the year it was built

It was starting to build in 1993, An excellent construction company took the time to build the house for 6 months. It took a long time to get the supplies and the construction down. The house was a one story house 4 bedroom, 2 bath, one living room, big kitchen. It was a very nice house

The Cosloff's bought the house

After Layne and Lana Cosloff were married, they were looking for houses and then they saw the new house on Panadol street. It was perfect for them, they bought the house and they moved in.

The incident in 2005

In the house, Dark Alpha stormed in and he took out David's family and he survived from the incident because an angel saved him. The house was pretty beat up inside it looked like a tornado went through.

20 years later

20 years after the incident, David got his powers back and this time he is stronger and faster and has more special powers. David and Kimberly went to the 320 Panadol street house that he grew up in and David saw that his family pictures were there. He saw one when his mom was carrying him, one with him and his sister and the family picture. He saw blood stains on the ground. He had memories from the incident, he heard screaming and slashing sound. He was having memories when he was a baby and he was a kid. David was emotional and that was when he realized that he needs to save his family from Dark Alpha but he didn't know how to do it.