Creating The Endgame Vortex

The villain named Vortex who was a scientist, he was very obsessed with time travel. When he got his powers he created his own suit and he called himself Vortex. Vortex hated David Cosloff for many years. When David tried to stop Vortex, Vortex created his own timeline called the Endgame Vortex

The ruined world

David found himself into another universe when he tried to stop Vortex. David saw everything so differently. David wanted to know what is going on and how did this all happen and David was trying to figure out how it all went down. David had a battle with a woman alpha and she attacked him but David realized it was his sister Deborah. Deborah realized that she saw her dead brother and she was relieved and she cried very happily. Deborah told him that she missed him very much. David explained that he is in a different timeline. David explained that he needs to stop Vortex from accomplishing his plan. Deborah wanted to work with her own brother. Deborah wanted David to see his mother. They saw their mother Lana and she was sick. David was tearing up and he said "mommy". Lana was very surprised that her son is alive. Lana wanted to hug him. David was crying. David told his mom that he will make things right.

Stopping Vortex and Alchemic

David was very determined to correct the universe and timeline first, Deborah told David that she was very happy that she would see him and they both kissed on the lips. Deborah was fighting Alchemic and David was fighting Vortex and then he took Vortex's time portal and then Vortex turned into a portal. David went to the portal and everything went back to normal.

Everything is the same

After stopping Vortex and Alchemic, David realized everything is the same and he had the material that he needed for his tachyon device to time travel.