Quote "Family is important to me, I would do anything I can to make them safe".



Deborah Cosloff was born in 1998 on March 18th, Her parents are happily married Captain Layne Cosloff and Dr. Lana Cosloff. She grew up with her wonderful big brother David Cosloff. Deborah is a lot like her mother, same hair, same looks, she is an emotional person like her mother. Deborah is always a good little sister to David. She never gives him trouble. She gives him all the love he deserves and David gives her the same. They are very close to each other, they call each other and contact each other often and they visit often, their relationship is different than other brothers and sisters mostly they make each other annoyed but David and Deborah are very pleasant with each other like Jason and Lana. Deborah always opens up to David with everything. David does the same thing. Their parents are very fond of that. They are best friends and they tell each other secrets. Deborah always needs David's protection, she always wanted to be protected. She loves her Aunt Angela and Uncle Jason. She is a bright young girl, everyone gets along with her just fine. She has a lot of friends and she is very close with Ashley. She has a lot of girls in her friendship group. She loves being a Christian. She always goes to the women group and also DSM. Deborah became the White Tiger after David and Ashley got married.

She is an adoring and loving aunt to her brother's children Daniel , Mary, David Jr., Janet. She has kids of her own Kelly and John. She had two children from two different fathers.

True Alpha: Origin

March 18th 1998, Deborah Cosloff was born around the afternoon. Both the parents loved her very much. David her big brother cherished, adored and loved her. David promised Deborah that he will protect her and be there for her when she needs him. David loved his little sister. He kissed her on the head. Lana loved her daughter. Lana thought baby Deborah was so adorable and cute and so beautiful. Lana is very lucky to have a daughter but it is the last time having a child. Lana is very lucky having both her son and daughter. When Lana saw David with Deborah, it was a great picture to see and she had a burst of happiness.

Deborah had a wonderful childhood. She was a joyful little girl. Everybody were fond of her. Deborah never has trouble making friends. Deborah loves school. She is very smart. Deborah loved her teachers. Deborah loves her family. She is close to her big brother and she looks up to him. Deborah loves her big brother with all of her heart. Deborah and David spend time together all the time. David was her baby sitter when she was little. Deborah loves her mom and dad. Deborah is mostly close to her dad, she is her dad's little princess. Deborah gives affection mostly to her father, brother and uncle. Deborah is a girl who loves people and cares about people and she comforts people. Deborah has a bright heart. Everybody knows it.

In 2005, A lot of incidences had happened, Lisa's and Craig's marriage was falling apart, something with her uncle being brainwashed and etc. Deborah was very emotional because of her mother hurting and she and her brother were comforting her. Deborah and her mother usually cried together during times like this. Lana said, "Debby do me a big favor". Deborah said, "Anything mama". Lana said, "never let your brother out of your sight". Deborah was really confused and scared so she was having comfort from her big brother. Deborah didn't know at that time that her uncle was brainwashed and became a lunatic. She was too young to understand. Deborah and David both heard their mother crying excessively and hysterically. David decided to comfort their mom. While Deborah was with their dad. 1 month later, Deborah and David decided to meet their uncle. They gave him open arms. Lana was in the background and she was really happy. Deborah said, "It is really nice to meet you Uncle Jason". Jason said, "Yeah it is nice to meet you too, you remind me a lot like your mother and she is my big sister, I love her with all my heart, I am so happy that she brought you both to this world she feels very happy to have both of you". Lana came to her brother and hugged him and cried on him. Deborah watched and she knew that having a sibling is good to have. Deborah never took her big brother for granted.

The Cosloff family wanted to adopt the Grayson girls. Deborah is very grateful to have sisters like Kimberly and Brooke. Deborah learned also that the house could be reconstructed and Kimberly was fine staying at a hotel and get away from home for awhile. Kimberly was spending time with the girls in a hotel room.

After a few months late in March of 2006, the house was reconstructed and she really loved how the house looked and she loved it.

Deborah was really distraught that her mother had announced that she had cancer. Deborah was overcome with a lot of emotions. Deborah was really scared that she would lose her mother. She had comfort from her brother. She cried on him and she hugged him. Deborah said, "Oh David, I don't know what to do about this, I am not ready to lose her". David said, "There is a way". David and Deborah prayed together daily. Deborah loves her mother and she wants her mother to stay on earth for a very long time. When Lana got worse, Deborah was really depressed and her personality changed. When Deborah realized that her mother was cured. She gave her mother open arms and open heart. She never want to let go of her mother.

Deborah learned of her grandparents illness and it was very serious. It is a type of illness you couldn't survive from. Deborah was really distraught and she was really sad. She had comfort from her mom, dad even her brother. When Deborah learned of her grandparent's death she had a Mental Breakdown and her brother comforted her. David hugged his baby sister very tight. Deborah and Lana both had comfort from each other.

True Alpha: Homecoming

Deborah and David were out of school and Deborah noticed something in David, Deborah wanted to know what it is. David explained to Deborah that he is in love. Deborah was very shocked and she wanted to know who the girl is. David explained that it is Ashley Smith. Deborah has known Ashley for a very long time. Deborah and Ashley have been friends for number of years. Deborah is okay with the relationship and she supports it 100%. Deborah understood how nice Ashley is and how attractive. Deborah still wants David to herself because she always needs her big brother. Deborah said, "I will talk to Ashley when we go out to lunch". David said, "That is good".

Deborah and Ashley both went to Kneaders for lunch. They were talking about David. Ashley was really nervous around Deborah because she knows that the love of her life is her best friend's brother. Deborah knew that Ashley has loved David ever since the beginning of time. Deborah is fine with it. Ashley promised that she will treat her brother very well. Deborah said, "I know and I want to protect my big brother because I love him with all of my heart and soul".

Deborah came home, She had a moment with her brother David. David said, "So how was it"? Deborah said, "it was very pleasant". David said, "Thank you". Deborah said, "You are a very lucky man David, I am so proud of you and I am very happy for you, you deserve her, I love you very much". David said, "Thank you and I love you too sis but you and mom are the women I really need". Deborah whispered, "You are making me blush". Deborah hugged her brother tightly. Deborah did all of this because she loves him.

David and Deborah were by the living room and having their quality time. Deborah put her head on David's shoulder. Deborah said, "You are very important to me". David smiled and said, "You are the best thing that ever happened to me Deb". Deborah hugged her brother again and she made a cute sound. Deborah and David were talking about Ashley. Deborah said, "Ashley is a perfect woman for you, I see how happy you are with her". David said, "Yeah she is one of a kind". Deborah's emotions changed and she was sad a bit. David said, "What is wrong"? Deborah said, "I wonder if you will not have time for me after you are preoccupied with Ashley". David said, "I will always have time for you, you are my sister and nothing will change that". Deborah said, "I am just like mom, I get emotional when these things happen". David said, "That is okay, I am a good guy for comfort". David and Deborah hugged and kissed.

During the events with Crow, Deborah was endangered by him. Deborah was up high in the sky like 100 feet but True Alpha caught her. Unknowingly it was her brother. Deborah was frightened for awhile but she was thankful that True Alpha saved her, so she decided to meet him.

The week after, Deborah was up by a terrace, Deborah said, "You made it". True Alpha said, "Of course, are you in trouble"? Deborah said, "No, I am not, I just want to thank you for saving my life from that thing". True Alpha said, "Of course". Deborah said, "i believe you can make this world a better place True Alpha". True Alpha said, Thank you". True Alpha ran off, David went to her location and said, "Hi Deb". Deborah said, "Oh hey, what are you doing here". David said, "Finding you, why were you here". Deborah said, "Thanking True Alpha for saving my life". David said, "Alright, let's go home".

True Alpha: Against All Odds

Deborah came to Angela, Angela said, "There she is my favorite niece". Deborah said, "Hi Aunt Angela". Deborah said, "HI, come here you, I would love spend time with you, how are you and your brother"? Deborah said, "We are doing good, we are not fighting or anything, we get along really well". Deborah said, "That is so wonderful, I know you two are peas in a pod, just like your mom and uncle Jason". Deborah said, "Overheard about what mom wants to do for their anniversary". Angela said, "What is it, I know it will be something special because it is going to be their 20th anniversary". Deborah said, "They are going to renew their vows". Angela said, "That is so romantic, I am really happy for them".  

True Alpha: Beneath The Earth

David's cell phone rang. David said, "Hi Ashley what is up?" Ashley said, "Hey David, I was wondering if you are free tonight?" David said, "Free for what"? Ashley said, "I was wondering if you and me can go to IHOP together"? David said, "Sure I would love too". Ashley shouted to her mother and sister, "He said Yes". The girls were screaming on top of their lungs. Deborah said, "So you and Ashley are going to IHOP"? David said, "It is not a date". 

Deborah decided to call Julie. Deborah was really excited to talk to her. Deborah and Julie are really close they are like best friends, sisters even. Julie was still sad from the whole experience with David and she picked up the cellphone. Julie said, "Hi Deborah, it has been awhile". Deborah said, "Julie is everything okay"? Julie said, "no, I don't feel like to talk about it right now, how are your mom and dad". Deborah said, "They are doing awesome, for their 20th anniversary they are renewing their vows". Julie said, "I am really happy for them". Deborah and Julie continued talking.

True Alpha: Darkness

True Alpha: Collateral

4 years after David becoming True Alpha, David decided to come clean with his sister that he is the True Alpha. David said, "Debbie I need to tell you something". Deborah said, "What is it, you can tell me anything, I am your sister, David, David, David, what is it, you are kind of scaring me, what is this". David said, "I am the true alpha". Deborah said, "What are you talking about?" David showed his powers to his sister. Deborah was having mixed feelings about it Deborah said, ", you are the one who saved me from crow, You better tell me this, how long have you been keeping this secret". David said, "4 years". Deborah was very upset, Deborah said, "4 years, How could you keep this from me, I am your sister, I can keep secrets even yours, do you trust me, I really don't trust you right now, I am really hurt that you would keep a huge secret from me your own sister, your flesh and blood, I have been open with you as long as I could remember and I can't even look at you right now, I need time and space to process it all, I am going to live with aunt Angela and uncle Jason goodbye David". Deborah was crying hysterically after learning from all of this. Deborah decided to move in with her aunt and uncle and she came to the house crying really bad. Angela said, "What is wrong sweetheart"? Deborah said, "Aunt Angie, David kept a secret from me for years and I really need to be with you guys". Angela gave her a glass of ice cold water to clam her nerves and emotions. Deborah said, "I don't know what to do, my own brother is the true alpha and I didn't thank him for saving me and the city, i just exploded at him, I am very emotional, I am mad, sad, upset, hurt". Jason said, "He kept his secret from you to protect you, he didn't want you to be involved in their danger". Deborah said, "I could've supported him and helped him and would've excepted him and love him". Jason explained that he is a true alpha as well. Deborah felt that everyone is against her. She went to the guest bedroom. Deborah was crying and Angela comforted her. Angela said, "In time, everything will get better okay honey". Deborah and Angela hugged very tight.

A week later, She decided to go to talk to her good friend Shawn, Shawn was very excited to see Deborah. Deborah said, "I really need some good advice". Shawn said, "What is wrong Deb"? Deborah said, "my brother he lied to me and I don't know what to do". Shawn said, "Do you love him"? Deborah said, "always, I love him with all of my heart and soul but I am hurting from his lie, I am really sad that he could hide this from me". Shawn said, "He wanted to protect you, he loves you and he wanted to be safe, you should forgive him and face him and give him all of the love and support he needs". Deborah said, "What am I doing, I was supposed to thank him and give him all of my support". Deborah rushed out of Shawn's apartment.

Deborah went to the park and she saw David and Jason, she was hiding by a tree. David said, "Deborah is the best thing that ever happened to me, she is my best friend, I wouldn't become the man I am today without her, she is my everything, she is my sister, I love her with all my heart". Deborah smiled and she was tearing up.

After Deborah getting rid of all of her pain, She wanted to do something special for David so she wanted to give him something. She went to a workshop and she made an offer to the maker to make a body armor suit for her brother and she gave the maker 1,000 dollars. Deborah described it red and black coloring. She got the bulletproof vest, knee pads and shoulder pads, gauntlets and finger open gloves. The maker knows what to do with it. The Maker agreed and it would be done in a few days. Deborah is very excited to give David his present.

David heard a knock and David opened the door and it was Deborah and David wanted to know what she is doing here? Deborah said, "Hi David, I am so sorry for my reaction, I never wanted to be upset with you, I should've thanked you for saving my life and I should've supported you like siblings support each other, I didn't do that". Deborah hugged her brother very tight. David said, "I forgive you okay, I never wanted to lie to you, I want to protect you because you mean everything to me". Deborah said, "I have something for you and you will really like it". she had a box for him and he opened it and he saw his suit and he really liked it and he tried it out and it was comfortable for him. David said, "Wow I really love it, it feels good and heroic". David thanked her and she hugged him and she said, "I promise you, I will not do another outburst ever again, I promise I will be supportive more to you, I love you very much David". David and Deborah hugged.

Deborah and Ashley were heading to the hospital and they wanted to know what is going on. Then they were at the hospital 2nd floor and they saw David hospitalized and they didn't take it really well. They were both very emotional and they wanted David to wake up because both of them loved him very much.

After the incident, Deborah knew about the fight of how both upset David and Lana are. Deborah learned from Lana that they had a big fight and it was a terrible fight and Lana was pretty emotional that David would cut her out of his life. Deborah was pretty upset as well, she was very disappointed at her brother and she couldn't handle that David would do something like this. Deborah knew that would not be her brother at all, he is better than that. Deborah is very furious at David and she is going to confront him.

Deborah saw David packing his things up, Deborah said, "David would please stop packing for a second I want to talk you". David said, "What is it"? Deborah said, "Mom loves you so much she cares about you, Mommy is hurting right now and she was really upset for what you said David". David told her that if she doesn't respect him to be the true alpha then goodbye. Deborah said, "I am so mad at you right now, how can you be so cruel David, Our mother loves you and me, she would do anything for us, you didn't just hurt mom, you hurt me again have a great time to replace us".

Deborah was very bothered, disturbed and agitated when she saw her own brother with Leslie, She was really angry how close they are, she was starting to get upset and she left and she was bursting into tears that David is replacing his own sister and she was really hurt seeing that. Deborah came home and she was crying hysterically and excessively. Lana came and she wants to know what is going on. Deborah said, "David doesn't love us anymore, he is replacing me, I don't know how to live with this mom". Lana said, "Me neither, this is all my fault, I should've said something different so David would be here with us". Deborah said, "I don't recognize my brother anymore, he is like a different person, he didn't see me when I saw him in the park, he thought of me as a stranger and that really hurts me because I am his sister, I am his own flesh and blood". Lana and Deborah both cried together and they comforted each other.

After the forgiveness, David saw Deborah and he explained that he and their mother forgave each other and they are trying to pick up the broken pieces. Deborah was happy to hear that and she was still sad and she was hurting. David wanted to know what it is and Deborah explained how much she misses her big brother and his friendship with Leslie made her feel jealous and left out and she feels replaced. David and Deborah hugged, David apologized he said, "I am really sorry Deb, I just feel that mom doesn't respect what I am doing and that is why I have been pushing you both away and it is unfair", Deborah said, "I want to hear that for a very long time, I forgive you, I love you so much David, I don't hate you, I understood that you were hurt when mom said that but she didn't mean it, she understood we both love you and you are our guy". she cried very happily. David said, "I love you very much Deborah you mean everything to me, my friendship with Leslie, it wasn't to replace you, I just needed help to reconcile that is it". Deborah said, "So I am still your sister that is what you are saying". David said, "Debbie, you always have been my sister". Deborah put her head on his shoulder and cried on him. Deborah wanted to be in David's life. She wanted to see him get married and to be there when he has children of his own. Deborah wanted to be the best sister that David deserves.

True Alpha: Wrath of the Reaper

After David being accepted to GCU, Deborah had mixed emotions and half of her is happy for him to go but her other half wants him to stay at home. Deborah dealt with David leaving pretty hard. Deborah would be always missing him and thinking about him everyday. She wanted be David's best little sister he can ever ask for and deserves. Deborah is so used to be close with David and having him in another state would be hard for her. Deborah had contacted him every day after class to see how he is doing. Deborah tells him everyday that she loves him. Deborah is not used to the time change between Arizona and Colorado. Deborah was working hard at Colorado City High School and getting her grades up so she can have her diploma and so she can go to college and become a doctor just like her mom. Deborah was keeping busy with her family. Deborah knows that David isn't here to be with her. Deborah calls him and texts/emails him. Deborah contacts him in a later time.

Deborah was hoping for David to come back so she can spend the whole summer with her big brother, she wanted to explore Colorado with him like going to Woodland Park, Castle Rock even Denver. Deborah found out that David was serving the army, she was having emotional feelings again. Deborah said, "I hope you will be doing okay David". During that time Deborah wanted to do things so she was doing shopping with Ashley. They were starting to bond more as sister to sister. They were clearing the air about David. They became very close during the few months. Deborah still missed her brother. Deborah and Ashley comforted each other. They actually went to different places together.

Deborah was very worried for David because she thinks he will be harmed and she needed to talk to Shawn and they talked for 30 minutes. It became a sexual attraction, they kissed at first and they stripped down their clothes and then they did the infidelity. They had sex for 3 hours and then they slept together.

After Deborah woke up, she said, "What did I do"? she ran to her home and a month later she found out she was pregnant. Deborah said, "I am pregnant, oh no, no, no, no, I don't know what to do".

After David coming back home, Deborah said, "David you are home, I have missed you so much, are you okay, are you hurt in anyway"? David said, "I am fine, Deborah is everything okay"? Deborah said, "NO, I am so embarrassed and ashamed for what I have done". David said, "What is going on"? Deborah was very emotional and upset. Deborah said, "I am pregnant David", David was very shocked and he need a bit to process it. Deborah was crying, David wanted to know when this happened, Deborah explained it was a few months ago, the father is Shawn her friend. David guessed that she wanted comfort. Deborah didn't want David to be hard on her about this and she confessed that she was missing David a lot. David hugged Deborah and she cried on him.

After David knew about the pregnancy, David and Deborah were trying to figure out how to tell their mother and father that she is pregnant. Deborah was very emotional and she feels that the family would be disappointed and ashamed by her. David said, "I know that everything will be okay because I am here for you". Deborah said, "Thank you so much, I really need you, only you".

When the right time came, Deborah explained to Lana and Layne that she is pregnant. How it went down was that Deborah was missing David too much and she wanted comfort so she invited a guy and then they had a passionate moment and then turned out to be sex. Deborah had sex with a stranger and. Lana was very upset and she was shaking a bit , she automatically exploded at Deborah and Lana needed time and space so she can process all of it. Deborah was really upset and she left the Cosloff house to David's apartment. David was with Lana and Lana hugged David, David told Lana that Deb moved out to his place and Lana was very upset and she was blaming herself for not taking it well. Lana wanted to have a second chance with Deborah. David gave her advice and Lana needed to hear that and she said to him "you are a good big brother to your sister, I am so proud of you, you are a good man, your sister is very lucky to have you". Lana hugged David.

Several weeks later, Lana went to the apartment and Deborah was covered with emotion and she was on her knees and crying and begging for forgiveness. Lana hugged her and told her that everything will be okay. Deborah felt that after the pregnancy the family won't love her anymore. Lana told her that she loves her daughter no matter what. Lana wants to deal with this like a family. Lana loves Deborah so much and Lana was sorry as well.

Deborah went to the hospital and she was in labor. Shawn wasn't even there for her but she has her family. Deborah is very happy to have her family with her. Deborah fell in love with her daughter. She called her Kelly. Deborah introduced Kelly to her uncle Daivd. Deborah said, :This man right here, he is your uncle, my brother David Cosloff, he is the person I have ever know, he never gave up, he always have been there for me and I never take him for granted, I have loved him my whole life and we both love you Kelly and we will take care of you".

When her daughter, Deborah and the others were raising her baby daughter Kelly. They were loving that baby because she is a sweetheart. They all wanted to make sure that Kelly will have the home she needs. Deborah loved being a mother and she is so happy keeping this bundle of joy. Deborah is very upset that Shawn walked out on her. She has comfort from her family that loves her.

Deborah made an important decision to confront Shawn about the pregnancy. Ashley drove her, She supported her decision. Deborah and Shawn talked for an hour and Ashley was inside Shawn's house. Ashley was very upset at Shawn not being there for her. Deborah called him a coward and stormed out of his house.

True Alpha: Revenge of The Nightmare

Deborah was taking care of Kelly, Deborah was teaching her what toddlers learn, Deborah saw David how happy he is. Deborah said, "something big had happened what is it"? David said, "Ashley and I are engaged". Deborah grabbed him and hugged him. Deborah said, "I am so happy for you, I am very proud of you and I knew it, I wish you all the best and love David". Deborah kissed David and hugged him and fussed over him.

Deborah decided to talk to Ashley, as woman to woman, they bonded a lot. Ashley made a lot of promises to Deborah that she will take care of her big brother and make him the happiest man alive. Ashley wanted to be a good wife to David and a good partner. David means everything to Ashley and he is her life. Deborah said, "Welcome to the family Ashley, you are a lucky woman to have my brother". Ashley said, "Yeah I am".

During the wedding, Deborah is Ashley's maid of honor because Ashley and Deborah have been friends for almost 20 years and they are very close. Deborah watched the ceremony happening and she was emotional when the vows came up. Deborah was really happy for her brother.

After her brother's wedding ceremony, she was enjoying the reception, she was very happy for her brother and Ashley. She wished them full happiness in their future. Deborah had happy/sad emotions about her brother. Deborah never wanted to let him go. Deborah wanted to make sure that Ashley will take care of her brother. Deborah said something to her brother and it was really sweet and emotional , she didn't write anything, she wanted to pour her heart to her speech. Deborah wanted to dance with her big brother and it was a slow dance and everybody loved it. Lana was crying happily, she was very fond of both of her two children dancing together. Deborah said, "I love you so much David, I am very happy for you, you picked out the perfect woman for you, you both are great together". David said, "Thank you Debbie, I really appreciate your support, I just want to say no matter what happens in the future, I will always be your big brother and you will always be my little sister, I love you so much, you are my priority". Deborah was overjoyed with happiness and other emotions hearing that. Deborah said, "I always want to be close with you David". David and Deborah hugged. Deborah learned of the news of Ashley's parents and Deborah comforted Ashley. The reception continued and Deborah had talked to her brother some more about what happened. Deborah would defiantly pray for Ashley's family. Deborah wanted David to keep her in the loop about everything. David promised to do that. Deborah wanted to be there for David. David thought it was sweet.

True Alpha: The Deadly Eight

True Alpha: The Greatest Battle