On November 1st 2027, Mary Claire Cosloff was born, Daniel's wish came true because he wanted a little sister. She is six pounds and four ounces. She looks a lot like her mom but she has brown hair and blue eyes. She is a happy girl but she is very emotional like her mother.


Mary grew in a lovely home with her family, she adored her mom and dad even her big brother Daniel. Mary is always close with her mom and aunt and they do things together. Mary is a very happy girl. She always confides in her brother. She is always close with her big brother, she never fights with him, she plays with him, she fusses over him. Mary felt the luckiest girl in the world to have a brother like Daniel When David Jr. and Janet came along Mary felt very sad because she feels no one focuses on her. Daniel and her parents still love her and the love is equal. Mary is starting to be happier with her family and she is close with all of her family members. She felt complete with her family.

School life

In JRMS CCHS she studied to be a reporter. She was very ambitious to be a crime reporter and she want to investigate of all of the crimes in Colorado City. She wanted to be DC's Lois Lane and Iris West. She has a lot of good friendships, she is mostly friends with the women. She wasn't interested in someone during her high school years, she was focusing on her future career.

Never going back

her mother's illness

Mary was in her room calling her best friends and then she heard something downstairs and she hung up her phone, she went downstairs and see what is going on and then she saw her own mother on the floor. Mary almost ran to her and then Daniel grabbed her. Mary was very emotional (crying, sad, nervous, hysterical). Mary hugged her big brother Daniel.

Mary had mixed emotions for a week, Daniel comforted her, Mary didn't want their mother to die and she wanted their mom to be here for a very long time.

Mary saw her father David and her uncle Jason and they injected the serum in her mother. Mary saw her mom improving and she was really happy and she saw her mother a lot better than before. She hugged her mom.

Learning of her mother's mistakes

After Ashley got cured, Mary realized that she became a She-Wolf. Mary thought it was okay because most of her family are superheroes.

Mary watched her mom going outside, Mary knew that her mom wasn't doing okay. She watched her mom transformed and went out of control. She was afraid, Mary did not know that she has the powers of the white cat.

Mary learned of what her mother did. She was really hurt by it. She couldn't believe that she hurt her dad.

Mary knew about her brother's decision and she didn't want him to go but she had to be okay with it. She helped him pack. Mary was emotional.

Mary and her mother had a huge and emotional fight. Ashley was really emotional and she was having sad emotions and Mary was really angry with her mom. Ashley knew what she had done, she was very remorseful and she was very distraught about how her daughter is treating her. David yelled at Mary to stop. David and Mary had a private conversation.

Mary wanted to protect her father. David told her that he protects himself. David and Mary hugged.


After Ashley and Daniel made peace, Mary wanted to make peace with her mother as well. Ashley was sitting on the couch. Ashley was very happy to see her daughter. Mary said, "I forgive you mom, I am sorry about my outburst, it was just that I was hurt that you attacked dad, I couldn't believe you did that, it broke my heart mom it really did and I am really emotional right now because my brother moved to aunt Deb and it wasn't fair to me". Ashley cried hysterically and said, "I am very sorry, I love your father so much, he is my world, I would never attack him purposely, I don't know what happened to me, I want the answers, I never wanted the family to be hurt either, having Daniel away from me, it made me feel so distraught, I couldn't go outside, I just laid in bed and be depressed, Mary I am not a cruel person and I am your mother". Ashley and Mary cried and hugged.

Her brother's death

Mary was on the couch and she was sitting with her cousin Kelly, Deborah's daughter. They were talking and then her mom and dad came home even Deborah and the girls were distraught and David was feeling tough not in the good way about this. Mary wanted to know what was going and also Kelly. Ashley was very emotional she said, "Daniel is gone". Mary said, "Gone what do you mean gone, he is not dead, he isn't, this can't be happening". Mary and Kelly both were very emotional and they cried for a long time and Ashley hugged the girls.


Mary was grieving for her big brother. She was really hurt, it took a long time to process everything that had happened to Daniel. Mary was really upset about all of this.

David wanted to be there for his big sister, Mary had her on her face and make up all ruined. Mary hugged her little brother and cried on him. Mary grabbed him tight and she said, "I love you so much". Mary kissed him on the head.

Mary's heart was split in half, she was in the same problem like her mom. Mary loved her big brother, she looked up to him, she fussed over him, she loved him with all of heart. Mary is taking it pretty hard to move on from that.


Mary looked at picture of her when she was born with 5 year old Daniel. Kelly was sitting with her. She really loved that photo. Kelly remember she was 8, she watched Ashley giving birth to Daniel. The baby came out after the hospital. Kelly had a chance to hold him and she really loved him. Kelly told Mary about her close relationship with Daniel. Kelly loved Daniel with all of her heart. Kelly always took care of him when he was a kid like babysitting him. Kelly was very fond of Daniel.

Mary thanked Kelly for being a good cousin to Daniel. Mary remembered all the happy memories with her big brother Daniel. Mary felt secure with her big brother on her side. She really wants him back.

The reunion

After Daniel's reunion with his emotional mother, Daniel knocked on Mary's door. Mary wanted to know who it is. Daniel opened the door. Mary had a blank expression on her face. Mary covered her face with her hands. She walked to him and touched his face and she said, "Daniel"? Daniel said, "Yeah it is me".

Mary was overcome with emotion and hugged her brother really tight. Mary was crying happily and said, "I have missed you so much, Kelly and others as well, David Jr. was taking care of me when you were gone, what happened to you".

Daniel explained about being in Earth 2 in the year 2075. Mary told him her awful experience when she learned about his disappearance. Mary felt her world turned upside down.

Daniel never wanted Mary or the people who he loves to be upset. Mary got emotional and said, "I am so happy that my big brother is safe and is back home".

Daniel and Mary hugged for some minutes. Daniel and Mary also kissed. Mary put her head on Daniel's chest. Daniel and Mary both spend time together.

Becoming White Cat

The training

The member of the Alpha team

Her first mission

Saving lives

talking to Abby

Daniel has his sister's acceptance

Comforting her brother

fighting Savage Beta

Moving in with Daniel

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