Nolan Johnson was born in the late 80s. Nolan had a family who had an ugly divorce. His father became an abusive alcoholic during that time. His mother was an unstable woman, she had postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. Nolan became a dark person during that time, he had thoughts of being a killer. Nolan killed his father and the murder was brutal, Nolan kept stabbing his father until he dies, and Beth found out that he was killed and she was warping her head around it and she was having trouble believing her son could do something like this. Beth was forced to put Nolan in the hospital and her heart was broken. Nolan spent 30 years in the mental hospital.

The rise of the reversed alpha

Nolan became the reversed alpha when a fluid came to him called toxic and Nolan was in a tank so he can have the fluid to be stable, a crook but toxic in the tank and it was radioactive, he could feel the toxic in him and he was changing into the reversed alpha and then there was an explosion in the labs. He got the suit of the reversed alpha it was yellow with black. Like the reversed flash in the flash comics.

Killing his own mother

After the explosion, Beth was on the sofa watching T.V. Beth was thinking of her son and she is wishing that he would be cured, she didn't see her son for 30 years and then she saw a mysterious figure which is the reversed alpha, he crashed through the window. Beth was screaming so loud, Beth ran but reversed alpha stopped her and pushed her to the ground. Beth was begging for her not to be hurt. Reversed alpha revealed himself as Nolan. Beth was very shocked and Beth wanted to know why is he doing this. Nolan just wanted too. Nolan killed Beth in cold blood.

the savage ferocity

After killing his mother, Nolan was in a rush of savage ferocity so he was in a killing spree. So he can feel the adrenaline. He killed like 20 people 10 men and 10 women that looked like his parents. The reversed Alpha felt so good and he loved the rush of being a villain. He would keep doing it and he wanted to kill the True Alpha.

teaming up with the reversed alphas

So he decided to team up with the other reversed alphas. Professor Death, ultra alpha, demon alpha, chaotic and renegade. So the five of them planned to make True Alpha vulnerable so they can kill him. They all agreed to that idea.