the history

The old timeline was around for centuries ever since the early ages of time. It had the same events of history.

  • The life of dinosaurs
  • the birth of the early humans
  • The birth of Jesus Christ
  • The death of Jesus Christ
  • events around 200 A.D
  • events around the early 1000s
  • events around the late 1000s
  • 9/11
  • more attacks
  • The incidnet in 2005

True Alpha saving the world

True Alpha has been saving the world from villains ever since the later 2010s. True Alpha served the old timeline for some time and he wanted to correct it. The devil wanted to ruin earth with his army but The True Alpha always gets in the way.

The protectors

The protectors protected the old timeline from all the demons and all the villains that would ruin the city. The protectors had wars with Lord Lloyd, Lord Lonence, the destroyers and the devil himself.