True Alpha: New Timeline

David was bonding with his favorite cousin Julie. They hadn't been in touch for awhile because of their jobs and their families. They both promised to be closer. Julie was hugging David a lot. Julie really missed him. Julie and her family are doing great. Julie is happy with her job at Cheddar's and she has been doing it for almost 30 years. David is very happy for her. 

True Alpha: Homecoming

David wanted to go out for a run around the neighborhood. He realizes he kept running for 10 minutes nonstop. David realizes he runs faster than lightning he can run faster than the flash. David ran from Colorado City, Castle Rock, and Denver. David stopped at Cheddars where Julie works. Julie said, "Hi how many"? When Julie saw David. She was overcome with emotion. Julie hugged him really tight and she cried on him. They had an emotional hug for 5 minutes. Then they sit down. Julie said, "How did this happen"? David said, "Yesterday, I woke up at 2:00 and after that I can see everything, I can even see your tag". Julie said, "It is such a miracle, I am so happy you are alive". David said, "I love you so much". Julie said, "I love you lots as well". After the visit with Julie, David went to the gym. David lifted a very heavy weight like a fifty pound weight. David could lift it and he is not even struggling. He decided to work out with them, he sees his muscles shaping up very well. 

All the family decided to eat out, Layne, Lana, Jason, Angela, Julie Scott, Deborah even David went out to BJ's. Julie and Scott sat with David and Deborah. They are having a wonderful time and they were talking about different things. Julie and Scott were fussing over David and Deborah, it was pretty cute because the four are really close. Layne, Lana, Jason and Angela were just reminisce old times.  

C.R.O.W kept attacking the city. The police came. Layne said, "Fire". All the policemen fired at C.R.O.W. C.R.O.W said, "They really think that bullets could hurt me think again". C.R.O.W almost flew to them but a flash of speed hit him. C.R.O.W. hit to the ground. True Alpha said, "You are not going to hurt anyone else C.R.O.W." C.R.O.W said, "Think again". He launched a net to True Alpha. He flew again. Ashley was out and she was walking around she saw chaos near her. C.R.O.W said, "Hey Pretty lady". C.R.O.W grabbed Ashley and she screamed and they flew. True Alpha got the net off of him by phasing. True Alpha yelled, "Ashley"! Ashley said, "Get off of me, HELP"! True Alpha said, "Let her go". C.R.O.W said, "Okay". He dropped Ashley. True Alpha got Ashley Smith. Ashley said, "Thank you for saving me from that thing". True Alpha said, "Go to the cops". True Alpha ran off to C.R.O.W. C.R.O.W came to the location where Julie and Deborah are. Deborah said, "What is that"? Julie said, "I don't know". Deborah and Julie both screamed and True Alpha lunged at C.R.O.W  

True Alpha: Against All Odds

6 months later, Julie ran into Ashley. Ashley said, "HI Julie it is very good to see you, David has talked about you all the time". Julie said, "We both love each other very much, we have each other's backs, for David's sake, I really want us to be friends, I really wants us to be close and get along instead of being oil and water, you know what I am saying right". Ashley said, "Yes I do, I know how much David means to you and how much you mean to him and I am not going to take that from you". Julie said, "Thank you, I appreciated it, it is just I can be overprotective sometimes and also supportive, I just want to protect my cousin you know". Ashley said, "I understand". Ashley and Julie hugged it out. 

Both David and Julie were spending time together. They were walking around in Colorado City. David said, "So Julie how is everything at work"? Julie said, "Well I really love it, everything is great, It is really easy to be a waitress, how is everything at school even Ashley". David said, "School is great, I am having good grades A's and B's and my friends are doing great, Ashley and I are doing great, we are really happy but we are not in a relationship". Julie was kind of emotional. David said, "Is everything okay"? Julie said, "It is Just". The conversation interrupted because of The Clay creating chaos in the city. While Julie was watching the scene David used his super speed to go fight the Clay. Julie said, David where are you"? True Alpha said, "Hey freak". The Clay roared. True Alpha said, "How do this"? True Alpha and Clay fought each other. Clay formed a hammer and wacked True Alpha to a wall but True Alpha survived from that and he healed from it. True Alpha said, "I know what to vibrating in an amount of speed could do the trick. True Alpha went to him. Clay made some sounds. Clay was vibrating very fast. The Clay exploded.   

After Clay being destroyed, Julie was finding David and yelling his name. David came to her. Julie said, "David you are okay". Julie hugged David really tight and cried on him. David said, "I am okay why are you upset"? Julie said, "Oh David, it is just you mean so much to me, I was really a wreck when you were in a coma during that week even your mother, it is just that I love you so much David and I don't know what to do without you and I just want to keep you to myself and you with Ashley kind of bothered me". David said, "Look Julie, I love you too no matter what happens, I do love you okay come here". David and Julie hugged it out.  

True Alpha: Beneath The Earth

After Julie's work shift, Julie drove down from Denver to Colorado City. She really need to have that drive to relieve some stress because of work. Julie was really emotional because she has been feeling insecure with her relationship with her favorite cousin David. Julie thinks that David is hiding something big from her and it is true. Julie doesn't know yet. Julie made it to Colorado City. Julie went to Jason's and Angela's house. Julie had discussed with the both of them. Angela and Jason both gave her advice for David to tell her, Julie should persuade him.  

ulie and Scott were at BJ's, they are having quality time as brother and sister. Scott is noticing that something is very wrong with Julie. Scott said, "Something seems really bothering you". Julie said, "It is fine". Scott said, "Julie". Julie said, "I feel that David is keeping something from me, he would never lie to me, we are like best friends, I mean we tell each other everything". Scott said, "I think you should ask him yourself, persuade him to tell you the truth". Julie said, "Thank you". Julie shed a tear.  

Lana was cleaning her house, she finished it, Lana heard knocking on the door. Lana opened the door there was Julie. Laan said, "Julie, what a lovely surprise come in, come in, how are you"? Julie said, "I am fine is David here, I want to talk to him"? Lana said, "No he isn't here, he is still at DSM just getting along with his friends, is everything alright, you seem upset"? Julie said, "It is just that, I don't think David has been honest with me, I just feel he is keeping something from me, I love him, I do, my trust is getting restrained". Lana said, "Julie how long have you been feeling this way"? Julie said, "Off and on for a year and for a week, I have been insecure, I don't know what to do". Lana and Julie hugged. 

David used the sword to go back home. A portal unleashed, then David went to an unknown location, it was dark. He was hurt pretty bad. He was trying to find some furniture to lay on. While he was doing that. Julie unlocked the door. She turned on the light. Julie screamed and said, "Who are you, what are you doing in my house". Julie was actually fighting him, then she saw David, Pretty beaten up. That is when Julie found out that David is the True Alpha.  

The Day after the battle between True Alpha and Master Shogun. David was laying on a couch with bandages all over his body. He wondered how it got there. Julie said, "Morning David, or should I say True Alpha". David said, "How Did I got here"? Julie said, "You tell me, you sure scared me half to death last night, remember". David remembered last night the whole thing, how he got to Julie's house and everything. David said, "Yeah I do remember". Julie said, "How could you, you are my cousin, I love you so much, now ever since I learned about all of this, I don't know who you are anymore".  

Julie was pacing back and forth for like 5 minutes. David said, "Would you stop doing that"? Julie said, "Would you stop lying to me"? David said, "You got a point there". Julie said, "I just have so many questions". David said, "Go ahead ask them". Julie said, "how long did you became this". David said, "A year and a half almost two years". Julie said, "Two Years, so all this time, you were lying to me about this". David said, "I did it to protect you Julie". Julie said, "This sure is not protecting, so when you were in a coma your superhuman powers were developing". David said, "Before the accident, that day was supposed to be my last day to have eyesight, if the accident didn't happen I would be blind right now, I had terrible eyes, I had to have these prescription lenses, on the field trip, when I went to Eco Labs, I was so fascinated with science, so I went to that room alone, I was looking at the window of the beautiful view, I told myself this is it, my eyesight won't be no more, this powerful energy source, hit me through the chest, a week later when I woke up, I had perfect eyesight, it was unbelievable, I could see like a mile away, not just that, when I was having a walk, I started running, I realized I was going faster and faster, everything was like a blur. I was like going 100 miles an hour non stop and 4 minutes later, I came to Denver and went to Cheddars to see you". Julie said, "So you are like the Flash, I am really happy that accident cured you from your disabilities, but what I am not happy with is that you lied about it".  

David is still pretty injured. Julie said, "I just don't understand why you didn't tell me the truth". David said, "Like I told you before, to protect you, I don't want you to be harmed from my enemies and foes, I wanted too but that is the code". Julie said, "You are unbelievable you know that, protecting me, code, True Alphas have codes". David said, "Talk to Jason then, I don't know how to explain this to you".  

Jason and Angela were heading to Denver to Julie's place. David and Julie were still arguing about him to be the true alpha. David said, "I am not going to stop protecting people and fighting the bad guys, this is who I am now Julie, I am sorry I lied to you about it but it doesn't change that I am not stopping". Julie was breathing in and out. Jason said, "What is going on here"? Julie and Angela were talking in another room. David explained to Jason that he fought Master Shogun, after that he magically appeared to Julie's house. Jason said, "I am glad you are okay". Jason sensed Savage. Jason got out of Julie's house. Angela made Julie feel better. Julie decided to take a hot shower. Angela was with David. She was comforting him.  

After the shower, she had her bathrobe on, She had been thinking about how she is handling the situation. She still wants a relationship with her cousin. She is still very hurt of all the lies. She was laying her bed without the covers. She was starting to cry. She looked at a picture frame with her and David when they were young. She was having flashbacks of all the good memories. She was crying because she feels that the good memories are gone.

David was getting ready to fight Savage but the phone rang. David answered it, Julie was on the other end. David said, "Julie, what is it, now is not good time". Julie said, "Look it will be quick, I am going to make some changes about us, like to have space from each other and not contact each other as much, I am really having a hard time trusting you, I am still hurt of how I found out your secret, I don't know who you are anymore". David said, "I Agree, Goodbye Julie". Julie said, "Goodbye".  

Julie was in her house. Julie had her pajamas on and eating ice cream and watching TV. Julie is really sad and hurt even heartbroken because of all the things that she learned from David. Julie felt that she should've acted differently. She still wanted a relationship with David but she is very insecure because of what David has done. She has a lot of regrets from that moment.  

Deborah decided to call Julie. Deborah was really excited to talk to her. Deborah and Julie are really close they are like best friends, sisters even. Julie was still sad from the whole experience with David and she picked up the cellphone. Julie said, "Hi Deborah, it has been awhile". Deborah said, "Julie is everything okay"? Julie said, "no, I don't feel like to talk about it right now, how are your mom and dad". Deborah said, "They are doing awesome, for their 20th anniversary they are renewing their vows". Julie said, "I am really happy for them". Deborah and Julie continued talking.  

Julie was in Colorado City, she was at a bar just trying to feel better from what happened the last few weeks. Julie was remembering the good memories she had with her cousin David. Some memories when they were kids even when they are grown up. Julie Still loves David with her whole heart. She wants to forgive him and love him and she wants to be cousins again. She went out of the bar and she wanted to call David but it went to voicemail. 

After Julie walked out of the bar, she saw a chaotic battle between True Alpha and Chief Axe. Julie put her hands on her mouth, Chief Axe was wielding his axe to True Alpha and he kept dodging. Chief Axe raised his axe to True Alpha but he stopped it and he used all of his strength to raise it up. Julie said, "David, I am really sorry that I haven't been a good cousin to you lately, I am sorry how I reacted when I learned about your secret, it was so selfish, I am sorry, I love you David, I forgive you, you are my life, you mean everything to me, I love you". The words really hit David. David was sure kicking Chief Axe's butt and He used his axe and cut his head off.  

David came back home, he saw Julie there. Julie was looking at a photo when David was a baby and when Julie was 10. Julie said, "Do you remember this"? David said, "When you carried me when I was a baby, I am not sure". Julie said, "I sure did, that was the first time I really love you". Julie and David both said, "I am sorry". David said, "You first". Julie said, "There are some things that I should've said when we argued, I really hated how we ended up like that, I know you never meant to hurt me, I was actually hurting myself by rejecting you of being the true alpha, I don't care if you are a superhero or not you David is what matters, I love you so much". David said, "I love you too, the reason why I kept you in the dark for so long is to protect you, I don't know what to do if you would be harmed in any way from my enemies, you are too important to me Julie, you mean everything to me too, there is no one like you, there is no one to replace you, I was thinking of telling you but I did not know how, even being the True Alpha doesn't change who I am, I am still the cousin you love, I would never ever hurt you again or lie to you ever, I love you Julie, more than you know". Julie was going to tear up and said, "David come here". Julie was crying because she is really happy that she has her cousin back". After the sweet moment another villain comes in the way and it is the Bull.   

The Bull was rampaging through Colorado Springs, he was making bull noises and smashing everything. David said, "Really a bull". Julie said, "David, I just want you can do this". David said, "Do you have something red". Julie said, "a shirt why"? David took off her shirt quickly. Julie said, "Did you peak"? David said, "Yeah sorry". David went to Colorado Springs. David faced Bull, David said, "Hey hothead". Bull charged at True Alpha because he saw Julie's red shirt. True Alpha used his super speed so he can outrun The Bull. Bull was running very fast. True Alpha ran in a circle Bull was getting exhausted and he passed out.  

ason and Julie have decided to talk things out. Julie said, "David and I talked things out and we are doing great now, I am glad he is my cousin again, my life is better with him". Jason said, "I am really happy for you and David, I know how close you two are, me and Lana are the same way, we still are". Julie said, "That is good, I heard layne and Lana are getting married again". Jason said, "Yeah, my sister created the idea but I am happy for them".  

David, Ashley, Julie, Scott, Jason, Angela and the rest went to the royal mansion to enjoy the rehearsal dinner. The family were having a great time. David is with his two girls that he loves very much Julie and Ashley. The three are very happy than ever. David and Scott talked for a bit and David told him the great news that he and Julie are better than ever. Scott is very happy. Layne and Lana came in, everybody cheered. David and Deborah hugged both of their parents and the evening went great. Julie wanted to dance with David. David accepted her invitation. Lana was very overjoyed when she saw them together dancing.  

True Alpha: Darkness

David was waiting for Julie at Red Robin, Julie suddenly came in. David said, "You made it". Julie said, "You know I would never miss this". David said, "How are you"? Julie said, "I am doing good, I am really confident in our relationship between us". David said, "Me too". Julie said, "I am really glad we are starting over, I am glad we are getting closer and fonder". David said, "Me too, I really want to focus on the here and the now, the past is done". Julie said, "How are your parents, I heard that they are getting married again, Their 20th anniversary is coming"? David said, "Yeah I am really excited and also happy for them, you are invited right". Julie said, "Yes I am, I just got the invitation yesterday".  

Ashley and Deborah came back home, Ashley went to the bathroom, Deborah looked at the photo frame of her mom and dad. Deborah was starting to have a panic attack. She crying hysterically. Julie came into the house, she saw Deborah on the floor crying. Julie said, "Debby, what is the matter, are you hurt"? Deborah said, "Emotionally, I think something happened to mom and dad, I am trying to be strong, I don't know what to do if something happens to them".  

After Julie's call to 911, The Police came to the house. They were looking around the house to see any clues. One officer stayed and he wants some answers to the questions. Julie and Ashley cooperated with their investigation because they wants answers to what happened to Lana and Layne.   

True Alpha: Collateral

True Alpha: Wrath of The Reaper

True Alpha: Order of the Sinister

True Alpha: Below Zero

True Alpha: Tornado

True Alpha: Master Mind

True Alpha: The Greatest Battle

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