Sometimes called "telepathic communication", Telepathy is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to manipulate, or communicate with, others using only the power of the mind. Certain characters are born with the ability, others must learn the skill over time, and others use magic. While others, like Mento, use technology to manipulate someone's mind.

Telepathy leaves the mind open to many other mental abilities such asMind Control and/or Telekinesis. A favorite technique of people who use telepathy are "mind wipes". This specific use of the power forces the victim or target to lose memory either entirely or from specific events.Batman was mind wiped as well as Arthur Light. While mind wipe may be a power specifically outside Telepathy, it is almost always used in conjunction with Telepathy.

Martians are an example of characters that are born with the ability to communicate with their minds and develop further abilities such as mind wipe, direct telepathy and senses over time. Zatanna is an example of a character that uses this as a form of her magic and therefore is sometimes untrained in the use of it.

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