As Hellfire

On Dark Earth, there is another David Cosloff but totally opposite. David's nickname is called hellfire. He is part of the reversed alpha clan. He teleported to Earth. Hellfire's mission is to destroy Earth with his universe.

Hellfire yelled out True Alpha's name. True Alpha came and he wanted to know who Hellfire is. Hellfire explained to his doppelganger that he is him from another universe. They fought each other. Hellfire successfully won because True Alpha was weakened by The Phantom.

Hellfire decided to join forces with Dark lightning (Seth Ashton's doppelganger). They wanted to beat True Alpha and Lightning wolf so the Incursion will be a success but it didn't. Hellfire and Dark Lightning both went to the dark matter.

As Implosion

Almost a decade later after the incursion, In the dark matter, both Hellfire and Dark lightning merged and they became Implosion. Implosion is almost like zoom and Reverse flash in the Flash comics. He has a black and blue costume. The mask is a part of his face. The energy is now blue not dark red anymore. He is faster and stronger, he gathered The Destroyers to beat The protectors. He murdered Kimberly and captured Ashley. True Alpha and Implosion battled and Seth gave him the serum that could weaken him and True Alpha killed his doppelganger.