for awhile. Their parents agreed. Daniel is okay with it.

Mary is happy to be her brother's roommate.

Later on that day, Mary was taking a nap, Daniel heard another sound of the doorbell and his mom showed up. Daniel hugged his mom and he said, "I am glad you are here mom". Ashley said, "Of course, I want to see how my baby is doing"? Daniel is getting better little by little. Ashley is glad that Mary came over to live with Daniel for awhile. Ashley didn't want her son to be alone. Ashley is okay with taking care of David Jr and Janet. Ashley wanted her son to take all the time he needs to move on. Daniel is glad that his mom is respecting his decision.

Ashley hugged her son and said, "I am here for you no matter what, you are my baby and always will be".

Ashley wanted to cheer Daniel up to go to Johnny Rockets. Daniel would love that.

New love life

Knowing Cassandra

In Eco Labs, Daniel was working and just doing his normal routine, Daniel was walking and he bumped to a beautiful woman, she had red curly hair, blue eyes, she was five foot eight. She was a very tall woman and attractive. Her name is Cassandra Clarkson She was sorry that she bumped to him and she was interested in Daniel.

Daniel and Cassandra became very good friends. They became very good partners/colleagues. As months went by Daniel and Cassandra were actually having feelings for one another. Daniel felt that he is cheating on Abby. Abby wanted Daniel to have happiness in his life. Cassandra actually saw him in high school but she never knew him because she was a shy girl but now she became more open.


Daniel and Cassandra had been dating for awhile, Daniel didn't want a serious relationship because of Abby. Cassandra noticed for months that he had been pushing her away when she pulls closer. Daniel felt he was unfaithful to Abby.

Daniel and Ashley had a heart to heart talk, Ashley wants Daniel to talk to Cassandra after she talks to her.

Daniel decided to come over Cassie's place. Cassandra was very surprise and Daniel and Cassandra had a nice talk. Cassandra promised to be patient with Daniel and to be slow. Daniel decided that it is best to move on from Abby and to have a relationship with Cassandra. Cassie felt very happy and she romantically kissed him. They wanted to date again officially.

having a better relationship

Daniel and Cassandra have been dating more romantic, Cassandra felt more secure and safe then she had ever been. They had been doing date in fancy places to make it more romantic. Daniel felt happy with Cassandra. Cassandra felt happy with him.

As months go by, they officially became a couple. They are very intimate with one another. Cassandra felt in love with Daniel. She is emotionally invested in him.

Daniel's priority is Cassandra and he will protect her and be there for her no matter what.

Telling Cassie his secret

Daniel and Cassandra are going to have a romantic date together. Daniel and Cassandra were making love (romance, passion). Daniel and Cassandra had dinner and they were talking. Cassandra was wearing a black and beautiful dress with high heels that are laced. Cassandra wore a necklace as well.

Daniel was very attracted to her. Daniel needed to tell Cassie his secret.

Daniel and Cassandra were holding hands and Daniel wanted to tell her something. Cassandra wanted to know what it is.

Daniel explained to her that he is the true alpha and he had bene the true alpha for 13 years.

Cassandra was overcome by emotion and she was hurt that Daniel lied to her and she wanted space and time to process it. Daniel respects her decision.

Having a break

Daniel decided to take a break from his relationship with Cassandra. Daniel was focusing on his family, friends and his career as a True Alpha. He missed Cassandra a lot but he respects her needs and wishes.

Daniel had been spending time with his sister Mary and his cousin Kelly. They both were giving advice about the relationship with Cassandra.

Starting again


Daniel and Kelly were at Friendly's and they were hanging out. Daniel and Kelly were bonding as cousins. Daniel and Kelly were having lunch together. Kelly has kids of her own and they are twin boys. Kelly loves her kids and she is a great mother like her mom Deborah.

Cassandra walked in the restaurant and she saw Daniel there and she thought he was with another woman. Daniel ran after Cassandra. Cassandra said, "So you are dating another woman huh". Daniel said, "No she is my cousin Kelly." Cassandra felt embarrassed by saying that allegation. Daniel wondered what is she doing here. Cassandra said, "I was trying to find you Daniel, I am very sorry that I pushed you away for so long, I love you Daniel and you are my hero, After weeks of processing I understand about your family and the True Alpha bloodline, I promise I won't tell anyone just, you me, and your family, I want to start again if that is possible".

Daniel said, "That is the nice thing that you ever said to me, I love you too Cassandra more than anything, Abby is my past but you are my future, I want you, you are my everything".

Cassandra smiled and Daniel and Cassandra hugged and kissed. Kelly smiled in the background.

having their relationship back

After that great moment, Daniel was very happy, Ashley and David noticed something different with their son. David said, "Honey do you see something different with our son"? Ashley said, "Oh I totally see it my dear". Daniel said, "Hey guys". Ashley said, "You are sure in a spunky mood, wait a minute Daniel Raymond Cosloff are you and Cassandra back together". Daniel said, Yes mom we are, she is okay with our family and who we are". Ashley said, "I am so happy that she finally accepts you, and David honey I told you so give me a kiss before I do something to you in the bedroom".

David said, "I am very happy for you son". Daniel said, "thank you, thank you mom for being there for me". Ashley said, "Anytime Dan, be slow and careful". Daniel said, "You got it".

Daniel and Cassandra are dating again and they are having their relationship back on track. Daniel and Cassandra are intimate, close, passionate and romantic as ever.

Daniel and Cassandra are having romantic dates every week.

One year later, they decided to move in together. The family were very happy for the both of them.

Daniel and Cassandra are unpacking everything, got situated in their apartment. Daniel and Cassandra are very happy that they are roommates. Daniel finally has everything that he wanted. Daniel is ready for what is next for the relationship. Cassandra felt very secure about her relationship with Daniel.

In the relationship, there is a lot of Passion and romance. Daniel and Cassandra always cuddle and spend time together. They always make love as well.

The proposal

Daniel wanted to propose to Cassandra, His family really approved. Daniel decided to romanticize the apartment. Daniel made Cassandra to close her eyes. Cassandra opened them, She was very impressed and she really loved how Daniel did everything. Cassandra wanted to know why he is doing this.

Daniel confessed to Cassandra of how much he loves her, how she is a good girlfriend to him, how she is supportive, she is very kind and sweet, she is a good person. Daniel said, "Cassandra Jenkins Clarkson, would you be my wife"? Cassandra was tearing up and she was covering her face. Cassandra said, "Yes I will be your wife, I love you so much". Daniel and Cassandra hugged and kissed. They announced the news to their families.

Marrying Cassandra

Daniel and Cassandra had a formal wedding with family and friends. Daniel and Cassandra did their ceremony. They became husband and wife. They celebrated the wedding in his dad's house. There was a buffet of food. There was dancing as well. Daniel and Cassandra are very devoted to each other.

The honeymoon

Daniel and Cassandra went to Hawaii because Daniel really liked the location and Daniel knew that his grandparents went there. They were enjoying their time. Daniel and Cassandra are very happy together. They are glad that they are married. Cassandra is the happiest woman in the world to have a man like Daniel Cosloff.

In their hotel room, Daniel and Cassandra actually made love. They felt really close and intimate with one and another and they are together as one.

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