Leslie Thomas was born in Colorado City, Colorado. She was 6 pounds and 4 ounces. Her parents are Lily Thomas and Jake Thomas. They did not have a happily marriage. Jake Thomas was an abusive husband and father and a heavy drunk. Lana was very traumatized of her father's actions. Lana became more sensitive because of him. She did not want her biological father in her life anymore. Lily had to divorce her first husband and have a restraining order. Jacob went to jail for his crimes. Lily met a very nice guy his name is Paul Young. Lily really fell in love with Paul. Lana enjoyed having time with him. They dated for 2 or 3 years and they got married. After they got married, Leslie always calls Paul dad and he is very fond of that. Paul treats her like his own daughter and a princess. Lana and Paul having a very close father and daughter relationship. Lily and Paul have a boy and his name is Jason Thomas Young. They announced the news to Lana. She is very excited to be a big sister. Lana loved Jason with all of her heart, she loves being his big sister. Jason and Leslie always have a good relationship as a brother and sister. She takes care of him and fusses over him and give him great advice. Lana and Jason are very close. She is a good student in her classes and she took sociology for mother and wife classes. So she can be the best mom and wife ever. She studied to be a doctor to save lives. She is a devoted wife to the best police officer Layne Cosloff and their marriage is always strong and nothing would tear them apart. She is an adoring mother to her own two children David and Deborah Cosloff. She is a loving grandmother to five grandchildren.

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True Alpha: Origin part 1 and 2

Leslie was born and raised in Colorado City, she loved the city and she had a lot of friends in her schools. Leslie is a part of her church as a helper she helps with women. She loves being committed to God. She wants to focus on her family and friends and not to have a love life. She is very focused on school and work. Leslie is a very outgoing person. She is never shy, she loves to meet people. She is good with socializing. Leslie has been a mother figure to Jason her little brother. She cooks for him, she goes out with him and buy him clothes. She never argues with her brother. They agree on everything. Lana loves her mother Elizabeth. They are very close they are a lot alike. Lana looks a lot like her mother. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes. Lana loves her step father she actually calls him dad instead of step dad. Paul loves Lana and he makes her his own daughter. Paul is a better person that Lana's biological father. Lana wanted her husband to be like Paul. Paul said, "I love so much Leslie, there will be a lucky guy for you I know it". Lana said, "Thanks dad". Paul said, "I am very proud of you, I am so happy to be your father". Lana said, I am very lucky to be your daughter dad". Lana and Paul hugged. Lily's heart grew fond of the relationship between her second husband and her daughter. Lana had a family moment with her family moment with her family she is very lucky and she wants a family like that.

Leslie was a freshman in Colorado City High School. She was getting situated with the school starting to get to know her new friends. She was 15 and she met this handsome young man named Layne Cosloff. She was very attracted to him, she was pretty nervous and she didn't know about her feelings for him yet but she decided to get to know him first. They were friends for 1 year and they were getting to know each other and Lana was very interested in him and she knew he was very nice. Lana wanted advice from her mom and dad about dating Layne. They wanted her to date him next year. Lana understood. Months later Leslie and Lisa became friends and they talked about Layne. Lisa wanted to be friends to Lana because of Layne. Lana and Lisa got closer over time and Lisa wanted her to date Layne. Lana is happy to hear that. She will do it. Lana and Lisa went to Kohl's and Jcpenny to get some romantic clothes. Leslie is starting to have romantic feelings for Layne and she wanted to date him when sophomore year starts Lisa agreed, Layne and Lana started dating in sophomore year. They went to village inn and they really enjoyed it and they were getting to know each other a lot and Layne started to have romantic feelings for Lana as well. They kept dating in junior year but they were spicing it up a bit. They actually became boyfriend and girlfriend after graduating high school in 1988. They had a romantic dinner, they were at BJ's brewery and restaurant They were talking about progressing their relationship and they wanted to know how to have a good relationship. they were reading a relationship book and they became better for each other. They went to relationship counseling because layne is going to be in the CCPD. Lana is afraid that their future marriage won't be doing okay. Leslie introduced Layne to the family and Lily really liked Layne because he was nice and genuine and tough plus humorous too. Paul and layne became great friends. They were really close. Layne is close with Jason as well because they have been friends for years. Layne and Lana decided to move in together in apartment. After Layne graduated in the police academy he had a decision to make. Layne told the family that he will be in the police department. Leslie had mixed feelings about that. She was really scared for him because she loves him a lot and Layne is her soulmate and she wanted to be married and have children and have a life with him. Layne is afraid of losing him. Jason comforted her about Layne to be in the force. Leslie is really happy that she has her brother to support her. Lana put her head on his shoulder.

In 1990, There was a bank robbery in the Bank of Colorado, Layne was getting ready to do the mission. Lana said, "Come home to me in one piece, I love you". The CCPD were going to that area where the robbery was. The CCPD wanted the robbers to come out of the building, Lana was very worried about Layne. Lana didn't want her future husband to be hurt or killed that would make her very sad. Lana was having an emotional breakdown during that night, she was praying really hard for everything to be okay but her brother Jason comforted her. Jason talked to her and told her that Layne will come back to her. Lana was saying different things and she was hyper. Jason wanted her to calm down. Jason told her that everything will be okay. Leslie started to feel light headed and Lana fainted and Jason carried her to the sofa and put a blanket over her and then he ran there and he was the True Alpha. The 9th one. Being a true Alpha is very rare. Jason didn't tell anybody his secret not even his own family. The robbers was about to almost blow the place up but Jason ran in and saved everyone including detective Layne. Layne wanted to know what happened. Jason explained that he pulled everyone out. Jason and Layne hugged.

Layne and Jason came back home, Layne woke up Lana. Lana was very happy to hear that Layne is okay. Lana was crying but happily. Lana thanked her brother for everything.

The day after the robbery, Jason wanted to talk to his sister Lana and his future brother in law Layne. Lana was really concerned for her brother. He revealed his secret that he was the True Alpha. Jason had been the true alpha ever since he was 13 years old. Leslie was learning from this and she was processing it all. Leslie was emotional and she was hurt because her brother kept a secret from her for 4 or 5 years. Lana said, "I can't believe that my own brother had lied to me, I am really hurt and I need time and space to process all of this, I want you to leave now". Jason got out of there. Lana cried hysterically because what her brother had done. Her family comforted her from this experience.

Next week, Leslie went to Jason's house and she hugged him and cried on him, She said, "I really need to apologize Jason, I am very sorry, how I acted, it was very immature of me". Jason said, "Leslie you have every right to be angry, I had to keep you in the dark for your own safety". Lana said, "I just wanted to thank you for everything, I completely understand Jase, like that saying true power comes with true responsibility, you really do have that, I am so proud of you Jason, I love you so much, thank you for saving all of our lives". Jason and Lana hugged. Jason said, "I love you too, I am glad you are now okay with this, I really wanted you to be proud of me, how did you get that quote". Lana said, "In a comic book I read". Lana looked very sad. Jason was concerned. Jason said, "you are visiting your dad right". Lana said, "Yes I am, to cut him out of my life for good, you know, he is never my father Paul is". Jason said, "I completely understand". Lana said, "I am pretty lucky to be your sister Jase".

Lana wanted to visit her dad in prison. Lana had mixed emotions about the visit. Lana said, "How could you bring cruelty to us, you abused my mother, you brought alcohol in the house, mom was so very disappointed in you, I can't look at you right now, Paul Young is my father not you Jake you were never my father, i just can't forgive you for what you had done, I am cutting you out of my life for good". Lana is done with her dad and she wants to focus her life When she went out, she was crying hysterically. Layne and Jason comforted her. Lana explained to Layne and Jason that the visit was terrible. Lana needs a lot of comfort. Both Jason and Layne comforted her. Lana and Lily talked about her final visit with Jake. Lily comforted her daughter and they cried together.

In 1992, Lana and her family went to lunch together and they were talking about things. Lana is very excited for her future. Layne became a detective in the CCPD. Layne wanted to propose to his love Lana. Layne knows that Lana is his future and he would do anything to make her loved and happy. How he planned it is All the officers stood up and Layne would make the speech. Then Layne would propose to her as in like this "you are the love of my life, you have been everything to me and I would like to be more than boy friend and girlfriend so Lana Thomas would you marry me"? The proposal happened and Lana said, "Yes I want to be your wife". She accepted the proposal. Lana became Lana Thomas-Cosloff. She was very thrilled that she is a Cosloff and she is very lucky to have a man like Layne Cosloff. Lana is overcome with happiness she is going to become a Cosloff. The family heard the news and they were happy for them. Lana is very lucky that she will be Layne Cosloff's wife. Lana's wish came true.

Lana was so happy after the proposal, she had been looking at her ring all day. She was overjoyed with happiness. Lana's heart became brighter and brighter. Lana was laying on her sofa and she was imagining what her future will be like. Lana was seeing the happy moments between Layne and her, she was seeing her future children they were a boy and a girl and she wanted to name the boy David and the girl Debbie. Lana was very happy being a mother for two children. Lana saw her future children all grown up and she was very proud of her children of what they are becoming. When the dream was over, she thanked God for giving her the life she wanted. She is very determined to get that life she always wanted to be a great mother. Lana and Lily went out to lunch and Lana told her what she wants in her bright future. Lily understood about children. Lily wanted Lana to wait. Lana was just really happy and excited.

Layne and Lana had a casual wedding they had friends and family, not a lot of guests. They had their pastor to marry them. Lana was pretty nervous about the wedding, she was wondering if she would be a good wife. She was having cold feet because she is worrying that everything might not go so well. Her mom was comforting her and she knows that Layne loves her very much and will protect her and Lily knows that her daughter will be a good wife to him. Lana was tearing up and she wanted to hear that. Lana and Jason had a great chat and Jason motivated her and Lana really needed that. Jason and Paul both walked her down the aisle. Lana was talking to herself and said "you can do this I am going to be a detective's wife, after this I am going to be the future Mrs. Cosloff". The wedding was happening and Layne and Lana did their vows and it was emotional even for Lily and then they became Mr. and Mrs. Cosloff. They had a reception at a mansion. The reception was wonderful. Lana wanted to dance with her brother. They had a slow dance. Lana said, "You are doing great Jase". Jason said, "Just trying my best sis, I am very happy for you Lana, I always wanted happiness for you". Lana grabbed her brother and hugged him and said, "Thank you, I am very glad you came". As Jason was about to leave, Lana came to find Jason and she said, "JASON"! Jason said, "Yeah". Lana said, "I want a hug from you". Jason and Lana hugged and they said I love you to each other and they said goodbye

In their honeymoon, they went to Hawaii for a month. Lana was very happy, she felt the luckiest woman in the world because she married the man she loved. She was very thrilled that she became Mrs. Cosloff. Lana decided to talk to Layne about everything how happy she is. Lana explained to Layne that she is very lucky to have him as her husband. Lana is glad that she has the life she ever wanted. Lana had called her family everyday because she really misses them. Lana told Layne about her dreams what their life will be like and it is all happiness. Lana told him about their future children. Layne understood and he was very happy to hear all about this. Layne told her that he wanted that life too. Lana was so happy to hear that and she cried happily.

Layne and Lana decided to have Sex. Lana actually wanted it. They consummated the marriage.

They went to dinner in a Hawaiian place to celebrate their honeymoon. Lana was enjoying every bit of Hawaii and she felt relaxed with her husband Layne and she isn't worrying about anything. Lana is very happy to be with her husband.

After the honeymoon, Lana became a doctor not a surgeon. She is a Pediatric and a family doctor. Lana had a good first day. She was taking care of patients. The patients really love her. She is super friendly with the patients. Lana got to know the staff a bit and she really loved enjoying her day so far and then she saw kid who was sick it was a boy and he had red hair and it reminded her of her future son named David who she dreamed about. She was super happy to see him. She took care of him. Gave him medication for his sickness. She was kind of emotional but that made her want to have a child. Some of the staff members were wondering what is going on with Lana?

Lana was reading a guidance book to be a good mother, She was reading a lot about the book and she was understanding what it takes to be a mother and she wants that chance. She wanted to be a supportive mother whatever a decision that her future children would make. She wants to be a great impact in their lives as well. Lana wanted to have her own family, a happy family that she wanted to love and cherish. Lana is very happy being married what really completes her is having a child.

Lana invited her mother Lily over to her house. Lily was very excited to have a visit with her daughter. After the devil tormented her, Lana was having insecurities Lana wanted to be a good mother when she has the chance and she feels that she won't be a good mother. Lily comforted Lana. Lana was crying hysterically. Lana felt that her dreams are not coming true. Lana felt that she would have a miscarriage or Postpartum Depression which is worse, she didn't want to be like other women who neglect children and become very violent. Lily gave her great advice to Lana. Lana wanted to be an adoring mother who would love her children and be there for them. She seems to be afraid that she won't be enough for her children. Lana wants to fight for herself to do this. Lily and Lana prayed together and Lana is healing really well and her insecurities are gone. God is always with her.

Lana planned this romantic night between her and her husband, Lana was actually wearing a large bath towel, She was prepping a minute before Layne got home. Lana feels very intrigued to do this because this the moment that she will create her first child. Layne got home and he saw Lana with a towel, Lana took off the towel. Lana was nude. Lana was approaching him, Layne took off his clothes, Lana and layne were both on their bed having Sex. As about 1 hour, Lana felt the orgasm. Lana and Layne relaxed for a few minutes, they started kissing and having a lot of Passion and Romance. Lana feels very happy and excited.

the day after Layne and Lana made love (Sex, Sexual activity, passion, romance), Lana discovered that she got pregnant. She was very thrilled. Lana said, "I am pregnant". That is the dream that she was waiting for her whole life. Lana is very committed to be a mother to her baby. Lana was touching her stomach all day. She was talking to the baby. She is loving the baby already. She would love it even if it is a boy or girl. She wants to take care of it, love it and cherish it. Lana went to the world prayer center and talked to God privately. She thanked him for everything. She wanted God to lead her new baby the way of a life that he/she deserves. Lana was talking to God about her insecurities and her doubts and God healed her and motivated her to be a great mother to that baby.

After Layne got home, Lana was very happy and she kissed him. Layne wanted to know why she is in a good mood. Lana explained to him that she is pregnant. She found out today. Layne was excited he swooped her off her feet. They kissed. Lana started breaking down crying happily. She feels very lucky to have a child. Layne said, "Why are you crying"? Lana said, "I am sorry honey, it is just that I am so happy that my wish came true, I love you so much". Lana and layne kissed.

During the pregnancy, their marriage became strained, they haven't been having enough time for each other, they spent less time together because of Layne's police work. Lana grew more and more insecure, she felt left out. She was depressed all the time. She decided to put her foot down and she said, "this needs to change right now". Layne said, "What do you mean honey"? Lana said, "We have been strained from each other from a long time, you have been focusing on your job more than your own family, please Layne, I really need you today, I need us, please take shifts, so we can have a happy family, I just don't want to lose from this, please". Lana was crying, Layne comforted his pregnant wife, Layne agreed to spend less time at the P.D. It really made Lana happy. They had a passionate kiss that change their relationship into a good direction.

4 months later, Lana had a baby bump, They went to the doctor and the doctor told them that the gender is a boy. They were very happy. Lana was crying happily. Lana said, "I am having a baby boy". Lana is the happiest woman in the world that she is having a baby boy. Lana actually wanted a baby boy, she immediately wanted to call him David because of the bible name. Lana was prepping the baby boy's room. Made it all blue and she bought baby toys and decorated the room because she was very excited. When Lana was taking a nap and she was lying on the couch, she had a vision of David as a grown man to be the next true alpha. How the vision went down was when Lana was falling and David as a grown man saved her. She really wanted to know how she got that vision of that. Lana is trying to understand about that vision. Lana wouldn't like it if her son keeps risking his life. She wants him to herself. Lana is starting to worry about David's future as a true alpha. Lana wanted him to be safe and not harmed in anyway.

4 months later Lana felt her water broke and it was 12:30 am and Lana was in huge amount of pain. Layne saw her in pain. Layne and Lana went to the hospital and Lana was pregnant on May 19th 1996 at 1:00 am. Lana spent hours in the hospital for her to get in labor. Lana was very emotional and agitated even stressed out and she wanted the baby out of her stomach.

It took 10 hours for the baby to come out. When Lana finally got the feeling she pushed her baby boy out of her stomach. She was so astonished of her new baby boy and she wanted to hold him and she was crying happily. Lana gave him a name which was David Cosloff. Lana liked the name David because it is a name for a strong and powerful person that would sacrifice himself for others. Layne really loved that name. Lana held him for a long time and her arms weren't tired. Lana was talking to him she told him that she will love him always, she will protect him and watch him grow to be the man he was born to be. Lana kept kissing him and fussing over him. Lana sang to him when he was sleepy. As baby David went to sleep, she said, "goodnight my beautiful boy, I love you so much David Cosloff". Lana kissed him and rubbed him. She left the room and went to bed.

The next day Lana woke up very happy, she came to David's room and she carried David and she fed him some baby food and she enjoyed it very much. She feels the luckiest woman in the world because she is a mother to a wonderful baby boy. Lana was playing with him and she felt very happy and she felt very close to him. Lana's bond with her son is very strong and she doesn't take that for granted. Lana spent the whole day with him and she was laying on the couch read him some stories. Lana was rubbing baby David's stomach. Lana was kissing his head. She was tickling him and hugging him. Lily and Paul decided to visit their daughter and they are really happy for her. Lana thanked her mother to be the best mom she could ever asked for. Lily knows that she will do great as a mom. Lana said, "Having David here is the best thing that ever happened to me, I love my son with all my heart and soul, I pour out all my love to him, he is my everything, I will sacrifice everything for him:. Lily said, "I know you would, when you first carried him, you were full of joy and happiness because you always wanted a baby David is very lucky to have you". Lana cried happily because she had a lot of support from her mother.

A year later Lana was teaching up how to eat food on his own. Lana wanted to teach him how to walk and she was struggling a bit. Lana was patient and she was motivating him to walk and Lana was tired she rested on the carpet floor. David stood up and walked to her and grabbed some of her hair. Lana looked up and she saw him walking and she was thrilled and she hugged him and kissed him.

She was teaching him how to speak like mama or dad and it took him awhile to say that but he actually did. She was teaching him to speak words simple words like colors, animals etc. David successfully did it. Lana was blowing kisses on his stomach and David laughed. Lana was fussing over him. Lana said, "I am glad you are in my life David, I am so happy I am your mother, I just can't believe you will be in preschool soon, I need to get used that maybe um, next year a sibling will come".

Lana set him up for a preschool and David went to the preschool and it made her to miss him more and she was very emotional. Layne comforted her. Lana said "he grew up so fast". Lana was tearing up. Lana doesn't know how she got so emotional with David being at school. Lana wanted him to be a baby still. Lana wanted to have another baby. Lana wanted a girl. Layne thinks that having David is enough having one kid is fine with him. Lana said, "that is the most cruel thing that you ever said to me". went to the bedroom and acted like teenager.

After preschool, David saw how sad his mother was, so he decided to comfort his mommy. She was crying, She said, "Hi David, I am just so sad right now, I really need a hug can you do that for me, do you want a little sister". David said, "Yeah". She said, "I promise that will happen okay Dave, I love you so much".

Lana promised to him that she will give him a sister if Layne would allow it. Lana and Layne clashed and, she accepted Layne's apology. Lana and Layne decided to make love again (sex) to create David's sister Deborah.

Lana and Layne announced to David that he will be having a sister. David was really thrilled. Lana and David hugged and had a great moment together as a mother and a son.

David was in Lana's hospital room, David said, "I can't wait for the baby to come out". Lana said, "Me too sweetheart, this will be my last time getting pregnant". Lana realized that her eggs are decreasing in her young age. Lana is very upset about that and Deborah will be her second and last child. David put his head on Lana's chest. Lana was petting David's hair and kissing him.

After the hospital, David spent time with his baby sister Deb. Lana was in the background and she was smiling. It reminded her of the times with Jason when he was a baby. Lana is happy to have both David and Deborah in her life

In 2005, David was 9 years old and Deborah was 6. Layne and Lana were dealing with Lisa's abuse and it should stop so layne is thinking of putting a restraining order between Lisa and her abusive husband Craig. Lana agreed about the situation. Lana hadn't heard from Jason in awhile and she was worried about her brother. She hasn't seen him in years ever since her wedding and she was worrying about him ever since she found out his secret. Lana tried to call him and call him and he wouldn't answer. It actually says that this number doesn't exist.

Lana decided to be there for Lisa and the girls Kimberly and Brooke. Lana prayed for the family to be safe. Lana would love to adopt the Graysons.

Lana wanted to find her brother because she hasn't seen him or heard from him in months and years. Lana wanted Layne and the police department to find him. Lana is very distraught that she thinks that he is dead. Lana is very worried and also stressed. Lana has been having mental breakdowns because of her brother's disappearance.

Lana didn't know that her brother became a hired assassin for years. Lana was really emotional learning of Jason's disappearance. She is really upset with him, she wants to slap him in the face. Lana also wanted to punch him in the chest.

David asked, "What is wrong mommy"? Lana said, "It is difficult to say, can I have comfort from you and your sister please". David and Deborah both hugged Lana. Lana said, "Thank you so much babies, I really need this". David said, "we love you mom". Deborah said, "I am really sorry about what you are going through". Lana cried to let all of her emotions out. Lana wanted a favor from Deborah that she should never let her brother go.

Lana heard that there was an incident at the town hall that a slashing lunatic was attacking the representatives and the Layne and the police department tried to arrest him and Layne found out it was Jason. The swat team put two viles of sedatives on Jason so he can be knocked out and it did. Lana was having mixed emotions that Jason became an unknown killer. Lana was really hurt after learning that Jason is alive.

She was laying in bed and crying all day. She felt very overwhelmed and she was hurting a lot and she knew that her brother wouldn't do this. She was taking Aleve for her pain. Lana was shaking and she heled the counter and she was emotionally drained. David came to the kitchen and said, "mommy, what is wrong"? Lana said, "David come here". She was touching his head and his hair and she hugged him and she cried again because he looked like her brother when he was little. She felt that she failed to be Jason's older sister. Lana feels that she should do better. Lana was having emotions to talk to Jason at his cell. Lana sometimes wants to and doesn't want to. Lana was still hurting but she loves her brother with all of her heart.

She decided to talk to Jason and it didn't go well because Jason's memories are wiped. Lana came to his cell and said, "Hi Jason, It is me your sister, It has been a long time since I have seen you, Jase I had been worried and stressed because I care about you and I love you have to remember me". She was having trouble controlling her emotions. Lana was very hurt about Jason's remarks. Jason said, "I don't remember you, I never seen you before, you don't mean anything to me because you are a stranger". Her heart was breaking it felt that it exploded and she screamed so loud and she was crying. Lana yelled out "JASON"! Jason suddenly woke up and said, "Lana".

A month later, Jason came to the house, Lana was pretty sad but she let him in. Jason told her that he has all of his memories and Jason told Lana that she was the best big sister that he could ever asked for and Jason wanted to have a relationship with his sister again. Lana cried and nodded and they hugged and kissed. Lana said, "I am so happy you are here, I have missed you so much Jason". Jason said, "I have missed you too". Jason and Lana spent some quality time and she introduced her children to her brother. They both love him. Jason couldn't believe that he is an uncle. Lana is overjoyed seeing that.

Layne and Lana decided to adopt the Graysons after Craig being in jail. Layne decided to call a contractor company to make the house big to add another story to the house which lasted 2 months. So the Grayson's could live there. David and Layne stayed in one room and Lana, Deborah, Lisa, Kimberly and Brooke stayed in another room.

2 months later, the house was finished and the Graysons moved in. Lana is glad that she made them her daughters.

In 2006 through 2007, Lana had Leukemia cancer. The doctor said that she might died in 3 years. Lana is very upset. Lana decided to keep it to herself and not to tell the family. Lana is fearing for her life. Lana wanted to be there for her children to grow up and have happily marriages and they could have kids of their own. In 2007, Lana really felt the cancer. It was on David's 11th birthday. Lana was shaking. Jason and Layne were concerned of her. Lana fell, The family were worried for Lana. Jason decided to make a serum that could remove the cancer and she won't turn into a creature. Jason gave her the shot. It took about an hour to make it active. At that time the enhancers weren't improved back then. David and Deborah were sad but Deborah was really upset that she would lose her mother. David comforted his little sister, Deborah was wailing. Jason said, "Come on big sis, you got to make it". An hour later, Lana woke up and she felt like 150%. Lana felt happier and she felt better than she had ever been. Lana didn't realize that the cure gave her back the fertilized eggs. Lana didn't want to create more children though. Lana is fine for what she has.

Lana been cured for 6 months she has been doing great. She has been active and fit. Lana feels like a teenager all over again. Lana feels happier. She has been socializing with her friends. She has been going out with her family. She has been spending more time with the children. David, Deborah, Kimberly and Brooke are very happy that Lana is alive. Lana is grateful that she is alive as well. Lana promised that she won't leave her children for a long time. Lana has been having romantic dates with Layne. They had a better sex life. Lana is more sexually active to her husband after being cured. Lana has changed a lot ever since her cure. Lana and David had a moment together. David said, "I am very grateful that you are alive mom". Lana said, "Me too, when I had Leukemia I thought I was going to die but I am very grateful that I am alive too, I want to be here for you and the family, you are my priority and I want to be here when you graduation even get married and have kids of your own". David said, "Thank you mom". David and Lana hugged for a moment of time. Lana kissed David on the cheek.

1 year later, Lana got a call from the hospital and the doctor said that her parents are in the hospital and they are dying. Lana dropped to her knees and she covered her face and started sobbing because her parents mean a lot to her. David, Layne and Jason all comforted her and they went to the hospital. Lana spent most of her time in parents' hospital room. She was really upset and she doesn't want to let them go. Lana was really distraught of her parents. Jason came to the room as well they comfort each other. Lana was crying hysterically and Jason was really quiet. Lana doesn't know what to do and how to handle this. Jason doesn't know either. David decided to come to the room. Lana hugged her son for comfort and she cried on him. Lana held him tightly and she kissed him. The machine went off and Lana was bursting into tears and she ran out of the room. Lana screamed outside. Lana cried non stop. Lana had a terrible time at the funeral and she couldn't say something to her parents. She was too hurt to speak but Angela said something nice. As time went on, Lana had been hurting for sometime. She was trying to do stuff that made her happy. Lana felt better bit by bit. Lana had comfort from her family.

True Alpha: Homecoming

Lana dropped off David to school before work. Lana wanted David to have fun on his field trip Lana was enjoying work so far and she was bonding with the ladies. Lana heard a sound and voices and she wanted to know what is going on and she saw her son on the carriage. Lana wanted to know what happened to her son. The other doctors told her about the accident in Eco labs. Lana was in frantic, she couldn't make the procedure because of how important David is to her. Lana noticed something different that he is taller and bigger.

Lana sat with David while he was in a coma and it was for a week. She had being struggling and emotional through that week. Lana had been praying in the chapel. Lana held his hand. She said, "I love being your mother David, you never made trouble for me, I love you so much David, even your sisters and your cousins, please wake up". David had a seizure and Lana was crying and she was thinking that she lost her son. Lana had a Mental Breakdown and her husband, her daughter comforted her.

One day, David woke up and Lana rested on the chair and then she woke up and was so thrilled, she was hugging and kissing her son. David was improving a lot, his movements were incredible, his walking, running and even strength. David could actually see her clearly. Before the accident, David's eye sight was really blurry, he couldn't even see anything and now his eye sight is enhanced.

Lana wanted to go out to eat with her son. She couldn't stop smiling. Lana is very happy that David is alive. David chose Denny's. Lana was okay wit that because she let him to do what he wants to do. David ate a lot in Denny's. He ordered a breakfast, lunch and a dinner. David gain 20 pounds. Lana was really surprised seeing that. Lana didn't care about the cost, she wanted to spend time with her son. Lana and David went back to the house. They decided to go to the living room and watch TV together as a mother and son.

Jason and Lana talked privately. Jason told Lana that David will be the next True Alpha. Lana was overwhelmed with emotion. She was starting to breakdown again. Lana said, "Jason please keep a good eye on my son please, I don't want to lose him.

Lana was noticing something different with her son David. David was in 7th grade at the time. Lana was asking him what's up? David told her nothing. Lana wanted the answer so she tried to make him uncomfortable by touching his leg and rubbing it. Lana was getting closer to him. David blurted out that he met a girl at school.

Lana was very surprised and she was asking him a lot of questions. David said that her name Ashley Smith. Lana knew that Smith was a familiar name. Lana was very happy that David found a girl. Lana wanted to meet Ashley to see if Ashley is the right girl for her special son. David didn't want her to do that because he will be embarrassed.

Lana decided to meet Ashley as woman to woman. Lana was asking very serious questions to Ashley and she wasn't hesitating at all. Ashley told Lana that she wanted a marriage, she wanted to have kids, she loves him with all of her heart. Ashley explained to Lana she wanted to be there for David through the ups, downs, bumpy roads, etc. Lana was very approved of Ashley, Lana hugged Ashley. Lana told Ashley that she will support their relationship and Ashley was happy to hear that. Ashley also told Lana that David told her that she reminded him of Lana. Lana was very happy to hear that. Lana's heart bursted.

Lana came home and David blurted out "what did you do mom"? Lana said, "I did nothing bad, Ashley and I talked and it was decent, she is a wonderful Christian woman for you, she is very interested in you for who you are and I like her she is very nice". David said, "Thank you mom for being okay with this". Lana hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and she went to the bedroom and changed. Lana said, "I am going to change, I really hate these long heels they are killing me". David said, "so why did you wear them"? Lana said, "I don't know don't judge me mister". David giggle

After she changed she spent time with her son more. Lana said, "Now I feel very relaxed, it is better to be barefoot, my talk with Ashley, I had to ask her serious questions honey because I want the best girl for you, a nice girl, who truly loves you for who you are, who respects you and never takes advantage of you, Ashley is the right one, I do this because I love you so much, you are always going to be my baby". David said, "I love you too, I know you are protecting me from harm and I get that but I am not a kid anymore, I protect myself, I trust Ashley, I believe she is a good friend to me". Lana said, "Are you thinking of dating her"? David said, "Someday". Lana said, "That is good, you are too young to date". David said, "I get that". Lana explained her love life with his dad to teach David about relationships. Lana said, "You mean everything to me Dave, you and Deborah are the greatest things that ever happened to me". David said, "Thank you mom". David let her tickle him because they love each other like a mother and a son. Lana hugged him and she put her legs behind his back and held him tight. Lana's feet were really sore because of those painful high heels, David massaged his mother's feet, Lana felt a lot better and he could walk fine now, Lana would get new high heels. David is very special to Lana and she feels very lucky to be a mother to David.

True Alpha: Against All Odds

True Alpha: Beneath the Earth

True Alpha: Darkness

True Alpha: Collateral

In 2012, On their anniversary, Lana and layne wanted to renew their vows to make a fresh start in their marriage. They just did it with their family and friends. Layne's best men were Jason and David. Lana's maids of honor were Deborah, Lisa, Kimberly and Brooke. The wedding was wonderful.

They did their new vows and they were still husband and wife. Lana danced with David and Layne danced with Deborah and it was magical. As David and Lana danced, David said, "I am glad that you are happy mom". Lana hugged David and said, "Me too sweetheart". Lana and Layne were happy because they have been together for 20 years. Lana and Layne did their own speeches and it was emotional and wonderful. David and Lana had a private moment as a mother and son, David is very happy for his mom and dad for having a 20 year marriage. Lana said, "Thank you son, I can't believe I reached that milestone, there were ups and downs but your father and I overcame it all, my favorite time during our marriage was when you and Deborah were born, that was a time that I have never forgotten, I can't believe you are now 16 unbelievable to me you are my baby, my kid". David said, "Yeah time sure flies, yeah it is crazy, You are very happy, you have everything, I am proud of you mom". Lana said, "You made my heart burst, I love you so much David, I am so happy that you are with me". David and Lana hugged and kissed.

After the wedding, Lana and Layne spent time together on the couch and they were very happy. they were sharing their great memories together even with their kids David and Deborah. Lana said, "Wow 20 years, unbelievable, we sure have a successful marriage Layne". Layne said, "Yeah we sure did it and we have two beautiful children". Lana said, "1996 sure changed my life". Layne said, "remember that time that David actually climbed to his crib on his own". Lana said, "That was so silly, that guy he is sure one athletic guy, I remembered that Lana dressed up David as a doll and used my lipstick, Deborah is sure a fashionista". Layne said, "Thank you for the best 20 years". Lana said, "Thank you for being a good husband". Lana and Layne kissed.

After David unsuccessfully fought Bonecrusher, Lana got a call from her husband Layne that David is in the hospital. Lana learned of David's accident, Lana was having a mental breakdown, she is in her low point but she wants to see her son. Lana was really worried of David and also freaking out and she met Ashley and Deborah in the hospital. Lana said, "What happened to David what is going, where is my son I want to see him". Lana saw David being unconscious and she couldn't breath and she was overwhelmed with emotion, Lana yelled out "DAVID". Lana was having a mental breakdown again and she hugged Ashley and Deborah. Lana doesn't want her son to be taken away from her so she was trying to talk to unconscious David so he can wake up, Lana said, "David this is your mother, please wake up, I don't want you taken away from me, not now, not ever, I love you so much, I need you so much, you are my everything, please David open your beautiful blue eyes please for me". Lana was having a tough time being strong for her own son, she is really terrified and then she felt a touch on her left shoulder. She saw Jason in the hospital, Lana said, "Jason I am so happy you are here, please help me, please save my son, I will return the favor". Jason and his buddy C.J. were thinking of a way to improve David so they were thinking of an enhancer that could make David stronger and faster. So they made an experiment and they think it can work to improve David's cells and blood. C.J put it on David's chest. Lana was crying and holding David's chest, she said, "Please wake up". Lana was praying for David to get better. Lana feels at this point she is going to lose her son. It took like 2 minutes for the shot to be radioactive and David was improving really well. David felt stronger than before. Lana was very happy, she said, "David"! and she hugged him and cried very happily. Deborah and Ashley also hugged him too.

After David got home from the hospital, Lana wanted to cook David breakfast and David actually wanted to stop BoneCrusher. Lana said, "I am so happy that you are alive, I am going to cook for you". David said, "I need to BoneCrusher", Lana yelled "No David, I am not letting you go out there and fight that monster, when you were in the hospital, I was so emotional and I thought I would lose you". Lana wanted David to stop doing things what he usually does. David said, "no if you don't respect what I am doing then I guess I have no choice to cut you out of my life".

Lana said, "you don't mean that I am your mother, you are breaking my heart David", and David got out of the house, Lana was really sad and she had deep depression and she was crying because she was broken hearted when she heard her son said that he is going to cut her out of his life. Lana couldn't bear hearing that. Lana was hurting like for a month she needed comfort from her husband and daughter. Lana and Deborah were talking about David and Deborah was thinking of visiting him to talk to him. Lana wanted Deborah to convince David to come back to his home. Deborah would try her best and Lana thanked her.

After Deborah's emotional visit, Deborah was emotional and she didn't recognize her brother anymore, she and Lana were very emotional. Lana actually blamed herself for David being this way.

Lana went to Village inn, Lana was eating by herself so she can get out a bit. Lana saw David with Ashley's family and she saw Lori fussing over David. Lana was getting upset and then she went to the restroom and cried in the restroom. Lana said, "I can't believe my own son would actually let another woman to be his own mother, I am so sorry David". Lana got really jealous of Lori and she feels that she had been shut out.

On the 22nd anniversary Layne was being romantic with Lana, Layne noticed that Lana was really bothered with something, Layne said, "Its about David isn't it, Lana said, "Yes of course it is David our son who wanted to cut me, his own mother out of his life and use Lori as his new mom, I am really upset". Layne said, "David needs some space honey, he didn't mean that", Lana was getting so frustrated she said, "I want my son back! and I want to explain about what I said, I just want to hold my son and tell him how much I love him and cherish him, I just don't know what to do". Layne said, "I understand you are hurting, Lana, just believe in yourself okay". Lana and Layne kissed passionately and romantically. Lana is having a lot of emotions, sad emotions, she feels that her son doesn't love her anymore. She has been hurting a lot.

For weeks, Lana wanted to hear back from David and she kept calling him and he didn't return the calls. Lana wanted Ashley to convince David somehow to come back to her. Lana came to David's room and she was in there for many minutes. Lana had flashbacks of her and David. Lana was looking at his photo album. She broke down for a very long time. She had comfort from her daughter, Deborah. Deborah teared up and said, "I miss him too".

Lana went to the women's group at New Life Church, she needed help from her female friends so she can fight for her son. Lana confessed to her pastor Michelle Anthony about her relationship with her son David and how it is breaking apart. Lana told her pastor that they had a fight and David cut Lana out of her life and she didn't know what to do. Michelle gave Lana advice that she should give David some time and just wait for him. Lana was having trouble doing that. Michelle prayed over Lana and Lana was crying for relief. Lana was thankful that God is here for everyone.

Lana heard that David was coming around, that made Lana very happy. Then David wanted to talk to her and he was living in Ashley's house. Lana said, I am so happy that you want to talk to me, I missed you so much". Lana poured her heart onto David and she said, "David I want to be in your life please give your sweet mother a chance". Lana was having trouble keeping her emotions under control. Lana said, I have been hurting a lot for a month and I really need to heal". David said, "I am sorry I hurt you but you didn't respect what I have to do". Lana said, I do respect you, I do it is just that I want you to myself, the day that your father and I were having sex, it was very passionate, intimate and romantic, I am very happy that I had sex with your father, 9 months later you came along and made my world a lot better, I want to give you the best life you have ever wanted more than I did, I never had perfect parents, I never contacted my father ever since he went to jail and I hated my father, I never forgave him what he did to me or your grandmother, but I had my mom's new husband Paul Young and my brother came along and being a big sister to your uncle was very important to me". David said, "I understand what you are going through you sacrificed yourself for me to have a good life, when you said that I have to stop doing what I am doing, I never want to stop being the true alpha mom, I love protecting people, I want to risk my life to the people I care about". Lana said, "I am sorry I messed up, that is not what I meant, I always wanted to have a family and I wanted to be a very good mother to you sweetheart, I love you so much David, you mean everything to me". she put her hands on her son's face and kissed his cheek and hugged him. Lana told David how proud she is of how grown up David is and the choices he made in life. David told her that he loves her too and Lana's heart was healing and she cried happily on him. David and Lana both apologized to each other and they were both emotional. Lana doesn't want to let him go again. David wanted her to promise him that she can let him choose what he has to do as the True Alpha. Lana promised 100%, Lana said, "I realize that you are not a kid anymore and I always have trouble dealing with it because you are always will be my baby boy, I just want you to come home to me, your dad, even your sweet little sister Deborah, we all need you so much, everybody does". David said "Yes, I will come back home mom" and Lana hugged her son and cried on him. Lana felt happier in a long time. Lana's heart for David grew fonder more and more. Lana had a warm feeling of having her son back in her life.

After the good talk,Lana was going to change, Lana saw a baby picture of David, Lana kissed it and put it on her chest, Lana bursting into happiness. Lana wanted to spend quality time with her son David. Lana said, "Sorry it took so long, I just need to burst my happiness privately". David said, "I am okay with that". Lana said, "I never wanted you to not protect people I just wanted you to rest and heal that's it and I wanted to take care of you, I misspoke and I am sorry, I love you so much, you are my world, I don't know what to do if I ever lost you". David's head was on her lap and she was rubbing it and scratching it gently. David asked a serious question, "Mom, Am I a mistake"? Lana said "no never and please don't say that you were never a mistake I always wanted you in my life, I am glad that I do, I love you with all of my heart and soul and being your mother is the best thing, I chose to have sex with your dad David I didn't take protection or meds because I don't need it, I am glad I have you and Deborah but I was really sad I couldn't create more children but I am glad I have you, Deborah, Kimberly and Brooke". Lana explained how hurt, sad, frustrated and even anxious about the events after the fight. Lana would never get angry with him ever. Lana was just sad and emotional and she explained to David about women. Lana explained to him about how hard it was to be separated from him. David and Lana hugged, Lana told David that she feels complete having him and Deborah. Lana felt tensed and bothered during that time. David massaged her feet, hands and neck. She felt a lot better. Lana feels relaxed. With her family in her life Lana feels very happy and young in heart. David promised to not leave her again and Lana promised to be a better mother. Lana fussed over him by putting her feet by his legs and tickling him by his body and kissing him all over his face. Lana wanted to know how his time was with Ashley's family, she was concerned because she feels that she isn't enough to be David's mother. David told her that it was great spending time with them but it wasn't the same. David noticed some edge between Ashley's parents and David knew that his parents aren't like that. Lana was happy to hear that. Lana confessed that she was jealous of Lori but actually Lori was jealous of Lana. Lana put her head on David's shoulder. Lana wanted to know how the relationship is between David and Ashley. David told Lana that it is great and the romance is still heating up. David and Lana continued talking and they are bonding very well. Their time was like a few hours.

True Alpha: Wrath of the Reaper

Before graduation, Lana saw an envelope in the mail and it was David's college. Lana gave David the envelope, David realized it was the college he is going to. Lana touched David by the shoulders and kissed him on the head. Deborah and Layne were with them too. David was accepted to his college and the family celebrated. After hearing the great news that David is going to college, Lana was thrilled and also sad. Lana was very happy for David that David is accepted for his education as a pastor. Lana was having emotions that really hurt her and made her to have depression because she is having trouble realizing that her son is going away. Lana was having memories of her son and she was crying and she was on the couch.

Deborah saw her there and she was comforting Lana. Lana blurted out that she will miss David a lot, Deborah will be missing him too. Deborah hugged Lana, Deborah was touching Lana's head and she kissed it. Lana felt a lot better.

David and Lana were packing his clothes, David said, "Mom are you okay"? Lana said, "Oh I am fine, I am very happy for you, I am really happy for you, I can't believe you will be away for a long time, you are a grown man now I guess you won't be needing your mother anymore, you will be having your friends there and even Ashley I am going to be okay". Lana was getting emotional dealing with this. David said, "Mom, mom, I will always need you okay, I promise I will back in Christmas and the summer". Lana said, "Okay, I will call you daily after school okay, it is always great to talk to you".

David told Lana that if she needs anything and he told her that he will be there for her. Lana would love that and she told him that she loves him and they hugged. Lana cried happily.

Lana drove him to the college he is going to and she held his hand and she told him that she will be praying for him.

After David was in college, Lana was having emotions still, she is still hurt from letting go her son. Deborah wanted her and her mom to go shopping and go out. Lana would love that, Lana decided to focus on her and Deborah for now, they got some new clothes and new furniture for the house. Lana was perking up and Deborah was very happy to see that.

Lana is very happy that Deborah is staying at home, Deborah is glad too. They went to a Christian store and they were looking at new bibles and picture frames and Christian jewelry and Lana felt God's presence and she was feeling a lot better. Lana was praying that she will see her son soon. Lana was getting excited that David will be coming home and she was prepping the house.

After 1st year of college was over, Lana said, "I am so happy that David will be coming home". Lana saw an email from him and said, "he is going to the army" Lana's heart just broke down and she was very emotional. Lana was very worried for her son. Lana was praying for David to be safe there from the bad guys. Lana knew that David is the True Alpha but she is always worried about him. Lana was trying to keep busy with Deborah and Ashley. Lana still had David in her mind. Lana is still praying for David to be safe. Lana tried to contact David but he wouldn't answer she was very frantic. Lana had mixed up thoughts that David died there.

6 months after David's time in the army, Lana was reading the bible and she heard the doorbell rang, Lana opened the door, she said, "David, you are home". Lana cried very happily and Lana talked to David on the couch. Lana looked how big David is and how big his muscles are. Lana wanted to know if he talked with his dad. David did talk with him. David had gained a lot of pounds over there by working out and eating a lot. David was 160 pounds and now he is 210 pounds. Lana thought he looked really good. Lana decided to hug him again. Lana was very happy to see David home. Lana asked if David wanted to see Deborah. David decided to see her but things got unexpected really fast. Lana was wondering if they could eat out somewhere and David agreed and they both went to BJ's brewery and restaurant. David ate the whole large pizza. Lana was really surprised.

True Alpha: Order of The Sinister

After David knew about the pregnancy, David and Deborah were trying to figure out how to tell their mother and father that she is pregnant. Deborah was very emotional and she feels that the family would be disappointed and ashamed by her.

When the right time came, Deborah explained to Lana and Layne that she is pregnant. How it went down was that Deborah was missing David too much and she wanted comfort so she invited a guy and then they had a passionate moment and then turned out to be sex. Deborah had sex with a stranger and then he walked out on her. Lana was really upset, Lana said, "Deborah what were you thinking, I need time to process all of this". Deborah left the Cosloff house to her own apartment. David was with Lana and Lana hugged David, Lana said, "Oh David, I shouldn't be like that to your sister, where is she I need to talk to her"? David said, "She moved out to her own apartment". Lana said, "This is my fault, I wished I reacted differently". David said, "It is not your fault". Lana had a lot of comfort from her son. Lana wanted to have a second chance with Deborah. David gave her advice and Lana needed to hear that and she said to him "you are a good big brother to your sister, I am so proud of you, you are a good man". Lana hugged David.

Several weeks later, Lana went to the apartment and Deborah said, "I am sorry mom, I wasn't thinking clearly, I was worrying for my brother's safety and I didn't know what to do, unknowingly I had sex with a man to have comfort". Lana said, "Everything will be okay Deborah I am here for you". Deborah felt that after the pregnancy the family won't love her anymore. Lana told her that she loves her daughter no matter what. Lana wants to deal with this like a family. Lana loves Deborah so much and Lana was sorry as well.

6 months after, Deborah was in labor, Lana and the family were there to support her and she was very excited to meet her granddaughter. Lana and David were both with Deborah in her hospital room. They were talking to her and motivating her that Deborah would be a good mom.

Deborah feels so grateful that the family is here. Lana would not go anywhere. She will always be with her children.

Lana wanted to be a good grandmother to her granddaughter as well. Lana and David held Deborah's hands when she was pushing out the baby. The baby was out and the girl is beautiful and Deborah cried after it was cleaned up. Deborah held her daughter Kelly.

True Alpha: Revenge of the Nightmare

Lana was at the house with Layne and the others. Lana was cooking something to eat, Lana said, "Hi David I am so glad you called". David said, mom I proposed to Ashley and she said yes". Lana shrieked and said, "We are so happy for you David, I wish all the best and love, I am so proud of you both, you will be a good husband to Ashley, I know you will". Lana wanted to know when will the wedding be? Lana was very excited for the both of them. Lana couldn't believe that David will be married. Lana missed David when he was a baby. Lana was looking at the memory album and Lana looked very happy seeing those pictures. Lana is having trouble letting David go to be with his future wife. Lana still wants to have him to herself. Lana loves David a lot. Lana is very close to David and of course Deborah. Lana is their mother and mothers are close to children. Lana still knows that David will visit her.

Lana spent quality time with her brother Jason. Lana wanted to know the marriage is between Jason and Angela. Jason told her that there were ups and downs but they are doing okay. Lana is glad about that and she wants to be there if Jason is in trouble and Jason would let her know. Jason heard that David is engaged to Ashley Smith. Lana was very happy and she is proud of David and Ashley. Jason is happy for the both of them. Jason is very sad that Angela can't have the capability to make a child. Lana was sad too she never knew that Angela had a sterol condition. Angela is keeping busy and trying to make her self happy but she has to know that she has her nephew David and her niece Deborah. Jason is hoping that she understands that. Lana is supporting Angela no matter what. Jaosn is happy to hear that.

Lana and Ashley went out so they can spend quality time together because Ashley will be the new family member. Lana wanted to know if Ashley would be the right fit to be David's wife. Ashley explained that she loves David very much and she respects him and honors him. Ashley wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. She knows that they can conquer anything together.

Lana is happy to hear and she also wanted to know if Ashley wants children later in life. Ashley loves children and she wants to be a good mother just like Lana. Lana thought that it was sweet.

Lana was very happy about the wedding, Lana, Deborah and Leslie were with Ashley when she was getting ready for her wedding. Lana remembered hers over 25 years ago. Lana told Ashley all about it. Ashley was really nervous and she need prayers, Lana prayed for Ashley's future and the marriage with her son. Lana told the story when she got cold feet before marrying David's dad.

he wedding started, Lana was very emotional, she whispered "I will miss my baby boy". Lana put her head on Layne's shoulder. She cried on it.

After the wedding ceremony, Lana wanted to dance with her son and it was very magical and emotional. Lana and David whispered to each other as well. Lana is very proud of her son because he became the man that he wanted to be.

During Ashley's speech, Lana learned of the affair of Ashley's mother and she decided to comfort Ashley about all of this mess. Lana and Ashley were talking and she is comforting Ashley. Ashley promised that she will never have an affair with anyone she just want to have her life with David. Lana knows she won't, Lana gave her advice when Ashley takes time and space from her parents she should forgive them and love them. Ashley thanked Lana for everything..

True Alpha: The Deadly Eight saga

Part 1

Lana is wondering how the marriage is between David and Ashley. It was going really well and they both told her that they are having a baby. Lana is super happy that she is becoming a grandmother again. Lana hugged both her son David and Ashley. Lana was getting emotional and she wanted to celebrate. Lana would love to have a grandson she is wishing to have a son to have black hair, brown eyes and to be big. David thought it was too much. Lana is praying about it. Lana was telling her husband all of the good news.

During the hours in the hospital, Lana was with both David and Ashley. David was very dehydrated and David fell on the floor, Ashley was shocked and concerned of her husband. David was in his hospital room to rest. Lana was spending time with her son, Lana gave him a bottle of water. Lana and David were talking. Lana is very proud of her son becoming a father. Lana touched his face and she put her head on his chest and she rubbed her hands on his body. When Ashley gave birth to Daniel, Lana held her grandson.

She wanted to babysit her grandson while her son and daughter in law were going on a date. She loved spending time with her grandchild, it was really easy for her. Daniel reminded her a lot of her son David. She remembered when he was a baby and she was a young woman and she loved David with her heart and soul. She is proud of what David is becoming.

She really fell in love with her grandchild. She read him stories, she fed him, took care of him. She really loved it.

As David and Ashley came back, they saw how close Lana and Daniel are and they were really impressed. Ashley thanked Lana for everything. Lana and David talked privately as a mother and son.

Part 2

Lana was thinking of doing something fun for the family and David, Ashley, Daniel, Deborah and Kelly are going. Ashley wanted to check for Daniel. Lana and David were talking and then they heard Ashley's scream. Then they saw Daniel was gone and the family was panicking.

After Velocity was defeated, David and Deborah came home with Daniel. Lana was so very happy to see her grandson to be okay.

Part 3

Lana had worked at the hospital for over 50 years. Lana wanted to retire, to spend more time with her family. Lana gave up her coat and badge and she is happy to be a retired woman.

Lana had a retirement party and the family celebrated Lana's doctor years.

During the event with Daniel, Lana and Ashley were connecting as woman to woman. Lana is happy to have a relationship with her daughter in law. Ashley was pretty sad though. Lana wanted to know what it is. Ashley feels that she is a bad mother and it is her fault that Daniel got kidnapped. Ashley should've been more protective of Daniel. Ashley wouldn't know if she will be a good mother to Mary either. Lana gave Ashley advice. Lana told her that it wasn't always easy to be David's mother but day by day it gets better. Lana loved to be David's mother. Ashley confessed that she wanted to be like Lana. Ashley and Lana hugged.

True Alpha: The Greatest Battle

David visited his mother, he needed to do something really big. Lana was kind of scared of how he said it. David told her that if he won't come back alive, he just wanted her to know that he loves his mom. Lana was pretty touched and she hugged her son. Lana told him that she will never let him go ever. David kissed his mom on the cheek. As David went, Lana was pretty emotional.

David, Jason, Deborah and Daniel came back from fighting the reversed alphas. Lana was very happy that they are home and safe. Lana hugged each one of them. Lana told them that she loves them with all of her heart.