Early life

When Fitzgerald was a baby, He was born from the Larkson family, the larksons had died and they are out of existence. He was adopted by the Cosloffs the strongest family in the country. Fitzgerald grew up in Trinidad CO. He was homeschooled, his father taught him to hunt and fish and to survive like a man. Fitzgerald became a good man. he served in the American revolutionary War and he was good friends with Christopher Polo. He met a woman named Sophia Coulter. They dated for awhile, in their dates were adventurous, they hunt together and do things together. They were engaged when they were 18 years old.

married to Sophia

Their wedding was a private wedding, the weddings back in the 18th Century weren't like the ones in the modern day world. There were no guests just them and a priest. In their honeymoon, they just stayed in their new home.

seven children

Fitzgerald and Sophia had seven children together, Joel William, Nate, Owen, Jeb. Jason, Belinda, Lucy, and Emma Lou. They were one happy family, Joel William was in the army, Nate became a outdoors-man, Jeb became a ranger, Jason became a blacksmith as his father, Belinda was a housemaid, Lucy had her own store and sell clothes, Emma Lou was stay in home mom.

Cosloff legacy

Fitzgerald decided to create the Cosloff legacy which was a museum of the Cosloff soldiers over the years. Sophia agreed with that idea. Fitzgerald is very proud of the family that he had created.

meeting True Alpha

Before the events with Dark Rider, Fitzgerald and Sophia met the first true alpha who was Christopher Polo. Christopher told the Cosloffs about Dark Rider roaming through the lands. The Cosloff were getting prepared with encountering with Dark Rider. Christopher and Fitzgerald became good friends and teammates.

Dark rider

During the Dark Rider events, A War was happening called The Crisis War I. Dark Rider had his crew with him. it was like the early Cold War. A lot of deaths around 1,000 people have died. All the Cosloffs lived. Even the true alpha. The Cosloffs and True Alpha won.

his wife's death

Fitzgerald and his son Joel tried to find Sophia. They were searching her for 10 minutes. Fitzgerald saw a woman's body on the ground. Fitzgerald was very shocked that it was his wife. He was really sad and angry. He wanted to find the person who had done this to her. After months of finding, he finally found out that Solomon Johnson killed his wife. he is ready to kill him. Solomon and Fitzgerald faced off. this is the first battle that the Cosloffs and the Johnson had ever done. It was a crucial battle. Fitzgerald finally killed him.



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