Larry Johnson was born in Earth 40. He had an abusive family. He had a broken home. One night, Larry came down stairs and saw His dad slitting his mother's throat right in front of him and then the dad killed himself. It all happened when they both cheated on each other with other people. Larry was in a mental facility for many years. He became a nut head and became a murderer.

Becoming Professor Death

Larry was in electric therapy when the dark matter arrived. Then the dark matter swooped in and went through his body. Larry started to transform into something dark, evil and dangerous. Larry became professor death. He was the 6th reversed alpha. He made his suit out of dark matter technology. After becoming professor death he became more stabilized.

Teleporting to other earths

Larry Johnson was testing his evil powers, Larry could teleport to others earths to kill and gain the energy of all the alphas so he can be the strongest and fastest. The earths he traveled was 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, and 1.

disguised as his earth 1 doppelganger

After Larry Johnson teleported to Earth 1, He saw his doppelganger and his doppelganger is a detective and he realizes that both of his parents are normal and healthy and happily married, and he also realized that his doppelganger has a wife. He decided to kill his doppelganger and took his memories as well. So he can fit in Earth 1. Larry did a good job doing that he actually fooled everyone that the doppelganger knew but not David though, months later David figured out that Larry Johnson is Professor Death and he killed the real Larry.

teaming up with other reversed alphas.

Professor death teamed up with the other reversed alphas, ultra alpha and demon alpha, renegade, chaotic and reversed alpha and they wanted to have a plan to kill the True Alpha. First they need a plan to make True Alpha vulnerable. Professor Death wanted to capture Ashley Smith, Deborah Cosloff, Emily Clarkson, Maria Clarkson.

The battle begins

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