Zack Johnson Clark was born in the early 90s, He is the relative of the other johnsons that are the reversed alphas. Zack's parents had a sick relationship between the both of them and they actually committed suicide together. He was in a foster home for 15 years and then he got a job as a satanist pastor.

Becoming demon alpha

While in the Satan church he was praying to the devil to have something bad to him. He wanted to die or have an accident. Which was stupid by the way. Instead there was a dark matter that went through all of his body and he became a reversed alpha. He became very evil and sinister. The dark matter got him emotionally and physically. He was hating True Alpha and the dark matter told him the True Alpha's secret identity was David Cosloff.

The Demon Alpha wanted to kill True Alpha so he decided to join the reversed alpha team. Which the members are Professor Death, Reversed Alpha, Renegade, Chaotic, and Ultra Alpha.

Teaming up with the reversed alphas.

Demon Alpha and the other reversed alphas were trying to make a master plan to defeat True Alpha. They wanted to capture the people that True Alpha cares about make True Alpha vulnerable so he can die. Demon Alpha is more than ready to kill True Alpha.