The different version of 2005

In 2005 in Endgame Vortex, Dark Alpha killed David Cosloff. The family was in shock, emotional, and suicidal.

In the funeral, Deborah made a testimony about how she loved her brother and how special she was too him and Deborah was crying and she was very sad that she lost her brother.

Layne's suicide

After her brother's death, her father became suicidal for months and her and Lana tried to prevent him from committing suicide and they were emotionally hysterical. Then Layne died, The girls were very upset and broken after the death of their loved ones.

the broken years

During the years, Deborah was very broken and she need therapy sessions. Deborah was trying to get better after her brother's and father's death. Deborah wanted to do something with all of these situations. Deborah wanted to be a different person.

becoming vengeance alpha

One day, Deborah went through a traumatic accident, there was an explosion by Colorado City Police Department, Deborah felt this energy, Deborah was in a coma for a month. Deborah became a vengeance alpha.

reuniting with her brother

When David enter to the Endgame vortex, Deborah didn't know that he was was her brother. Deborah wanted to attack him, David and his sister Deborah had a battle. Deborah said, "who are you"? David said, "Debbie its me". Deborah said, "No one had called me Debbie since, David". David said, "Yes, I am from another timeline and I need to get back to it before Vortex ruins everything". Deborah hugged him and said, "DAVID!, I have missed you so much, ever since your death I felt like I was dying inside". Deborah and Daivd decided to visit their sick mother Lana.

visiting their ill mother

stopping alchemic and vortex