Quote "I will save this city from whatever comes at me".

History (Old Timeline)


David was a nine year old when he lost his family to Dark Alpha. He was adopted by the female Grayson's family. For years he had been training himself to become the best superhero in the city.

True Alpha

David went to his church and then he got his superpowers from God. David was testing his powers and he realized how powerful he really is. While that was happening He had a situation with his adoptive sister Kimberly Grayson. David was comforting the Grayson family. David met his teacher called The Elder and he was learning about the powers and gifts of the True Alpha. David was training hard. David and Seth had a fight about dealing with Dark Wolf. Seth wanted to be with David when David deals with Dark Wolf. The fight backfired and it had a result with Seth who was dying. David took Seth to the hospital nd Kimberly was very concerned with the situation. David heard that Seth's system is failing so David had to put his claws to Seth's chest so Seth can be alive. Seth became a beta. Then David and Seth faced Dark Wolf for a round 2. Dark Wolf got disintegrated by the holy water that Kimberly poured on him. In the end they celebrated their victory.

True Alpha 2: the fire wolf

A year after defeating Dark Wolf, David and the others had new beginnings. David was very excited to see Ashley Smith . Kimberly and Seth's relationship is heating up. David picked up Brooke from the summer camp and Kimberly didn't go because she was sick. David and the others were having a great time going out but David doesn't realize there will be new threats in town. David was back in DSM (Desperation Student Ministries) and he saw his good friends there and David felt really happy to see them. Before the new training, David and Seth were talking about the apartment and David was very okay with it. David and Seth were training. David and Seth were understanding the new threats the demon gang or the demon trio. Davis listened to God about the Fire Angel. David got a new suit for his heroic ego.

There was an attack in the apartment where Seth and Kimberly lives. David and The Alpha team were trying to stop the demon gang but they were too strong. They captured Kimberly and Brooke. David got the unleash of the fire angel and he became the fire wolf. David and The alpha team were planning the strategy to stop the demon gang for good. They have to do separate strategies. Each demon is different. David found out the lair and David battled the brute. David our ran him and then used his speed to make the brute confused and then David blasted him with the fire fist.

A week later, David told his family that he saw Ashley but he didn't tell them about he breakup. David broke up with Ashley because he is not ready for the relationship and because of his past and in the process Ashley was broken hearted.

True Alpha 3: the rage of the phantom parts one and two

David and Seth were packing for the trip of the camp for a special week and Kimberly and Brooke were missing them. The Phantom showed up to ruin the party. David had a bad encounter with Phantom and David got beaten by Phantom. David was harmed from Phantom's energy.

After Seth saved David from Phantom, David was in the hospital and Kimberly was very emotional. Kimberly blamed the elder for David's incident. David was in his own dream world while he was unconscious He met the angel of dreams. David was seeing his past and future.

David came out of the dream world and he was in the hospital, David and the others were figuring out how to stop Phantom for good. David figured out that Phantom has to destroy himself. Before the second battle happened, David and Kimberly had a private conversation and Kimberly didn't want David to be hurt again. David was testing his abilities. David was weaker because of what Phantom did to him. David still wanted to destroy Phantom. David has a new upgrade on the suit new design new material new everything. David and Phantom had their second battle. David reflected Phantom's energy on him and phantom was destroyed.

A week later, David and Kimberly had a moment together, they talked about everything and how much they loved each there and Kimberly is very happy that David is now okay.

True Alpha 4: defiance between two worlds

A year after the battle with Phantom, David has been thinking about more enemies coming up ahead and David doesn't know he will be ready for the new enemies because he lost 50% of his power. Kimberly came outside and talked to David. Kimberly was comforting David, Kimberly wanted to know what is going on with him. Kimberly wanted to cheer David up. Kimberly wanted to go to some places with David. David wanted to go. David and the others went to American Furniture Warehouse and they were getting a lot of stuff for the apartment.

David and Seth were talking about last year about phantom and what he did to David and the aftermath. David still dreamed of that night. David understood about Kimberly's and Brooke's feelings with all of that.

David and the others headed to Steak and Shake. David went to the restroom and he noticed the differences that happened after battling Phantom. David tried to transform but he was having trouble and then grew his claws and His fingers bled. When David came out of the restroom, Brooke saw that he was bleeding and Kimberly was concerned. David called the elder about his situation and The elder knew what serum can make David stronger. It was called the Lunar Serum.

The Elder saw David's training and he wasn't doing so good. David understood about the Dark Earth.

Before getting the serum, David faced his evil doppelganger Hellfire. Hellfire and David battled it out and Hellfire was faster than David and David was losing. Hellfire threw David everywhere and David got blasted by the dark fire.

The Elder gave David the Lunar serum. David felt 100% better than ever before.

David was figuring out a way to destroy Dark Earth forever. David was thinking of a bomb that can destroy the whole thing. The Elder thought it could work.

The battle for earth was starting, David carried the huge bomb, David and Seth sped to the Warehouse and Hellfire and Dark Lightning came in. They were fighting.

After the battle David flew to Dark Earth and put the bomb there and it was activated. David flew faster and faster and fell to the ground. Kimberly wanted David to be alive still. David woke up.

David was at the balcony again and he is worrying that there will be a new threat coming.

True Alpha: The Final Battle

Part 1, A year after destroying Dark Earth, David had nightmares of his past and then Kimberly woke him up and they talked about it. Kimberly was concerned of David because he has been having nightmares for a week. Kimberly told Seth and Brooke what David is going through without his consent. Kimberly was very upset with the situation because she loves David so much. Kimberly planned an intervention (ish). It got interrupted when David was sensing some kind of war. The Elder warned David and the others about the portal. The elder told everyone that the Dark Alpha wants David. The war began and David and Seth tried to stop the portal.

Part 2, David and Seth destroyed the portal. David was having flashbacks. When David's family was killed, the Grayson family took him in. and there were other memories as well. David was taking Dark Alpha's ship away from the city to the forest. David was searching for anyone in the ship. Dark Alpha showed up and threw David to the mall. David landed on the smashed floor of the mall. he struggled to get up. David and the Dark Alpha had their final battle and David was losing his powers again. David killed the Dark Alpha and he became human again and he said his goodbyes to Kimberly, Brooke and Seth. He went to Woodland Park.

True Alpha: the years (spin-off)

For 5 years, David has been away from his family he was starting his new life at Woodland park and David was suffering from his illness when Dark Alpha stabbed him. David couldn't go back because he felt that he failed the city. His family was missing him, Kimberly took it the hardest. After the five years, the angel and David talked about the Protectors' organization

True Alpha and Sorcerer: The rise of Vengeance

Before True Alpha 2, True Alpha and sorcerer decided to team up to fight some villains. Some characters from both stories True Alpha and sorcerer are involved in this huge event.

True Alpha and echo heroes beyond

The Protectors

5 years after battling Dark Alpha, David got his powers back by the water pit but he got stronger and faster than he had ever been. he decided to go back to his hometown Colorado City and Colorado Springs. David is glad to be back in his home, At Chapel hills mall, David encountered Dark Archer. Kimberly, Seth and Brooke were surprised that David returned and they gave him a lot of love.

David and the others were having a family reunion and David and Kimberly went to his childhood home where his family was killed. He hadn't been for 20 years. David was having flashbacks of his childhood. David actually saw ghosts of his family and he was very happy. David was figuring out a way to save his family. David was thinking of time travel. David reunited the team to become the protectors. So they can stop Metatron. They had a war with the Gyrators. David and the team sent back metatron to hell. They had a victory, David had an awkward reunion with Ashley Smith. David revealed to her about everything.

The Protectors: The rise of Lord Lonence

A few months later, David and the others defeated the masters of evil. David was in his apartment. He heard the doorbell rang. When David opened the door, Ashley was there. David was very surprised about that, Ashley was apologetic. David forgave her, Ashley wanted to have a second chance, she understood about everything.

David and Ashley went on their date and it was great, David enjoyed it pretty well.

After the date, David was searching new members for the team. David fought a Superhuman and ti was his friend Garrett Murphay who became the Winter Agent. They battle a bit.

David realized what Garrett went through during his battle at Afghanistan. David trained the New Protectors for the new threat.

David helped with Kimberly about her marriage.

David, Sorcerer and Echo decided to fight Lord Lonence, it failed.

The protectors were forming a plan to destroy Lord Lonence. David would be the one to do a sonic punch.

David and Caleb were catching up about things.

David gave counsel to Kimberly and Seth. Their marriage improved.

When David came home, Ashley became a sexy diva, Ashley said to him "let me take care of you big guy". David and Ashley were on their bed making out. David took off her stockings off of her feet and they had made love and have passion. Ashley felt very happy and she got her needs that she wanted. Ashley and David were in their bed together. Ashley was wrapped around him. Ashley told him that she is the happiest woman in the world. Ashley knew that David would make her happy. David said, "You are my woman Ashley Smith, I made the worst mistake letting you go, I realized that you were the best thing that ever happened to me and I am not letting you go". Ashley said, "You are my man David Cosloff".  

Ashley and David started dancing and they were in a romantic moment. Ashley and David were kissing. Ashley fussed over him by putting her foot by his leg and put her hand by his chest. Ashley was so happy that she would never forget this day because Ashley got David back and she would not let him go again. 

The Protectors: The Protectors vs. The Destroyers

After Endgame Vortex, David and Ashley had made love. Their relationship grew closer and fonder. David went back to the Protectors organization. David told the others about his plan to change the timeline with the material that came from the 22nd century. Ashley overheard about ti and she was upset at him. Ashley and David fought. David and the Protectors fought the Destroyers. It was a successful battle but Implosion lived. David realized that Kimberly died. David grew more broken than ever.

Ashley and David had reconciled during the funeral. David spoke and it was an emotional speech about Kimberly. David was very focused to kill Implosion. David and team battled Implosion. David took his doppelgangers life.

David and Ashley had decided to go to therapy for their relationship to get better. They had made love again.

The Protectors: WAR

After Kimberly's death, David had been angry for awhile. David and Seth fought like a violent way. David and Ashley decided to take a break. The devil and the army broke out and made chaos in the city. The protectors decided to form together to defeat the devil and his army. They teamed up with the lord himself Jesus Christ.

All of them defeated the Devil and they won.

David didn't celebration because of all the things he lost so he had decided to do something.

History Part 2 (New timeline)

True Alpha: New Timeline

David was about to time travel he activated the tachyon device MK II. Jesus said, "ready David". David said, "I waited for this moment my whole life, With this tech on my suit, I could finally save my family from that monster".  Jesus said, "Okay only you have to do is just fight Dark Alpha and when you go to the portal, I will do the rest". Ashley said, "David Wait, I need to talk to you'. David said, "I wanted to say goodbye to you before I leave". Ashley said, "Is this want you want"? David said, "I have wanted to do this my whole life okay, I have gone long enough to be broken and incomplete, I need to have peace, Dark Alpha is going to pay for what he has done, he won't hurt anyone ever again". Ashley was tearing up and she was getting emotional. David knows that he will still be the True Alpha. What will be different is that his parents will be alive and better things as well. Ashley wanted him to know that she loves him and she will meet him in the New timeline. Ashley walked back and she was very emotional to see David go.  

David said, "here we go". David went to the time portal. He is seeing some images from the past, present and future. David kept seeing the images in 2005. David went to the location of the house, he went back 30 seconds before Dark Alpha came. David said, "Alright, I am here". David saw through the window his parents that he loved and adored. David said, "You won't die this time mom and dad, I will save you".  

Dark Alpha came and David punched his chest. Dark Alpha flew back and he was very shocked, he said, "What the hell"? David said, "Remember me". Dark Alpha said, "You ruined my life". Dark Alpha got angry and choked True Alpha, True Alpha said, "No you did this to yourself". He put a device on Dark Alpha and he lost half of his powers. Dark Alpha said, "my powers". David said, "It is a tranquilizer, it hurts doesn't it". Dark Alpha and True Alpha roared at each other. True Alpha and Dark Alpha had a racing match, they teleported to Earth 616 and they landed to Hells kitchen. David said, "Who is the loser now". David rapidly punched Dark Alpha. They went to Earth 40, they battled in the forest. True Alpha kicked Dark Alpha for a few times. His suit is damaged. They went back to Earth 1. Dark Alpha was beaten pretty bad. True Alpha said, "You lost Johnson, I finally beat you". Dark Alpha said, "I knew this day would come David, it has been my nightmare ever since I became this thing because of you, I was so fixated on you, For years, I have been studying about you, I read a lot about the time portal, I wanted to be you, I wanted to be the next True Alpha so I made my invention, I had to have the ingredients for my success, the blood of a superhuman, the energy of superhuman speed, even tissue of an alpha but the malfunction happened when I went into that machine and I haven't became the same ever since, you did this to me Cosloff and I hate you for it". David said, "I know, I hated your family, all of them, I never liked the Johnsons, we had been at war for centuries ever since your ancestor raped and killed my ancestor's wife, you are just like them, you weren't meant to be the True Alpha you are always the monster that I feared not anymore things need to change, you don't deserve to live". True Alpha stabbed him really deep and then Dark Alpha was eliminated from the existence. David saw a bright light and he went to it.   He created New timeline.

Present Day, New Timeline, David woke up, it was  a nice day, very sunny, not clouds, He wore a white shirt and blue shorts, He felt a ring on his left ring finger. It was a wedding ring. David said to himself, "I am married"? David got out of the bedroom. David saw pictures of his family. When he saw the pictures of his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins even his kids. David said, "I am a father, I am a married to Ashley Smith, my family is alive".

David spent most of his time with his beautiful and devoted wife Ashley, his children and most of his family members. He promised to himself and Ashley to hold on what he has. David had a great time celebrating his 15th anniversary with Ashley and David felt more happier than he has ever been.

David had a great day doing his usual work as a superhero. He was training his oldest son Daniel to be the next True Alpha.

David and Ashley were alone. Ashley said, "Hi how was training with Daniel". David said, "Are you mad"? Ashley said, "No, I am glad that you are preparing our son for his future missions, He is 14 now, he has to learn these things". David said, "I know it will take awhile but he will be a hang of it". Ashley said, "So what are we going to do now". David said, "Well, we will just relax, talk, spend time together as a husband and wife for 15 years". Ashley said, "I like the sound of that". David and Ashley kissed passionately. David said, "Ashley, you are my everything and our family means everything to me, you are the only woman for me, I am very happy for all the good things that happened to us, I don't know what will happen in the future but only we have to look at is today, only I want to do today is to hold on what I have, I wouldn't be the true alpha without you Ashley Smith". Ashley said, "Oh David, you are making me emotional, I wouldn't become the woman I am today without you either Alpha, I am so happy that we have each other". David and Ashley smiled and they kissed again. 

True Alpha: Homecoming

Lana was driving David to school and it was a field trip to go to Eco labs. Lana said, "I hope you will have a fun time honey". David said, "Thanks mom". Lana said, "I love you so much". David said, "I love you too". Lana went off to work. David was a freshman in Colorado City High School. David was a nerd. He wore geeky glasses, a collared shirt with fancy pants plus a sweater vest. David had a lot of friends. Betty, Parker, Janine, Clark, Elena, Teresa, Emily and Maria. At 9:00 am they went to the buses and they had a 30 minute drive. All of the students explored the lab. They all had a very nice team. David was a very curious boy so he went to a science room and explored. 

David went to the science department. David saw all of the cool things in there. David was really fascinated. David looked out the window and saw the incredible view. Out of nowhere an energy source struck David to the check and he hit to the cabinets and all the chemicals fell down on him. Then the paramedics came in immediately and took David to the ambulance. The ambulance came to the hospital. Lana was talking with the doctors and nurses. Lana heard sounds and voices and she wanted to know what is going on and she saw her son on the carriage. Lana said, "David!, what happened to him". The other doctors told her about the accident in Eco labs. Lana was in frantic, she couldn't make the procedure because of how important David is to her.  

During his coma, David's powers began, first David's eyes opened and they turned bright red. The duration was a minute. During that minute, his eyes became enhanced. Then the vibration. David began vibrating. His superhuman speed came to him. It was at night time. Lana was home. She couldn't sleep so she sat at the couch looking at the photo album. Lana was looking at David's baby pictures and she was very fond of them. Lana kissed on of his picture and said, "Oh David".  

One day, Lana was sleeping on the chair. Layne smiled and he went to work at the Police Department. David woke up, and said, "Mom". Lana rested on the chair and then she woke up and said, "David, oh my god, David". She was so thrilled, she was hugging and kissing her son. Lana said, "I can't believe it, here is your glasses". David said, "I don't need them, my eye sight is a lot better". Lana said, "You can see me, what is the time on that clock". David said, "2:00 pm". Lana said, "That is correct". Jason and Angela came to the room. Jason said, "hey buddy". David said, "Hi Uncle Jason, I really like the design on your shirt, I really like the flowers". Jason said, "wait, you can see me". David said, "yeah". Angela said, "Hi honey, I got this for you, I love spoiling you". David said, "Russell Stover chocolate". Angela said, "You don't want it"? David said, "Aunt Angela, I love it, thank you". Angela said, "You are welcome nephew". Deborah came running to her big brother. Deborah said, "I am so happy you are alright, I love you so much". Angela gave David hugs and kisses. David was improving a lot, his movements were incredible, his walking, running and even strength.   

When David came back home, David was really happy to be with his mother, sister, aunt and uncle.They all decided to go to Denny's. Lana wanted to go out to eat with her son. She couldn't stop smiling. Lana is very happy that David is alive. David chose Denny's. Lana was okay wit that because she let him to do what he wants to do. David ate a lot in Denny's. Everyone was surprised. Angela said, "You must be stuffed dear". David said, "I am fine". Jason said, "He is growing boy he needs to eat so he can have the proper weight of his height". He ordered a breakfast, lunch and a dinner. David gain 20 pounds. Lana was really surprised seeing that. Lana didn't care about the cost, she wanted to spend time with her son. Lana and David went back to the house. They decided to go to the living room and watch TV together as a mother and son. Lana just kept smiling. David said, "What is it"? Lana said, "I am just so happy you are home son". David said, "me too mom". Lana said, "I have been missing you when you were in your coma, mothers worry and care about their children, I worry and care about you so much, I don't want you to forget that". Lana and David hugged each other very tight. Jason and Lana talked privately. Lana said, "really Jason, why did you drag me over here". Jason said, "sis, I am sorry but David is no longer human anymore". Lana said, "What are you talking about"? Jason said, "he will be the next True Alpha, he is a superhuman now". Lana was overwhelmed with emotion and said, "I can't believe this, No wonder why he changed a lot during that week, his weight, his sight, even his body. She was starting to breakdown again. Jason said, "I am so sorry sis". Lana said, "Jason please keep a good eye on my son please, I don't want to lose him. David wanted to go out for a run around the neighborhood. He realizes he kept running for 10 minutes nonstop. David realizes he runs faster than lightning he can run faster than the flash. David ran from Colorado City, Castle Rock, and Denver. David stopped at Cheddars where Julie works. Julie said, "Hi how many"? When Julie saw David. She was overcome with emotion. Julie hugged him really tight and she cried on him. They had an emotional hug for 5 minutes. Then they sit down. Julie said, "How did this happen"? David said, "Yesterday, I woke up at 2:00 and after that I can see everything, I can even see your tag". Julie said, "It is such a miracle, I am so happy you are alive". David said, "I love you so much". Julie said, "I love you lots as well". After the visit with Julie, David went to the gym. David lifted a very heavy weight like a fifty pound weight. David could lift it and he is not even struggling. He decided to work out with them, he sees his muscles shaping up very well.  

After Jason realized that David got his powers after the coma, Jason wanted to teach David about the true powers of the true alpha. David was testing every power he has superhuman speed, superhuman strength, superhuman endurance. David passed the test. Jason was very impressed. Jason and David kept his secret. Jason did not tell David that Lana knows They both decided to have a race and they both were at the same speed. David said, "That was a good run we should do it again sometime". Jason said, "Are you hungry"? David said, "I am starved". Jason said, "How about you, Aunt Angela and I go to the Black bear diner". David said, "Okay I would like that". They decided to have breakfast at Black bear Diner. Angela said, "So David how was your day". David said, "Pretty good". Angela said, "Your uncle Jason and I went here on our date once, it was really fun, I really love the food here, I love the breakfast, it is my favorite meal here". David said, "Aunt Angela what are you doing"? Angela said, "I am just fussing over you because I love you so much, I have loved you ever since when you were a baby, I never told you this, I couldn't get pregnant, I couldn't have children but you are like a child of my own". Angela kept kissing David on the head. Jason really loved that.  

After eating out, Angela wanted to spend quality time with her nephew. Angela said, "So what do you want to talk about? David said, "I have been doing good, I have been doing awesome actually because after the coma, I have been feeling great you know, my sight is clear as crystal, I have bulked up a bit, I am doing great Aunt Angela". Angela said, "That is good, I am glad you didn't suffer a disability". David said, "Well I am alive". Angela said, "I am very happy you are". Angela hugged David very tight. David wants to know what is going on. Angela explained that she knew for years that Jason is the True Alpha and she knew that David is the new one. David is not upset he understands why Jason told her. Angela said, "I am happy you are not mad". David said, "Aunt Angela I love you very much, you are important to me, I won't get mad at you for something". Angela said, "Thank you honey, I am so proud of the man you have become, I am so grateful you are my nephew". Angela put her head on David's shoulder and held his hand. 

2 years ago, Ashley was just a seventh grader and she was very new to Jackson River Middle School, Her friends Betty, Janine, Emily, Maria, Elena and Teresa were at the school with her. Ashley and her best friends were looking around the new school, they had a tour. Ashley saw this handsome guy and he looked older than a 7th grader. Ashley said, "oh my"? Betty said, "who are you looking at, oh David Cosloff? Ashley said, "You know him". Betty said, "No I have heard of him many times". Ashley said, "I don't know what to do". Emily said, "Just talk to him Ashley, just say hi how are you that kind of stuff". Ashley said, "well it is sure simple for you". Elena said, "Talk to him already". Ashley came to him, David was putting stuff in his locker. Ashley said, "Are you an Alpha or a beta"? David said, "Excuse me". Ashley said, "What kind of role are you"? David said, "Alpha I guess, what is your name". Ashley said, "Ashley Smith, I am new here". David said, "me too, My name is David Cosloff". Ashley said, "Maybe we could talk at lunch time". David said, "okay". The Present day, David and Ashley have been talking at lunch time. Ashley said, "I was so worried when you were in a coma". David said, Well, I am here now". David held Ashley's hand, Ashley said, "I am grateful you are alive you mean the world to me Cosloff, you are a good friend to me David, I don't want to lose you". David said, "You won't".  They almost kissed but the bell rang.  

The day after Barack's scheme, David was laying on the couch texting Ashley Smith. David and Ashley were getting closer and closer every day. Ashley's feelings for David became more romantic than friendly. Ashley wants David as her boyfriend because she has fallen in love with him. Lori said, "Who are you texting honey"? Ashley said, "David". Lori said, "David Cosloff the guy you have been having a crush on since the 7th grade". Ashley said, "I never told you this mama but We almost kissed at lunch yesterday". Lori said, "What happened"? Ashley said, "The bell rang". Lori said, "he has the same feelings to you". Ashley said, "Yes mom we are both in love with each other". Lori and Ashley hugged. David was looking at his phone and then his enhanced hearing came. He heard guys with guns and masks they broke into the bank of Colorado. David ran to his room and quickly put a temporary costume on. David ran to the city and entered the bank. One of the robbers pulled the trigger. The bullet was going very slow like a turtle and caught the bullet. David wrapped a very long chain to the robbers. David ran out of the building and pulled of his mask. David said, "I think that coma was no accident it is a purpose."   

David went to Expresso Americano to get an iced coffee and he ran into Emily Clarkson and Maria Clarkson. David said, "Hey you two". Emily said, "hi David how are you"? David said, "Good". Maria said, "I guess we can sit down". David, Emily and Maria sat down to a table with three chairs. They decided to talk about Ashley. David explained about how close Ashley and he are. Emily and Maria are wondering if they are becoming thing.  

Lana was noticing something different with her son David.  Lana asked, "Are you okay, David, you have bene acting weird is everything okay"? David said, "it is nothing". Lana wanted the answer so she tried to make him uncomfortable by touching his leg and rubbing it. Lana was getting closer to him. David said, "I have been good friends with an attractive girl".  Lana was very surprised and she was asking him a lot of questions. David said, "Her name is Ashley Smith, I have met her in the seventh grade". Lana said, "Smith hmm, that name seems familiar, is she the daughter of Zack and Lori Smith". David said, "Yes she is". Lana said, "I am happy that you have found someone but I need to meet her myself". David said, "Wait what". 

Lana decided to meet Ashley as woman to woman. Ashley said, "You must be David's mom". Lana said, "Yes I am, you must be Ashley Smith". Ashley said, "Your son is a very nice guy". Ashley said, "he is the reason I am here, I want to protect him from any bad relationships so Ashley, are you a type of person that could handle a serious relationship"? Ashley said, "Yes I am, I love to have a serious relationship with your son one day". Ashley said, "In the future like a decade from now do you want a marriage even have kids". Ashley said, "Yes of course yes, I would love to have a successful marriage even have children". Lana said, "I am sorry I made you comfortable, I just care about David very much". Ashley said, "I know you don't trust me Lana but I love your son, we have been close for a couple years during that time, I started to have these feelings that I never had before and it was more than feelings for a friend, feelings like romance, I have bene having romantic feelings for David ever since he woke up from his coma, I want you to know that I will support him and love him even comfort him when there are bumps in the road, I love him".  Lana was very approved of Ashley, Lana hugged Ashley. Lana told Ashley that she will support their relationship and Ashley was happy to hear that. Ashley said, "Lana, the frist time I met him he told me that I remind him of you". Lana said, "Thank you". While Lana was walking she had a very happy smile.  

Lana came home and David blurted out "what did you do mom"? Lana said, "I did nothing bad, Ashley and I talked and it was decent, she is a wonderful Christian woman for you, she is very interested in you for who you are and I like her she is very nice". David said, "Thank you mom for being okay with this". Lana hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and she went to the bedroom and changed. Lana said, "I am going to change, I really hate these long heels they are killing me". David said, "so why did you wear them"? Lana said, "I don't know don't judge me mister". David giggle 

After she changed she spent time with her son more, they were on the couch talking. Lana said, "Now I feel very relaxed, it is better to be barefoot, well my talk with Ashley, I had to ask her serious questions honey because I want the best girl for you, a nice girl, who truly loves you for who you are, who respects you and never takes advantage of you, Ashley is the right one, I do this because I love you so much, you are my baby". David said, "I love you too, I know you are protecting me from harm and I get that but I am not a kid anymore, I protect myself, I trust Ashley, I believe she is a good friend to me". Lana said, "Are you thinking of dating her"? David said, "Someday". Lana said, "That is good, you are too young to date". David said, "I get that". Lana explained her love life with his dad to teach David about relationships. Lana said, "You mean everything to me Dave, you and Deborah are the greatest gifts that ever happened to me". David said, "Thank you mom". David let her tickle him because they love each other like a mother and a son. Lana hugged him and she put her legs behind his back and held him tight. Lana said, "My feet are killing me, I shouldn't walk those old painful high heels". David said, "I will massage them if you want". Lana said, "Okay, I would love that". For 5 minutes, her son deeply massaged her feet, her pain is relieved. Lana felt a lot better and he could walk fine now, Lana would get new high heels.  

Lana said, "So what do you want to watch"? David said, "I don't know really". Lana said, "Let's see what is on". On the television there was a new report. The News reporter said, "Just in there is a mechanical bird making chaos in Colorado Springs, I repeat there is a Mechanical bird making Chaos in Colorado Springs". Lana said, "Oh My God, I am going to call your father". David went upstairs and then he saw his brand new leather jacket and looked at it. David said, "I need to do this".  

After saving Julie, Deborah and Ashley from C.R.O.W, True Alpha and C.R.O.W are facing off. They are roaming through Colorado Springs. True Alpha was behind C.R.O.W on his wings. True Alpha punched his back and the wings are not working anymore. They are malfunctioning. He was going to crash but True Alpha used one of his arms and he made gusts of wind with it and he landed safely but he was arrested. The crowd was cheering for True Alpha. Jason smiled and nodded to his nephew because he is proud of him.  

Ashley and David were in the park. Ashley said, "Thanks for meeting me here". David said, "Anytime, what is this about"? Ashley said, "I want to talk about us". David said, "Okay". Ashley said, "I don't know how to tell you this umm, I love you David, I know we have known each other for a couple years but as time went on I got to know you more and more you are a great friend the best friend I could ever have and I feel more than a friendship, I am starting to have more romantic feelings for you, why I didn't tell you sooner it is just I think you don't have the same feelings for me". David said, "Ashley, Wow, I never knew that, my mom told me about your conversation with her, she loves me because I am her baby of course, I am her first born, she loves me dearly she doesn't want me to be hurt, what I am saying is, I have been in love with you ever since I saw you, You mean everything to me Ashley, I love you Ashley Smith you never pull me back, you are great being encouraging, You are my encouragement, I love you for that, I don't want you to change at all, I love you for who you are". Ashley said, "oh David you are going to make me cry". Ashley and David had their first passionate and romantic kiss at the park and It changed the whole dynamic of their relationship.  

After that romantic moment with his love of his life. David decided to hang out with all of his friends at New Life church. David hung out with Chase, Haley, Shelby, and others. It was a great hangout. Chase said, "What is going on with you brother". David said, "Well a lot actually, when should I have a romantic relationship". Chase said, "God says that when the right time comes you can have a romantic relationship, God wanted you to be patient with that". David said, "Thanks for the advice". Haley said, "I agree with Chase because you are a freshman in high school, there are  a lot of challenges in your way David, you need to conquer those first and then you can have a relationship". David said, "Thanks guys". The group hugged for a few minutes.  

David came by to his uncle's and Aunt's house. Angela said, "Hey you, I am glad you have came by, How are you doing honey"? David said, "I am doing great Aunt Angela". Angela said, "Well your uncle wants to talk to you". Angela was behind David and touch his shoulders. Jason said, "Man kid, last week taking down C.R.O.W was phenomenal, you did great work, I know you can do it man, taking down the bad guys, this is your calling". David said, "I figured out that my incident that got me to the coma was no accident, it is a purpose, I am destined to be the New True Alpha, I don't take this for granted, I want to get out there and do great things". Angela said, "I know you will, I remembered back in 1990s, we were young, your uncle was one heck of a hero, he literally saving police officers including your dad from a suicide bombing, telling his sister was tough, I don't want you to tell anyone okay to keep people safe alright". David said, "My life is between us, I got it". Angela said, "Good, I am very proud of the man who you are today, I am so happy to call you my nephew, I love you so, so much never forget that". David said, "I wont". Angela hugged David very tight and she kissed him on the face and rubbed it.    

David and Layne spent quality time together as a father and a son, they went to Drifters to get their good burgers. They sat together and they were talking about stuff. Layne wanted to talk about Ashley. Layne knows that David has feelings for Ashley because Lana told him. David said, "Well today, Ashley and I were at the park we were talking about each other, Ashley told me that she has been in love with me and had a crush on me for awhile, I told her about how I feel about her and how she means to me and after that we kissed". Layne said, "I am very happy for you, are you guys now dating"? David said, "Not yet we both agreed we are going to date in junior year". Layne said, "Well I am happy for you". Layne and David hugged and exited Drifters. Layne got a call and he found out that Matt Collins is back to town.  

True Alpha: Against all odds

True Alpha said, "I don't think so Collins". Gravestone said, "The new hero terrific".  Gravestone beated True Alpha a bit but True Alpha was affected a little bit. The Gravestone said, "Come on speedy". True Alpha said, "You don't know what I am capable of". True Alpha went behind him and punched him. True Alpha did his speed punches and it affected Gravestone. Gravestone was bleeding and bruising. He got arrested, after the trail. He got a lifetime in prison.  

6 months later, David's relationship with Emily Clarkson, Maria Clarkson, Kelly Hill and others are progressing. David had hung out with them in Village Inn. They have been talking a lot about True Alpha. All of them agreed that he is a great guy. David did not tell them that he is the superhero that saved the city from C.R.O.W and Gravestone. They all had their lunches and they were talking about each other's lives. David told all of them that Ashley and him are closer than they have ever been. They are all happy for him.  

David came to DSM, he was with all of his friends Collin, Haley, Betty, Parker, Janine, Shawn, Shelby, Rachel, Elena, Teresa, and Emily and Maria even Ashley. All of them were hanging out, just having a good time. David and Ashley talked privately. Ashley said, "I am so happy David Cosloff". David said, "What about"? Ashley said, "These six months being closer to you, and getting to know you". David said, "I don't want this to end". Ashley said, "Me Neither". Julie was watching from the background.  

At DSM, David met the new girl named Gwyneth Kimono. Gwyneth Kimono is an asian woman she is around 5 foot 5. That is a very tall woman to be an asian. Gwyneth is sweet and kind. Everyone gets along with her very well. David and Gwen got to know each other a lot. They became friends. Ashley looked at the distance and she was kind of concerned with David and Gwen's friendship.  

Both David and Julie were spending time together. They were walking around in Colorado City. David said, "So Julie how is everything at work"? Julie said, "Well I really love it, everything is great, It is really easy to be a waitress, how is everything at school even Ashley". David said, "School is great, I am having good grades A's and B's and my friends are doing great, Ashley and I are doing great, we are really happy but we are not in a relationship". Julie was kind of emotional. David said, "Is everything okay"? Julie said, "It is Just". The conversation interrupted because of The Clay creating chaos in the city. While Julie was watching the scene David used his super speed to go fight the Clay. Julie said, David where are you"? True Alpha said, "Hey freak". The Clay roared. True Alpha said, "How do this"? True Alpha and Clay fought each other. Clay formed a hammer and wacked True Alpha to a wall but True Alpha survived from that and he healed from it. True Alpha said, "I know what to vibrating in an amount of speed could do the trick. True Alpha went to him. Clay made some sounds. Clay was vibrating very fast. The Clay exploded.  David knew Janine Jenkins and Brian Clarkson very well. He knew them very since he was a kid. David knew that Brian and Janine both had a crush on each other ever since freshman of high school. Now David is a sophomore and also Brian and Janine. David and Ashley both had a plan to join them together. At lunch, David and Ashley set up Brian and Janine they both were in a table just the two of them. They both confessed their love to each other. They are in a budding romance. They both thanked David and Ashley for doing this. Ashley said, "I really love when two people who really care about each other and joined together". David said, "Me too". Ashley said, "I am glad I found you David Cosloff". David said, "I am glad I found you too". David and Ashley kissed David and Jason were training, Jason noticed something different in him. Jason said, "What is up, you seem really happy". David said, "Yeah I am, well Uncle Jason, I set up two people who really love each other today". Jason said, "You played Cupid"? David said, "Maybe, Both Brian and Janine told me their love to each other so I had to set them up to be together, I didn't do it alone, I did it with Ashley". Jason said, "I remembered your mom set me and your aunt up to go on a date and it officially worked". David said, "Mom is a great woman". Lana looked out the window and looked at the beautiful view of Colorado Springs. Angela said, "Hey you, what is up"? Lana said, "Just looking at the view". Angela said, "Is this about David"? Lana said, "Yes, it is not about not accepting him being the superhero, it is just that I don't want him to get hurt that is all". Angela said, "Look I am worried about David as you are but David is not a kid anymore he is 15 now and he is a sophomore, Lana just support him and love him". Lana said, "I am trying, this hasn't been easy on me ever since 6 months ago and it is hurting me a lot, Layne isn't the same way he is strong, he is supportive for our son and he doesn't break down every time David goes out that door". Angela and Lana hugged. Lana said, "Thank you for being a great friend to me". Angela said, "Anytime, Layne is coming home, I will go to my house now". Layne said, "Hey I am home". Lana said, "Hi honey". Layne said, "what is the matter Lana"? Lana said, "It is just David ever since the accident, I have been hurting a lot". Layne and Lana made love to each other to make Lana feel 100% again. 

David came to the house. Lana was in the living room on the couch. Lana said, "David are you free to talk, I really want to talk to you". David said, "Sure what is up, did do something"? Lana said, "No of course not, I want to talk to you something important, about the 20th anniversary of my marriage to your dad". David said, "Okay". Lana said, "Well I was thinking of making it special very special you know your dad is the love of my life, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have you and Deborah in my life I am really grateful for that, I was thinking of recreating my wedding day, I really want to renew my vows with your dad what do you think"? David said, "Mom that would be the best anniversary that Dad will ever experience and he would probably agree on that, mom you are a wonderful woman, I am so happy to call you my mom, I am glad you are in my life during these great 15 years I love you very much you are important to me". Lana said, "Oh my gosh you are going to make me cry, they are happy tears, oh David thank you for understanding and your father and I are so happy to have you, I would never ever give up on you". David and Lana hugged very passionately.  

David was having a good day at school he just exited his English class and he was going to his History class, in the hallway he saw two people fighting, he decided to be in the middle of it. One person was about to punch David but with his superhuman speed he dodged it and the person's hand went to the locker. The Principal interupted the fight.   

David and the people were in the Principal's office, David convinced the Principal that he wanted to stop it not make it, he was actually heading to his class. David told him when he was walking in the highway and then he saw fighting he had to jump in. The Principal decided to let David go to his history class.  

In Colorado City, the police department were overwhelmed by the two warlocks but the two True Alphas were on the way. They were gliding and the True Alphas used their arms to make a like a tornado so they could fall to the ground. David faced Hob Warlock and Jason faced Red Warlock. They both have these gadgets that have guns in them they are like bibi spheres. They were going to shoot the people.  

The people were scared out of their lives. The spheres were about to shoot at them but David used his superhuman speed to catch the bullets and stop the spheres. David damaged those spheres. The people were clapping for him. David and Jason both continued beating Red Warlock and Hob Warlock. They were sent to jail.  

David came over to Ashley's house. Ashley said, "Hey David, I am glad you came, welcome in". David said, "Is your family here"? Ashley said, "No they are not here, I really want to spend time with you and discuss about everything". David said, "Okay". Ashley said, "It is about the time when your accident happen, I have been thinking a lot about that, when I first met you, you had to wear special kind of glasses, you were skinny, you were shorter, after that, I saw a huge difference with you, you see crystal clear, you are bigger you can lift a 50 pound weight, What I am saying is that the accident gave you a blessing in your life, I am really grateful". David said, "Thank you". David and Ashley gave each other a tiny kiss. David walked out. 

David was at DSM, they launched a party. David was with Chase, Haley, Collin, Shelby, Gwyneth and others. David was bonding with them. David was really enjoying the party. David ran into Emily, Maria, Teresa, and Elena. David talked to them about his and Ashley's relationship. Emily said, "I heard that Ashley invited you to her house and you met her family"? Maria said, "How was it, we really want to know". David said, "I was really comfortable aorund them, it was awesome, they are kind, I really love Mark he is a good friend of mine". Teresa said, "That is really awesome David".  After the party, David wants to spend time with his little sister Deborah. Deborah said, "How was the party? David said, "it was really fun". Deborah said, "How are you and Ashley"? David said, "We are doing good". Deborah said, "I can't believe you haven't dated her yet". David said, "Relationships take time"> Ashley said, "You guys are in love with each other I remembered 7 months ago you guys kissed by the park, I was there you know". David said, "Yes I am in love with her". Deborah said, "I knew it, I am happy for you David, I love you so much". David said, "I love you too".  

True Alpha: Beneath The Earth

In A different realm called Battleworld, True Alpha has face his biggest enemy yet called Master Shogun. He is the best ninja that has ever been trained. He had been training for a century. True Alpha was bruised and beaten. He has a lot of slash wounds. Will he successfully beat him? 

A robber was running with a woman's purse. True Alpha said, "I don't think so big boy". Robber said, "Great". The robber triggered his gun, True Alpha caught the bullets and punched the robber. True Alpha ran to the PD and put the robber by the doorstep. David came to the house. Deborah said, "Hey David, how was the run?" David said, "Pretty refreshing". David's cell phone rang. David said, "Hi Ashley what is up?" Ashley said, "Hey David, I was wondering if you are free tonight?" David said, "Free for what"? Ashley said, "I was wondering if you and me can go to IHOP together"? David said, "Sure I would love too". Ashley shouted to her mother and sister, "He said Yes". The girls were screaming on top of their lungs. Deborah said, "So you and Ashley are going to IHOP"? David said, "It is not a date".  

David and Ashley were in IHOP, David order a double cheeseburger with bacon with fires and sprite, Ashley ordered a breakfast, it was a breakfast burrito. David and Ashley were both having a good time with each other. David and Ashley were bonding during the dinner date. To David it was just a friendly dinner thing but to Ashley it is a date. David and Ashley both got a dessert. David got a Bananas foster brioche French toast with chocolate and whipped cream and a side of ice cream, Ashley got a Belgian waffle. After IHOP, David said, "I really enjoyed this". Ashley said, "I am really glad you do, I enjoyed it too the food was good, what was better is that I was with you". David smiled, they passionately kissed.

David came home, David put his back to the door. Lana said, "So how was the date"? David said, "Mom it isn't a date, so what is the red stuff on your lips". David said, "Ketchup". Lana touched his lip and smelled it and she knew it was lipstick. Lana said, "Ashley kissed you huh". David said, "It isn't the first time". Lana said, "Mister, What do you mean it isn't the first time". David said, "the first time was in school during lunch, the second time was in the park when we confessed our feelings to each other". Lana said, "Okay, I am really happy that you both love each other, David I trust you, it is just that I care about you I guess to much". David said, "I love you mom". Lana said, "I love you too baby". Zack said, "So you and David are dating". Ashley said, "Yes Daddy"! Zack said, "what if it wasn't a date to him, probably it was just a gesture". Ashley said, "I haven't thought of that way". Zack said, "Ashley, I am your father you are my baby girl, you are my oldest, I want you to be happy, I want David Cosloff to treat you right". Ashley said, "He does daddy". Zack said, "Okay, I love you baby girl". Ashley said, "I love you too daddy".  

A lot fo chaos with thugs and heists came in Colorado City as usual. Both Jason and David did their jobs to serve and protect the city from any harm of burglars and etc. They both were owning the moment. David and Jason fist bumped each other and called it a day.

David and Deborah are by the park. They were having a very nice conversation about stuff. David really loves bonding with his little sister. David and Deborah are really close siblings. Most siblings fight and do horrible things to each other. They are not like that at all. David and Deborah are talking about Ashley. Deborah is fine with David and Ashley dating. Deborah and Ashley are really good friends. Deborah accepted his blessing to date her.  David and Ashley were hanging out with Ashley's two very best friends, Emily Clarkson and Maria Clarkson. Emily and Maria are really happy for David and Ashley because they are officially dating now. Ashley went to the restroom to wash her hands. Emily and Maria both were talking to David about serious questions. David told them the truth about his actual feelings for her. Emily and Maria accepted him to be a big part of Ashley's life.Ever David got his powers, he has Ashley in his life even becoming a hero for Colorado City. David has been wanting a positive future like 10 years from now, David wants to get married and have children of his own. He even wants a job that he totally loves. He has his family and friends who love him and support him. David was at DSM, David first talked to his good friends just having usual conversations with them. Rachel was crying hysterically outside. David couldn't look away. David decided to go outside. David decided to comfort Rachel. Rachel was really sorry acting this way. Rachel has been insecure lately. David completely understands. Rachel is insecure with her relationship with God and also if she belongs with DSM. David prayed for Rachel and boosted her confidence.  David was exiting from DSM, He decided to have a good long run before he goes home, he does that. Back to BattleWorld, Master Shogun raised his sword and he created an energy field to lure True Alpha in. It took Master Shogun awhile because David is all over the place running. David stopped, Master Shogun said, "FInally"! David disappeared and he was transported to Battleworld.  Master Shogun said, "Welcome to my castle True Alpha". David said, "How do you know who I am and also, where are we"? Master Shogun said, "I am the master of everything, We are in BattleWorld, this place is my home where I challenge and kill all my rivals, I spent a lot of years finding you True Alpha, you are my strongest opponent yet". David said, "What the hell are you even talking about, I never seen you in my life and that is why you teleported me to this damn dimension for a damn duel". Master Shogun said, "Yes, It is my great honor to fight you". Master Shogun punched David and he went back plenty of feet and landed to the castle wall. David struggled to get up. Master Shogun said," Is that all you got". David roared and charged at master shogun started punching him. Master Shogun slashed David with his mighty sword. It really hurt David Pretty bad. David was injured but he didn't back down from the fight at all. Master Shogun slashed David like three times. David got angry, he jumped and punched his face.  Master Shogun was down to the ground. David said, "Is this what you want"? David lifted Master Shogun's leg and started to throw him around like a rag doll. David used all of his might to defeat Master Shogun. David stabbed him with the sword of his. Master Shogun turned into ash.  

David used the sword to go back home. A portal unleashed, then David went to an unknown location, it was dark. He was hurt pretty bad. He was trying to find some furniture to lay on. While he was doing that. Julie unlocked the door. She turned on the light. Julie screamed and said, "Who are you, what are you doing in my house". Julie was actually fighting him, then she saw David, Pretty beaten up. That is when Julie found out that David is the True Alpha.The Day after the battle between True Alpha and Master Shogun. David was laying on a couch with bandages all over his body. He wondered how it got there. Julie said, "Morning David, or should I say True Alpha". David said, "How Did I got here"? Julie said, "You tell me, you sure scared me half to death last night, remember". David remembered last night the whole thing, how he got to Julie's house and everything. David said, "Yeah I do remember". Julie said, "How could you, you are my cousin, I love you so much, now ever since I learned about all of this, I don't know who you are anymore". Julie was pacing back and forth for like 5 minutes. David said, "Would you stop doing that"? Julie said, "Would you stop lying to me"? David said, "You got a point there". Julie said, "I just have so many questions". David said, "Go ahead ask them". Julie said, "how long did you became this". David said, "A year and a half almost two years". Julie said, "Two Years, so all this time, you were lying to me about this". David said, "I did it to protect you Julie". Julie said, "This sure is not protecting, so when you were in a coma your superhuman powers were developing". David said, "Before the accident, that day was supposed to be my last day to have eyesight, if the accident didn't happen I would be blind right now, I had terrible eyes, I had to have these prescription lenses, on the field trip, when I went to Eco Labs, I was so fascinated with science, so I went to that room alone, I was looking at the window of the beautiful view, I told myself this is it, my eyesight won't be no more, this powerful energy source, hit me through the chest, a week later when I woke up, I had perfect eyesight, it was unbelievable, I could see like a mile away, not just that, when I was having a walk, I started running, I realized I was going faster and faster, everything was like a blur. I was like going 100 miles an hour non stop and 4 minutes later, I came to Denver and went to Cheddars to see you". Julie said, "So you are like the Flash, I am really happy that accident cured you from your disabilities, but what I am not happy with is that you lied about it. Back to Julie's house in Denver, David is still pretty injured. Julie said, "I just don't understand why you didn't tell me the truth". David said, "Like I told you before, to protect you, I don't want you to be harmed from my enemies and foes, I wanted too but that is the code". Julie said, "You are unbelievable you know that, protecting me, code, True Alphas have codes". David said, "Talk to Jason then, I don't know how to explain this to you".  Jason and Angela were heading to Denver to Julie's place. David and Julie were still arguing about him to be the true alpha. David said, "I am not going to stop protecting people and fighting the bad guys, this is who I am now Julie, I am sorry I lied to you about it but it doesn't change that I am not stopping". Julie was breathing in and out. Jason said, "What is going on here"? Julie and Angela were talking in another room. David explained to Jason that he fought Master Shogun, after that he magically appeared to Julie's house. Jason said, "I am glad you are okay". Jason sensed Savage. Jason got out of Julie's house. Angela made Julie feel better. Julie decided to take a hot shower. Angela was with David. She was comforting him.  

David decided to take off the bandages. He saw the wounds still. So he had decided to vibrate his hand and then he took shards of Master Shogun's sword. He put them in the trash. David was accelerated healing.  All of his wounds on his body were gone. David got out of Julie's house. Julie said, "David there will be changes, I guess I will be getting used to that then". David got a brand new leather jacket. It has not collar, great material, gloss black, shiny button on top, two zippers on each side of the chest. David got his new outfit.  David was getting ready to fight Savage but the phone rang. David answered it, Julie was on the other end. David said, "Julie, what is it, now is not good time". Julie said, "Look it will be quick, I am going to make some changes about us, like to have space from each other and not contact each other as much, I am really having a hard time trusting you, I am still hurt of how I found out your secret, I don't know who you are anymore". David said, "I Agree, Goodbye Julie". Julie said, "Goodbye".  Ashley was out front of her house, David was heading towards her. Ashley said, "Oh my god, where have you been, I haven't seen you in a couple days, I was pretty worried about you". David said, "I am sorry, I went to Julie's". Ashley said, "How did it go"? David said, "I don't want to talk about it". Ashley said, "Okay I understand." David said, "How about we talk about us". Ashley said, "I would love that". David said, "I really want us to head to a next level, being romantic". Ashley said, "I really love the sound of that". David said, "I really want to make love to you". David and Ashley kissed passionately and romantically.  After the fight with Savage and also telling Ashley his commitment to her, David decided to visit Angela. Angela was really happy to see her favorite nephew. Angela said, "Hey you, It is so good to see you always". David said, "I want to tell you why Julie and I had that fight". Angela said, "Okay I want to hear it". David said, "She knows about my secret, I didn't tell her but after I fought Master Shogun, I used his sword to go back to this earth so I landed to Julie's house then She found me there injured, she learned that I was the True Alpha". Angela said, "That must be hard for her, it will take time, she will forgive you, I promise". David said, "Thank you". Angela said, "When I learned about Jason being the true alpha before you, I was really in shock, I was stunned, it took me awhile for me to realize it, I forgave him and love him, I am really happy that he is my husband". David smiled and they hugged. Scott and David ran into each other. David said, "Hey Scott, what a surprise". Scott said, "Hey David, I heard about you and Julie, I am really sorry". David said, "It is fine". Scott said, "I am going to give you advice". David said, "What kind"? Scott said, "She still loves you, she loves you very much, she need some time to process this". David said, "I totally agree, focusing on my relationship with Julie is the last thing I need to do right now".  At Colorado City High School, Brian and Janine were hanging out by the cafeteria. They were romantic with each other. David decided to talk to them. David said, "Hey guys". Janine said, "Hey David it sure has been awhile how are you"? David said, "I am doing pretty good". Brain said, "The other day, we ran into Ashley at the expresso americano and I told her that I haven't seen you in awhile". David said, "I have bene pretty busy, my parents are going to renew their vows on their 20th anniversary". Janine said, "That is very romantic, I am really happy for them". David said, So you too seem serious". Brian said, "Yes we defiantly are". Janine said, "I love him, he loves me, we both love each other". David said, "I am really happy for you".   After talking to Brian and Janine, David and Ashley went to Ashley's house. They are home alone. David said, "Your family isn't here right". Ashley said, "We are just by ourselves, we can do whatever we want". Ashley and David were kissing and making out. They did it carefully like not in a sexual way. David and Ashley both told each other that they agreed to be in a romantic state so they are boyfriend and girlfriend.  Lana was in the living room, Lana wanted to look at some memory books. Lana was seeing some photos from her past, she was reminiscing the memories. She remembered when she was a little girl when her mother and her biological father were fighting verbally and physically. She was hiding in her room and crying. There was one memory when she was getting along with her step dad Paul and her grandparents Robert and Evelyn Young. She remembered when her baby brother Jason was born, she loved him very much. She remembered when she was a teenager when she met Layne Cosloff and their romance. She remembered when the marriage was strained before David's birth. After those moments, Lana was crying really emotionally. Her memories were coming back and she missed some of them. David came back to the house. David said, "Mom I'm home, Mom are you okay what is wrong"? Lana said, "Sorry I am such an emotional person, why do you smell perfume"? David said, "Ashley, we spent time together". Lana said, "Ashley is a nice girl, I was looking at some memory books and I started to remember some memories good and bad, I started crying". David said, "Do you want to tell me"? Lana said, "Yeah I would love too, you know your grandparents, my mom and dad, Lily and Paul". David said, "Yeah I do, I really love them". Lana said, "Paul is not my biological father, Lily did not cheat on Paul never, before she met Paul, she met Jake, she thought he was this wonderful person and after they got married, their marriage crashed down, Jake was an abusive person, he really abusive my mother, when I was four, they divorced, Jake went to prison for beating my mother, after that she met Paul, they have dated for awhile, they got married, I called Paul dad, I never called him by his first name, I love him very much, then your uncle Jason was born, I loved him with all of my heart, I really do, I was considered a young not a Thomas, I legally changed that name when I turned 18, I met your dad, I fell in love with him right away, I had a crush on him when I was 15 years old, I was a sophomore, I had short curly hair like you know the style from the 80s, as time went on, we were really great together, he made me feel like a better woman, on 1991, your father proposed to me and I said yes of course, our wedding happened in summer of 1992,  We had our wedding by the Young's house, it was really good, 3 years later, when I had you, our marriage was  strained". David said, "I really love the story so far, I never knew you had problems in your marriage". Lana said, "That time was before you were born, your dad was out of the house a lot and I was really getting insecure and worried". David said, "did you cheat on dad"? Lana said, "No never, I would not cheat on your dad, but I was fighting for our marriage, one day were hashing things out, your dad was considering a divorce, which I hated, I told him that I never wanted a divorce, I want to fight for us for our son so he can have a home where there is love and happiness, we figured things out and we are good now, we are so happy that you and Deborah are in our lives".  Lana and David hugged passionately. Lana kissed David on the cheek. At DSM, David and Collin were talking after the service. David was explaining to Collin about the 20th anniversary of his parents and also about the wedding. Collin is really happy for David. David told Collin that his relationship with Ashley is great. David told Collin that they are in a romantic state. Collin wanted to make sure if they are both ready for that. David explained that they agreed. Collin told David that he is always watching after him.  Chief Axe was creating havoc in Colorado City. He was asking where is the True Alpha. David saw the news and then he dressed up on his new uniform. David said, "I am sorry Julie". David ran to the city. David said, "Hey You, what do you want"? Chief Axe said, "You, just you, you took my master and no I will take your life away". David said, "I will see you try". Chief Axe grabbed his head and started smashing him to a concrete wall many times and he threw him like a rag doll. David was bleeding and he was aching.  After Julie walked out of the bar, she saw a chaotic battle between True Alpha and Chief Axe. Julie put her hands on her mouth, Chief Axe was wielding his axe to True Alpha and he kept dodging. Chief Axe raised his axe to True Alpha but he stopped it and he used all of his strength to raise it up. Julie said, "David, I am really sorry that I haven't been a good cousin to you lately, I am sorry how I reacted when I learned about your secret, it was so selfish, I am sorry, I love you David, I forgive you, you are my life, you mean everything to me, I love you". The words really hit David. David was sure kicking Chief Axe's butt and He used his axe and cut his head off.  David came back home, he saw Julie there. Julie was looking at a photo when David was a baby and when Julie was 10. Julie said, "Do you remember this"? David said, "When you carried me when I was a baby, I am not sure". Julie said, "I sure did, that was the first time I really love you". Julie and David both said, "I am sorry". David said, "You first". Julie said, "There are some things that I should've said when we argued, I really hated how we ended up like that, I know you never meant to hurt me, I was actually hurting myself by rejecting you of being the true alpha, I don't care if you are a superhero or not you David is what matters, I love you so much". David said, "I love you too, the reason why I kept you in the dark for so long is to protect you, I don't know what to do if you would be harmed in any way from my enemies, you are too important to me Julie, you mean everything to me too, there is no one like you, there is no one to replace you, I was thinking of telling you but I did not know how, even being the True Alpha doesn't change who I am, I am still the cousin you love, I would never ever hurt you again or lie to you ever, I love you Julie, more than you know". Julie was going to tear up and said, "David come here". Julie was crying because she is really happy that she has her cousin back". After the sweet moment another villain comes in the way and it is the Bull.   The Bull was rampaging through Colorado Springs, he was making bull noises and smashing everything. David said, "Really a bull". Julie said, "David, I just want you can do this". David said, "Do you have something red". Julie said, "a shirt why"? David took off her shirt quickly. Julie said, "Did you peak"? David said, "Yeah sorry". David went to Colorado Springs. David faced Bull, David said, "Hey hothead". Bull charged at True Alpha because he saw Julie's red shirt. True Alpha used his super speed so he can outrun The Bull. Bull was running very fast. True Alpha ran in a circle Bull was getting exhausted and he passed out.  After fighting The Bull, Angela and David went to IHOP to get breakfast. Angela and David were spending quality time. Angela said, "So David I want to ask how are you dealing with your parents getting married again". David said, "I am really happy for them, I really support what they are doing, they have been in love like 30 years". Angela said, "Yeah, I was really inspired of them". David said, "I want to tell you that, Julie and I reconciled". Angela said, "Oh David, I am so happy for you, you mena so much to her, she loves you".  David, Ashley, Julie, Scott, Jason, Angela and the rest went to the royal mansion to enjoy the rehearsal dinner. The family were having a great time. David is with his two girls that he loves very much Julie and Ashley. The three are very happy than ever. David and Scott talked for a bit and David told him the great news that he and Julie are better than ever. Scott is very happy. Layne and Lana came in, everybody cheered. David and Deborah hugged both of their parents and the evening went great. Julie wanted to dance with David. David accepted her invitation. Lana was very overjoyed when she saw them together dancing.  

True Alpha: Darkness

True Alpha goes at it again with protecting the city from bank robberies, robbing from people, even fires. True Alpha is happier than ever before because starting 3 days from now his parents that he loves and cares so much are going to renew their vows for their 20th anniversary.  David was waiting for Julie at Red Robin, Julie suddenly came in. David said, "You made it". Julie said, "You know I would never miss this". David said, "How are you"? Julie said, "I am doing good, I am really confident in our relationship between us". David said, "Me too". Julie said, "I am really glad we are starting over, I am glad we are getting closer and fonder". David said, "Me too, I really want to focus on the here and the now, the past is done". Julie said, "How are your parents, I heard that they are getting married again, Their 20th anniversary is coming"? David said, "Yeah I am really excited and also happy for them, you are invited right". Julie said, "Yes I am, I just got the invitation yesterday".After spending quality time with Julie, David decided to go to Jason's and Angela's house. David knocked the door, Angela answered, "Hi David, It is always good seeing you, come in". David said, "Hi I really want to talk to Uncle Jason, Is he here"? Angela said, "Well he is doing some errands right now, what is this about"?  David said, "I need to tell the truth to Ashley about who I am and what happened after my accident". Angela said, "Dave, I don't think it is a good idea". David said, "You mean I should keep this from Ashley until I die, I Don't want to". Angela said, "Talk to your uncle about this, my opinion on this is not important, I got to go and take a shower". Jason came inside the house and said, "Hey man, where is your aunt Angela"? David said, "She is taking a shower, I really want to tell you something". Jason said, "What is it"? David said, "I want to tell Ashley that I am the True Alpha". Jason said, "David, it is a bad idea, if you tell her the truth she will be in harm's way". David said, "I am going to protect her, I will save her from every enemy, villain or challenge that I face, I love her, she is my life, She is my home". Jason said, "Man, you never made me more proud than I am today, you put yourself second and put others first, I am really proud of you, not just me your aunt and everyone else, we love you man". Jason and David hugged. Angela said, "I really love when my guys hug things out". David said, "Aunt Angela, can I ask you a question"? Angela said, "Anything honey". David said, "How did you react when Jason told you the truth". Angela said, "Well, I was 18 at the time, Jason told me on our date, I was really surprised, I was shocked, confused as time went on, I still loved him, he means the world to me, he has been there for me ever since we met, after we got married, I wanted a child but I couldn't get pregnant, It took me a long time to be healed and overcome from that ever since you were born, Jason wanted me to be a mother figure to you, so I could have that part in life to be a mother". David said, "I love you Aunt Angela, you are a wonderful woman". Angela said, "I love you too, I am so proud of you".  Brian Clarkson, Janine Jenkins, Ashley Smith and David Cosloff went to Denny's for their double date and they are really having a good time and hanging out, that is what friends do. Brian said, "I heard about your parents' wedding for their 20th anniversary, I am really happy for you man". David said, "Thank you". Janine said, "We just got the invitations, thank your mom and dad for us". David said, "Sure". Ashley said, "I am really glad we are doing a double date, it is sure fun". Janine said, "I am glad you are enjoying it".Lana was laying on the couch and she was looking at her childhood memory book. Lana was getting these flashbacks when her biological father Jake created chaos for the family. Lana was tearing up as David unlocked the door, lana wiped her tears off. David said, "Hey Mom". Lana said, "Hey baby, how was the double date"? David said, "It was fun, Brian and Janine want to thank you for the invitations". Lana said, "Anytime". David said, "Are you okay mom, you seem down". Lana said, "I really want to tell you something it is about how my life was before and after I met your father". David said, "Okay". Lana said, "Well, When I was a little girl, I was abused verbally and emotionally by my biological father Jake Thomas, my mom your grandmother, she endured like almost 10 years of that abuse in their relationship, when I was four, they got divorced, which I am glad and he got to jail, he is still at jail now, my mom met this wonderful man named Paul Young your grandfather, he was an amazing dad to me, I call him dad, I never call him by his first name because he treated me like his own daughter, they got married and your uncle Jason was born, I love him so much, he is the best little brother, I could ask for". David said, "Mom I want to ask, what is your relationship with Jason like". Lana said, "We never fight, well sometimes, never a lot, I always take care of him, when he was little, I remembered when he was a teenager, he had an accident, he was in a coma, after that he became the True Alpha, he told me 4 years after the accident". David said, "What was your reaction"? Lana said, "I was in shock, I was really hurt, I was really emotional when he lied to me, I still worry about him to this very day, 3 years after your dad and I got married, I wanted to get pregnant to have you, it did work, we sure made love for a long time, when I announced to your dad that I was pregnant, his reaction wasn't really type that I would expected, he seemed shocked and after that announcement, he had been out for so many hours and it really concerned me, it was like 4 months of that, I was really insecure, one time, I saw your dad with another woman named Cynthia Preston". David said, "Was Dad cheating on you"? Lana said, "No it wasn't like that, he wanted some advice, but to me, I thought our marriage was over, I was so sad on that day, I was crying for so many hours, it felt like I was crying to a point into being excessive, but your dad came to our bedroom, he told me the truth that he was afraid of being a dad". David said, "Why"? Lana said, "Well, it is what happened between his parents". David said, "At least your marriage became better than ever". Lana said, "Yeah, he would never give up on me, I am never going to give up on him". David said, "I am happy for you". Lana squeezed David. True Alpha rushed to the scene, Demon Glider said, "I have been expecting you". True Alpha said, "Alright Glider, the gig is up, turn yourself in before the bad way happens". Demon Glider said, "I would prefer the bad way". He threw a sphere with the bibi bullets and True Alpha punched it. True Alpha used his super speed and made a full circle so the glider can get malfunctions and it worked. The police arrested Demon Glider.  Lana wanted to invite most of David's friends even Deborah's friends to the wedding but she should not do that without her childrens' consent. David came home, Lana said, "Oh David, your home, I really want to ask you something"? David said, "Sure go ahead". Lana said, "Would it be okay if I invite your friends to the wedding, I know I already invited Brian and Janine, I was thinking of Emily, Maria, Teresa and Elena even the others". David said, "I am okay with it". Lana hugged David tightly and said, "You are such a wonderful son, I am so happy to have you in my life". David said, "For letting you inviting my friends". Lana said, "No, it is just that, I am really proud of what you are and who you are, you are a nice, gentle, sweet, kind, strong and awesome man, I am glad to have a son like you, you mean the world to me ever since you were born, I love you so much". Lana shed a tear. David hugged Lana and said, "I love you too mom".  David and Chase were having a walk around Colorado Springs, Chase said, "I heard your parents are getting married again, your mom invited me, she is a very nice woman". David said, "They are doing it for their 20th anniversary, I love my mom she is the best". Chase said, "I am really happy for you man". David said, "Thank you, I really want to tell you something important". Chase said, "What is it"?David grabbed Chase's arms and then he used his super speed to go to some alley. Chase said, "What the heck was that"? David said, "I am The True Alpha". Chase said, "You are him, how long"? David said, "Two years, ever since I woke up from my coma". Chase said, "The accident in Ecolabs". David said, "Exactly". Layne, David and the other men want to go bowling to have an awesome time so they decided to go to Brunswick bowling center, it is the top rated bowling centers, they have a game center and also a restaurant. David said, "This is going to be fun dad". Layne said, "Yeah it sure is, son, I just want to thank you for being here to hangout with other best men". David said, "Anytime Dad, you deserve all the happiness in the world, you are a very lucky guy to marry mom again". Layne said, "I really love her, she is the best thing that ever happened to me ever since I was 15 years old". The men were playing bowling, David is the only one who gets strikes in each turn, it is unbelievable.  Layne, David and the other men want to go bowling to have an awesome time so they decided to go to Brunswick bowling center, it is the top rated bowling centers, they have a game center and also a restaurant. David said, "This is going to be fun dad". Layne said, "Yeah it sure is, son, I just want to thank you for being here to hangout with other best men". David said, "Anytime Dad, you deserve all the happiness in the world, you are a very lucky guy to marry mom again". Layne said, "I really love her, she is the best thing that ever happened to me ever since I was 15 years old". The men were playing bowling, David is the only one who gets strikes in each turn, it is unbelievable.  David went down to the sewer and said to himself, "I think my mom and dad are in here, I can just feeling it". David looked down on the ground he saw big paw prints bigger than 20 inches, he was following the trail. Alligator kept taunting Lana and Layne. Alligator was touching her in a creepy way, he touched her by the arms and legs. Lana was terrified of Alligator and said, "What are you going to do to us". Alligator said, "Kill you". David walked slowly and peaked at the Alligator with his parents. David yelled out, "ALLIGATOR!!!" Lana said, "David!" Alligator said, "True Alpha I presume". David said, "What do you want from my parents". Alligator said, "Everything". David said, "Too Bad, it is not going to happen". Alligator roared, True Alpha ran to him and Alligator got his head and started smashing his head to the concrete wall of the sewer. Lana cried, "No David"! Alligator started punching True Alpha. True Alpha pushed him back and he ran like a circle, air was coming through. Alligator was suffocating and then he died.  David stood and watched Alligator come back to normal, Alligator to the now deceased Dr. Frederick Burns. David did remember when he had that field trip two years ago. Layne said, "Good job son". David vibrated his hand to break the chains. Lana hugged David tightly. Back to the house, The Police found out that they came back. Lana and Layne answered a few questions and the police left. Julie said, "Oh My God, guys what happened".  Lana said, "Alligator had us hostage but True Alpha saved us". David said, "They know about secret ever since after my coma". Deborah ran downstairs, she yelled out, "Mom, Dad". Deborah hugged them both".  In The afternoon, David and Ashley were walking around the neighborhood, Ashley said, "How are your parents"? David said, "better, My Dad is tough, My Mom is pretty shaken up". Ashley said, "They are so lucky to have you". David said, "I am Lucky to have them". Ashley noticed that something is going on in David's Mind. David said, "I haven't told you everything about what happened two years ago". Ashley said, "What are the parts you haven't told me". David said, "Why I went to a coma for a week in the first place was when the radiation blasted to me on the chest and I went back and then some chemicals fell on me, during the coma, I have been manifesting something that is so unreal, after my coma, I noticed a lot of changes, my eyesight, changed, my body, everything, I wanted to have a run, I started running, faster and faster, then I ran faster than lightning, What I am telling you is, I am The True Alpha". David glowed his eyes. Ashley was really speechless.  David went to Jason's house, Angela said, "Hey how are your parents"? David said, "better, I know Jason that you told my parents that I was the True Alpha, Look I am not mad at you, I don't want them to put their lives away for me". Jason said, "Your parents have every right, they love you, more than anything, your mother, she was a wreck when you were in that coma". David said, "I told Ashley The Truth about me being the True Alpha". Jason said, "How did she handle it"? David said, "She was very shocked". Angela said, "She needs some time to process this, she will come around".  Lana was laying on the couch. David was coming to the house. Lana said, "HI" David said, "Hi Mom, I guess Deborah is upstairs". Lana said, "Yeah, your dad went out to clear his head". David said, "Okay, I know you have known about my secret ever since I woke up from my coma". Lana said, "Yes". David said, "Tell me about your feelings, thoughts, opinions". Lana said, "after you woke up, when your uncle told me that you ar egoing to become a superheor, I had a lot of emotions, going through my head, I was shocked, scared, and emotional, I don't want you to get hurt, I am worried that one day you might get killed when you keep doing what you are doing, David, I am so proud of the man you are, I am so proud of what you are doing for the people for this city, before the incident, I received news from your eye doctor that you will be blind, I was not handling it really well, I was a total mess, I was trying to be strong for you, I had to hold it in when I am with you, I just love you so much David, you mean everything to me, you are my world, my heart, my soul, when you were born, you made me a better woman in myself, you made me a better person, I am really lucky to have you as my son, I love you". David said, "No matter what happens, I am still your son, I am still that happy boy that you always knew, being the True Alpha is the best thing that ever happened to me, I wanted a purpose in life to be a hero for everybody but I am still David Ryan Cosloff". Lana and David hugged passionately.  The morning after, David went to Expresso Americano, he ran into Brian, Janine and Ashley. Ashley was really cold around him. Janine said, "I am going to talk to her". Brian said, "I heard there are problems between you and Ashley because you told her the truth about what happened two years ago". David said, "Yeah, I don't blame her, I just wanted to protect her, she means everything to me, She is my home, she is my future, I don't want to lose that". Brian said, "I understand, look all of us, we were a wreck when your incident happened and also the coma, but you are here now". Janine said, "Talk to me, Ashley". Ashley said, "it is just that, I don't know what I am going to do, David told me what really happened before, during and after his coma, I am really emotional right now, I love David, my god, he is the best man there is". Janine said, "Just take time, when you know the answer, just go do it, I believe you and David belong together". Ashley said, "I do too, I am better with him, I love him so much, I hope one day, I could be Mrs. Cosloff". Janine smiled.

True Alpha: Renew your vows

David and Layne were by the big backyard of the mansion where the wedding is, David and Layne were having father and son time. David said, "I can't believe this is it". Layne said, "Yeah it sure is, this wedding will be the better than the wedding we had 20 years". David said, "I am really happy for you Dad". Layne said, "Thank you kiddo, come here man". Layne and David hugged it out.  Lana was watching the view from her window, After David talked to his friends, David decided to search for his mom, he wanted to talk to her for a bit. David went upstairs, he opened the door. Lana said, "Layne, I am not ready yet, oh David, I thought your dad opened the door." David said, "Sorry to scare you mom". Lana said, "It is okay honey, it is always good to see you". David said, "You look really beautiful mom". Lana said, "Thank you honey for the compliment, I am really excited for the wedding to start". David said, "Me neither, well it is going to be in 10 minutes, I was wondering if you want to tell me your love life with dad". Lana said, "Of Course".  David said, "That is such a great story mom". Lana said, "Which part did you like"? David said, "Well I have ton, just like multiple songs from Newsboys, you can't choose one because they are too good, I love all parts, I mean, I really love from the beginning to end". Lana said, "Yeah, I wish grandma and grandpa could be here, I still miss them". David said, "Well at least they are smiling from heaven right". Lana said, "Yeah". David said, "Mom, I just want to say that you mean such much to me, I love you with all my heart, you and dad are my heroes, I wouldn't be the True Alpha if it wasn't you two, I know sometimes you could be emotional but I really love that about you, you are a sweet and tender person, I love you mom".  Lana said, "David that is the sweetest thing that you would ever tell me, come here". Lana and David had a mother and son moment. They hugged and kissed passionately.  Lana said, "I have something to tell you as well". David said, "Whatever it is, you can tell me". Lana said, " Ever since you were born, you are such  a blessing in my life, you made me a better woman, every day I love you more and more, I am relaly lucky to have a son like you, I don't care if you are a superhero or not you are my son, I love you for it". David and Lana hugged. David said, "It's time, are you ready"? Lana said, "More than anything".  After the wedding, the guests were just hanging around in the reception. David was with his Julie, Scott, Angela, Jason and Ashley in one table that is where the main family table is, they were talking and having a really good time. David and Julie are bonding and becoming closer as cousins. Ashley and Angela were talking as well. They were a lot of dancing and eating food and a bunch of stuff. They were nice moments when David and Lana were dancing and Layne and Deborah were dancing, it was really nice. As David and Lana danced, David said, "I am glad that you are happy mom". Lana hugged David and said, "Me too sweetheart". Lana and Layne were happy because they have been together for 20 years. Lana and Layne did their own speeches and it was emotional and wonderful. David and Lana had a private moment as a mother and son, David is very happy for his mom and dad for having a 20 year marriage. Lana said, "Thank you son, I can't believe I reached that milestone, there were ups and downs but your father and I overcame it all, my favorite time during our marriage was when you and Deborah were born, that was a time that I have never forgotten, I can't believe you are now 16 unbelievable to me you are my baby, my kid". David said, "Yeah time sure flies, yeah it is crazy, You are very happy, you have everything, I am proud of you mom". Lana said, "You made my heart burst, I love you so much David, I am so happy that you are with me". David and Lana hugged and kissed. David and Ashley were by the park. Ashley said, "Hi, I thought you were never going to show up". David said, "I will always be here for you Ashley". Ashley said, "That is very sweet, after my reaction of the truth I thought our relationship is over, but I don't want it to be, I love you David Cosloff, I don't care if you are the True Alpha or not you David are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with". David said, "I want that too, more than anything, you are the best thing that ever happened to me Ashley Smith, I want a future with you, One day, I want to get married to you, you are my life, I will spend all of my life to protect you and everyone else, that is the promise I want to keep". They had a passionate kiss.  

True Alpha: Collateral

Everyone was getting ready for graduation, everyone was practicing for the event. David could not believe that his senior year is over. David is really excited for what will happen next? Chase, Rachel, Collin, Shelby and Haley, came up to David, they were actually emotional. David said, "What is going on guys, Is everything okay". Chase said, "This will be our last day here in Colorado". David said, "Why"? Collin said, "We have been accepted to be working at Radiant Church". David said, "Radiant church like in Kansas City Missouri". Rachel said, "Yeah we are, we will definitely miss you David". David said, "I wish you all the best with everything".  

David and Ashley were making love in the bedroom. David seemed down. Ashley said, "What is the matter"? David said, "It is just that with graduation, some of my friends, you know Chase, Haley, Rachel, Collin, Shelby, they are leaving, I might not see them again, after graduation, a lot of changes will come you know, I don't know what will happen after this". Ashley said, "At least, I am here right, I am never going to leave you, ever, you are my everything David and like I said before, we are going to have a future together".  

Deborah walked up stairs, she peeked on David and Ashley. David said, "Yeah these four years had been a rollercoaster, with my accident and also learning that I became the True Alpha, I mean these powers actually saved my life, I wouldn't be standing here today if it wasn't that incident". Deborah overheard the whole thing. David heard the footsteps, he wanted to know what was going on.  Deborah was marching on the floor, she was really angry. David said, "Deborah, you overheard my conversation with Ashley, so you knew".  Deborah was having mixed feelings about it Deborah said, "you are the one who saved me from crow, You better tell me this, how long have you been keeping this secret". David said, "4 years". Deborah was very upset, Deborah said, "4 years, How could you keep this from me, I am your sister, I can keep secrets even yours, do you trust me, I really don't trust you right now, I am really hurt that you would keep a huge secret from me your own sister, your flesh and blood, I have been open with you as long as I could remember and I can't even look at you right now, I need time and space to process it all, I am going to live with aunt Angela and uncle Jason goodbye David". Deborah was crying hysterically after learning from all of this. 

David was by the deck of the backyard. Julie saw David by the backyard by himself. Julie said, "Lana is everything okay with David"? Lana said, "Debbie knows about everything". Julie said, "I will talk to him." David said, "I should've told her, my own sister hates me". Julie said, "Hey are you alright"? David said, "NO I am not okay, my sister knows". Julie said, "Lana told me about the fight, do you want to talk about it"? David said, "I was talking to Ashley about what will happen after graduation about the two of us and then when I said about being the true alpha, Deborah overheard". Julie said, "So did she go to your room and interrupt you and Ashley". David said, "No my door was slightly open and that is when she overheard". Julie said, "I am sorry David, just give Deborah sometime, she will forgive you, I promise, I mean, I forgive you, I understand why you kept your secret from me, well I was really frightened when I saw you injured". David said, "Thank you Julie". Julie said, "I love you so much". David said, "I love you too."  

At the park, Jason and David meet up. Jason said, "Hey kiddo, I am glad you called me, what is up". David said, "I want to know how Deborah is doing"? Jason said, "Well, she is a tiny a bit better not much, I think she is at the house still". David said, "I need to get this oof my chest um". Deborah went to the park and she saw David and Jason, she was hiding by a tree. David said, "Deborah is the best thing that ever happened to me, she is my best friend, I wouldn't become the man I am today without her, she is my everything, she is my sister, I love her with all my heart". Deborah smiled and she was tearing up. 

David heard a knock and David opened the door and it was Deborah and David wanted to know what she is doing here? Deborah said, "Hi David, I am so sorry for my reaction, I never wanted to be upset with you, I should've thanked you for saving my life and I should've supported you like siblings support each other, I didn't do that". Deborah hugged her brother very tight. David said, "I forgive you okay, I never wanted to lie to you, I want to protect you because you mean everything to me". Deborah said, "I have something for you and you will really like it". she had a box for him and he opened it and he saw his suit and he really liked it and he tried it out and it was comfortable for him. David said, "Wow I really love it, it feels good and heroic". David thanked her and she hugged him and she said, "I promise you, I will not do another outburst ever again, I promise I will be supportive more to you, I love you very much David". David and Deborah hugged. 

At the Smiths' house, David and Ashley were in her room talking, David said, "So Deborah and I reconciled, it was really good, we ha d along talk, we did our apologizes, she hired a guy to make me a suit, which I really love, my sister means the world to me". Ashley said, "I am really happy for you David, I love my family too, they were edgy at times but I love my mom, dad, even my sister and brother". David said, "Leslie and Mark, they are really good people". Ashley said, "In the future, I just want you to know that I won't take you away from your family ever". David said, "I won't do that to you either our families mean to us, we need to be there for them, every second, every minute, every hour and every day, life is short and we need to hold on the memories we have and choose to make great new ones too".  

The day before the graduation, David had a prom night, all of his friends were there. David was with Chase, Collin, and Brian, Ashley was with the girls. Brian said, "So David, what are you going to do after graduating"? David said, "Well I am thinking of going to Grand Canyon University and probably after that, I might be a reporter or businessman, what about you"? Brian said, "Janine and I are going to ORU". David said, "Wow that is the best school is in the U.S." Brian said, "I want to be a doctor, Dr. Brian Clarkson, it sure fits". David said, "I know that Chase and everybody else are going to Kansas city Missouri, for Radiant Church".  Emily said, "So how are you and David"? Ashley said, "We are great, we are really great, I don't know what will happen to our relationship because I am going to GCU". Teresa said, "Well David is going there too". Ashley said, "He is, OMG, I am so happy". Elena said, "we are really happy for you Ashley". Ashley decided to hug the girls.  They really had a great time, they were a lot of great dancing. It was the best time of their lives, it will be last time for David because he won't see most of his friends anymore.   

the Graduation, The commencement of a lifetime. It was 6:00 pm. The graduation won't start in 30 minutes. David wanted to see his family. Lana, Layne, Jason, Angela, Julie, Scott were talking. Lana said, "There he is". David said, "Hi Guys". David hugged all of his family members. Julie said, "We are so proud of you, I am so happy for you, David, I love you so much". David said, "I love you too Julie". Lana said, "hey Dave, Would it be okay if we talked privately"? David said, "Sure mom, what is it"? Lana said, "I just want you to know that I am really proud of you, you worked really hard on your studies and there were a lot of A's." David said, "It wasn't easy but I pulled through it, that is what Cosloffs do". Lana said, "I just love you so much ever since the second I met you, May 19th 1996 was the day I never forget, you made me a better woman, I thank you for that, I am so grateful that I have a son just like you". David said, "That is really sweet mom, I love you too, you mean everything to me, you are the best mom, I could ever asked for, you never gave up on me, you were always there when I needed you, I am very grateful for that". Lana and David hugged, Lana squeezed her son, she was smiling, her eyes were closed and a tear was running through her eye". 5 minutes before Graduation, David sat in his seat. Brian said, "Hey man, I wish you well with everything". David said, "You too man, you too". The ceremony was starting, they went by name to name, when the speaker said David Cosloff and Ashley Smith, the crowd started cheering. That was the best moment in history.  

In the after party, David, Ashley and the others were celebrating. David was really sad that this is going to be the last time he will ever see the people in his high school, David talked to all of his friends and told them how much he loved them how much he enjoyed the friendship with them. It was actually bittersweet to him. Ashley said, "Are you okay babe"? David said, "Not really, it is just that I can't believe after this, I won't have these great memories again". Ashley hugged him tight and put her head on his chest. David said, "I just want you to know Ashley, you are the best thing that ever happen to me in my entire life, I am so lucky to have you". Ashley said, "I love you Alpha". David giggled. They kissed passionately.   

A week after the graduation, David went on the computer, he wanted to apply for Grand Canyon University. David said, "Here we go". Deborah said, "Hey David, you are signing up for GCU". David said, "Yeah, I am pretty nervous". Deborah said, "They will accept you, I promise". David said, "Thanks for the enthusiasm". Deborah said, "Well the good thing is, Ashley will be going as well". David said, "Yeah".  

True Alpha came to the scene, BoneCrusher said, "True Alpha"! True Alpha said, "What do you want from me"? BoneCrusher said, "I want to Kill you!" BoneCrusher lifted 1,000 pound statue and threw it at True Alpha but he dodged using his superhuman speed. True Alpha charged at BoneCrusher also BoneCrusher charged. True Alpha tried to hit him but BoneCrusher blocked his hit by using his fist. A powerful explosion erupted. True Alpha was in very sharp pain in his left hand. BoneCrusher punched True Alpha and he went to the cement wall, True Alpha survived from it, he charged at him again but BoneCrusher's hand grabbed his neck and threw him.  

True Alpha was getting up, BoneCrusher was about to punch the officers but True Alpha was in the way and BoneCrusher crushed his spine. True Alpha screamed so loud. BoneCrusher was still making other injuries on True Alpha, he had broken ribs and limbs. He was pretty much down. BoneCrusher went away.  

Lana was crying and touching David's chest, she said, "Please wake up". Lana was praying for David to get better. Lana feels at this point she is going to lose her son. It took like 2 minutes for the serum to be radioactive and David was improving really well. David's bones were getting stronger, he was healing a lot faster from his injuries, He is veins became bright blue from the serum. David's eyes opened and they turned red. Lana said, "Oh My God, David". Lana ran out to the waiting room, she was bursting with happiness. The family had a huge emotional moment.  

One Day later, Lana wanted to cook David breakfast and David actually wanted to stop BoneCrusher. Lana said, "I am so happy that you are alive, I am going to cook for you". David said, "I need to stop BoneCrusher before he makes chaos in the city", Lana yelled "No David, I am not letting you go out there and fight that monster, when you were in the hospital, I was so emotional and I thought I would lose you, I don't want to be the True Alpha anymore".  David said, "no if you don't respect what I am doing then I guess I have no choice to cut you out of my life". Lana said, "you don't mean that I am your mother, you are breaking my heart David". David said, "I am going to pack my things and stay with Ashley for awhile. Deborah knew about the fight of how both upset David and Lana are. Deborah learned from Lana that they had a big fight and it was a terrible fight and Lana was pretty emotional that David would cut her out of his life. Deborah was pretty upset as well, she was very disappointed at her brother and she couldn't handle that David would do something like this. Deborah knew that would not be her brother at all, he is better than that. Deborah is very furious at David and she is going to confront him. 

Deborah saw David packing his things up, Deborah said, "David would you please stop packing for a second I want to talk you". David said, "What is it"? Deborah said, "Mom loves you so much she cares about you, Mommy is hurting right now and she was really upset for what you said David". David told her that if she doesn't respect him to be the true alpha then goodbye. Deborah said, "I am so mad at you right now, how can you be so cruel David, Our mother loves you and me, she would do anything for us, you didn't just hurt mom, you hurt me again have a great time to replace us". 

David decided to move in with Ashley and her family welcomed him to the house.  Ashley said, "Here is the guest room for you, I hope you enjoy it". David used his superhuman speed and everything is unpacked. David said, "I am going to stay for awhile until my mom and I cool things off, I am glad I am here with you". Ashley smiled and she kissed him passionately, Ashley came on to him, they were in a hot passionate moment together.  

With True Alpha out of the way, Bonecrusher started to take out all the leaders of gangs and organized crime in Colorado City with help from his thugs and recruiting all their men. Not long after this, Bonecrusher became aware of a new True Alpha and he sent his henchmen to verify who was the impostor. The next night, Bonecrusher was surprised to see them back at their hideout and as soon as he learned that someone had released them without his consent, Bonecrusher realized they had been tricked. The new True Alpha showed up in their hideout and after taking down the henchmen, the fight between them started. Bonecrusher and the new True Alpha struggled for a while until Bonecrusher got the upper hand. True Alpha managed to escape and Bonecrusher was forced to retreat before the police arrived. Bonecrusher looked for more Feroxilin for his next encounter with True Alpha and once ready, he challenged the impostor to a final fight. Bonecrusher confronted the new True Alpha, who was wearing a new suit and the fight was even as Bonecrusher used Feroxilin to increase his strength. Unfortunately, BoneCrusher did not know how intense the battle will be when two alphas team up and then BoneCrusher lost. 

Ashley and David decided to talk privately, Ashley wanted David to make peace with his mother. Ashley was begging for David to stop shutting out his family because they love him so much. Ashley was getting emotional, she feels that she doesn't recognize David either. Ashley told him that if he doesn't do this, the relationship ends, but she acted desperately. David has to make a decision to forgive his mother. 

Ashley was in the women's group and she was hanging out with her friends and she feels in the presence of God. Ashley saw Lana there and she was super excited to see Lana and they were bonding a lot woman to woman. They were getting closer like a mother and daughter. Ashley explained about the talk with David, She made a desperate decision if he doesn't make peace then breakup. Lana wondered if she meant it and Ashley told her no it was just an act of desperation. Lana thought it was clever. Lana thanked Ashley and she would pay her back. 

Lana heard that David was coming around, that made Lana very happy. Then David wanted to talk to her and he was living in Ashley's house. Lana said, I am so happy that you want to talk to me, I missed you so much". Lana poured her heart onto David and she said, "David I want to be in your life please give your sweet mother a chance". Lana was having trouble keeping her emotions under control. Lana said, I have been hurting a lot for a month and I really need to heal". David said, "I am sorry I hurt you but you didn't respect what I have to do". Lana said, I do respect you, I do it is just that I want you to myself, the day that your father and I were having sex, it was very passionate, intimate and romantic, I am very happy that I had sex with your father, 9 months later you came along and made my world a lot better, I want to give you the best life you have ever wanted more than I did, I never had perfect parents, I never contacted my father ever since he went to jail and I hated my father, I never forgave him what he did to me or your grandmother, but I had my mom's new husband Paul Young and my brother came along and being a big sister to your uncle was very important to me". David said, "I understand what you are going through you sacrificed yourself for me to have a good life, when you said that I have to stop doing what I am doing, I never want to stop being the true alpha mom, I love protecting people, I want to risk my life to the people I care about". Lana said, "I am sorry I messed up, that is not what I meant, I always wanted to have a family and I wanted to be a very good mother to you sweetheart, I love you so much David, you mean everything to me". she put her hands on her son's face and kissed his cheek and hugged him. Lana told David how proud she is of how grown up David is and the choices he made in life. David told her that he loves her too and Lana's heart was healing and she cried happily on him. David and Lana both apologized to each other and they were both emotional. Lana doesn't want to let him go again. David wanted her to promise him that she can let him choose what he has to do as the True Alpha. Lana promised 100%, Lana said, "I realize that you are not a kid anymore and I always have trouble dealing with it because you are always will be my baby boy, I just want you to come home to me, your dad, even your sweet little sister Deborah, we all need you so much, everybody does". David said "Yes, I will come back home mom" and Lana hugged her son and cried on him. Lana felt happier in a long time. Lana's heart for David grew fonder more and more. Lana had a warm feeling of having her son back in her life. 

After the good talk, Lana was going to change, Lana saw a baby picture of David, Lana kissed it and put it on her chest, Lana bursting into happiness. Lana wanted to spend quality time with her son David. Lana said, "Sorry it took so long, I just need to burst my happiness privately". David said, "I am okay with that". Lana said, "I never wanted you to not protect people I just wanted you to rest and heal that's it and I wanted to take care of you, I misspoke and I am sorry, I love you so much, you are my world, I don't know what to do if I ever lost you". David's head was on her lap and she was rubbing it and scratching it gently. David asked a serious question, "Mom, Am I a mistake"? Lana said "no never and please don't say that you were never a mistake I always wanted you in my life, I am glad that I do, I love you with all of my heart and soul and being your mother is the best thing, I chose to have sex with your dad David I didn't take protection or meds because I don't need it, I am glad I have you and Deborah but I was really sad I couldn't create more children but I am glad I have you, Deborah, Kimberly and Brooke". Lana explained how hurt, sad, frustrated and even anxious about the events after the fight. Lana would never get angry with him ever. Lana was just sad and emotional and she explained to David about women. Lana explained to him about how hard it was to be separated from him. David and Lana hugged, Lana told David that she feels complete having him and Deborah. Lana felt tensed and bothered during that time. David massaged her feet, hands and neck. She felt a lot better. Lana feels relaxed. With her family in her life Lana feels very happy and young in heart. David promised to not leave her again and Lana promised to be a better mother. Lana fussed over him by putting her feet by his legs and tickling him by his body and kissing him all over his face. Lana wanted to know how his time was with Ashley's family, she was concerned because she feels that she isn't enough to be David's mother. David told her that it was great spending time with them but it wasn't the same. David noticed some edge between Ashley's parents and David knew that his parents aren't like that. Lana was happy to hear that. Lana confessed that she was jealous of Lori but actually Lori was jealous of Lana. Lana put her head on David's shoulder. Lana wanted to know how the relationship is between David and Ashley. David told Lana that it is great and the romance is still heating up. David and Lana continued talking and they are bonding very well. Their time was like a few hours. 

Ashley came over to the house. Lana said, "Ashley, come on in". Ashley said, "Is David here, I want to talk to him". Lana said, "I will let him know". Lana came downstairs. Lana said, "David, Ashley is here". David said, "Oh okay, I will be right there". David came upstairs. David said, "Ashley, what's up"? Ashley said, "I am doing okay, it looks like you and your mom patched things up". David said, "Yeah thank you for forcing me to do so, she explained and I forgive her, I understand she went through a lot". Ashley said, "I didn't mean to say that I want to be done with you, I just didn't like how you acted, that is not the person I fell in love with". David said, "Okay". Ashley kissed David and they hugged.  

Ashley and David both moved from Colorado City, Colorado to Grand Canyon, Arizona so they could study at GCU. David was so fascinated by the big school. He really loves the atmosphere by Arizona but he will miss home for sure.

David went to his dorm room, He saw a guy there. David introduced himself to him. The man's name is Clark Jackson, he also lives in Colorado City. David and Clark became really good friends. They have a lot of similarities and David and Clark got along just great.  

Back In Colorado City. Layne and Lana were in their bed. Lana had a lot of stuff in her mind. Layne said, "Babe, what is wrong"? Lana said, "I just miss David, I know it has been awhile now, it is just a mom thing you know, making sure they are okay". Layne said, "How about we call him". Lana said, "I would totally like that". Lana used her cell phone, she put it on speaker so Layne could hear David. David said, "Hi Mom". Lana said, "Hi baby, I just want to make sure everything is okay". David said, "Everything is fine, I am getting to know a lot about Arizona and getting to know a lot of people". Lana said, "I am so happy for you and Ashley, your report cards are looking good". David said, "Mom, are you okay"? Lana said, "honey, I am fine, it is just that I miss you so much and I love you". David said, "I love you too mom, I promise that I will come over in Thanksgiving and Christmas and we will catch up". Lana said, "I would totally love that". David said, "Okay mom, I got to go, bye". Lana said, "Bye". Lana hung up the phone and she held her husband. Layne said, "Everything will be okay".  

True Alpha rushed to the scene, "Who are you supposed to be"? Ropelink said, "I am Ropelink you're biggest threat yet". Ropelink whipped a car and it was slashed in half. Ropelink was about to slash something but True Alpha's arm was in the way and the gauntlet was starting to burn. True Alpha did it with the other arm and he threw Ropelink. True Alpha saw his gauntlets and they were pretty damaged.  

Back in Arizona, True Alpha was still fighting Ropelink. True Alpha figured out an idea, so Ropelink's suit has a power source to power up the ropes. True Alpha has to know where the power source is. True Alpha ran in a circle. Ropelink was getting frustrated and whipping everywhere. True Alpha found the power source and he ripped it from the suit. Ropelink said, "What the heck, why isn't the suit working"? True Alpha showed the power source to him and said, "Looking for this". True Alpha destroyed the source. True Alpha punched Ropelink. Everyone cheered for True Alpha.  

After the battle, they came back to Grand Canyon. David was with Ashley throughout the day, just talking and Ashley was taking care of him because he had some injuries but he wasn't hurt. Ashley was just bonding with David, she was massaging him and making out with him. David and Ashley were closer than ever. David said, "I am proud of you for what you did out there". Ashley said, "It was nothing babe". David said, "You are a hero, even to me". Ashley smiled and she kissed him again. After David was feeling better, he wanted to visit Brian and Janine in Oral Roberts University. David explained to them that he is The True Alpha.  

David was in his dorm room, his cell phone rang and he answered it because it was Julie. David said, "JULIE, Hi how is everything"? Julie said, "Everything is a lot better,  I have attended a woman's group at a church in Denver, It was really wonderful, I am feeling a lot better than last week, I was in a huge wreck but I am okay now David". David said, "I am so happy for you Julie, I am really proud of the woman who you are today". Julie got a little bit emotional and said, "Thank you David, it means a lot".

Ashley and David both miss Colorado City, they miss their home even their families. David is planning to serve the military during the summer so he could make a difference in a way. Ashley is going to Paris during the summer. David would love to come back home even Ashley.  

On leaving for a trip to Paris. It was summer and David and Ashley exchanged a long and passionate kiss. A kiss that would prove to be the turning point in their relationship as Ashley realized the true depth of her feelings for David, She finally knew that she loves him with all of her heart, she was also turned on from David. The characteristics of Ashley reminded David of his mother Lana Cosloff, she thought I was kind of sweet. David wanted to have a woman just like his mom. Ashley was really happy and while she was at Paris, she took time to think through about her future and she is ready to be David's girlfriend

True Alpha: Wrath of the Reaper

True Alpha: Below Zero

True Alpha: Tornado

Marvel's Earth Crossover

True Alpha: Order of the Sinister

True Alpha: Master Mind

True Alpha: Revenge of the nightmare

True Alpha: One Moment in Time

Marvel's Skrull War

True Alpha: The Deadly Eight

True Alpha: The greatest battle

Powers and abilities

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Endurance

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Agility


Dimensional Travel

Enhanced Hearing

Enhanced Intellect

Enhanced Sense of Smell

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Vision


Ashley Smith-Cosloff

Emily Clarkson

Haley VanAmburg

Kelly Hill