Lisa Roberts was born in the early 70s and she adored her family. Lisa is a christian and she is friends with layne Cosloff and Lana Thomas-Cosloff. Lisa married Craig Grayson and Lisa thought he would be a wonderful guy but she was wrong about him. There was a lot of abuse in the marriage.


The day after David's family's murder, Lisa decided to adopt David as her own son and so her daughters can have a brother for a change. Lisa really loved David, she took care of him and comforted him about the traumatic event.

Lisa is very happy that David is part of the family now.

David getting bullied

After David got bullied by the kids, Lisa was very angry and frustrated because she didn't want David to be treated like that. She was very worried for David and Lisa, Kimberly and Brooke decided to cheer David up.

abused by her husband

One day when David and his adoptive sister were going out, Lisa got a phone call from her ex husband, they fought for hours and she was very upset. Lisa was getting emotional. Lisa wanted to decline the call and then she laid on the sofa and cried. Then when they returned back home they saw Lisa crying hysterically.

Having comfort from David

Lisa was pretty sad, after David comforting Kimberly and Brooke. He decided to comfort his adoptive mother and they talked for awhile. Lisa feels pretty happy to hear David's words. Lisa is thankful to have David as her son and they hugged and kissed.

Lisa feels upset

Lisa felt upset that she won't find another man to have a future with she felt that she will be alone forever and David, Kimberly and Brooke comforted her and motivated her to move on with her life.

Comforting her daughters

The wedding

Learning David's secret

5 years after Crisis War II, Lisa was really happy that David returned to Colorado Springs. Lisa had missed him so much. Lisa learned of David's secret. Lisa was very fine with it and she is very proud of the man David is today. David told Lisa that he visited the house he grew up in. David saw the ghosts of his family. It made him miss them very much. Lisa told David stories about her friendship with his dad. Lisa commented that David is a lot like his father. Lisa and Layne were good friends. They were friends for years more like sister and brother. Lisa knew Lana as well and they were good friends. Lisa explained about her relationship with Craig and how it went south during the years. Lisa wanted David to talk to Ashley and tell her the truth.

Having a talk with Ashley

Her daughter's death