On March 2nd 1784, Joel William Cosloff was born, Fitzgerald Cosloff and Sophia Cosloff cherished that child with all of their hearts. Sophia was very fond of baby Joel. Sophia and Joel are very close with one another.


Joel William as a child, he was taught to do man stuff like his dad. As in fishing, hunting and surviving. Joel actually became a good soldier when he grew up and he became a part of the 13 colonies army.

his siblings

Hew grew up with seven of his siblings Belinda Cosloff, Nate Cosloff, Jeb Cosloff, Lucy Cosloff, Jason Cosloff and Emma Lou Cosloff, he ha d a good relationship with all of his siblings. He could handle them very well.


Serving the 13 colonies

Marrying Lucille

Having George

Dark Rider

his mom's death

burying his mom

Finding Solomon

Teaming up with Abraham Lincoln

President's Assassination


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