The mob life

Matt Collins was a mobster ever since he was a teenager in the late 70s. He is always a hot head. He always robs banks steal other mobs money and kill other mobs. Matt sometimes threatens his wife or abuse her. They got a divorce and after that he killed her in cold blood.

The escape in jail

Matt and his cellmates actually got a key and got out of jail and killed all of the guards in the prison. Matt and his crew escaped and they started a mob.

Creating chaos

Collins filed his teeth to points and became a street fighter known as Gravestone, Collins became a professional thug for a organized crime mob and executed Ozzy Montana, a local crime boss. One of Robertson's informers called Robertson with the location as it was happening but, when Robertson arrived, Gravestone had killed the informer and Robertson was terrified at the idea of facing Gravestone.

For 50 years, Robertson could not find the courage to testify against Gravestone. Gravestone himself was arrested a number of times but the witnesses always disappeared or changed their minds before testifying. Gravestone had such a reputation that he was hired by the Arranger and went to Denver to work for him. Gravestone recruited another mobster Demander.

Eventually, Robertson found the courage to confront Gravestone and saved a tape about his knowledge of Tombstone's past. Robertson agreed to meet Gravestone at Mile High Park, where Robertson tried to convince Gravestone to acquiesce to a citizen's arrest. However, Gravestone physically overcame Robertson and broke his back. He would have killed Robertson but his twisted sense of friendship towards him forbade that action.[4]

Robertson's tape ended in the hands of Layne Cosloff, the Captain of CCPD. Gravestone threatened Cosloff's wife, Lana Cosloff, trying to recover the tape.[5] Cosloff's son David Cosloff, who was really the crime-fighter superhero True Alpha, then fought Tombstone in Castle Rock. Although Gravestone was tougher than David first had thought, David managed to defeat him.[6] With Robertson's taped confession, Gravestone was sent to prison.


In the year 2038 20 years after True Alpha's victory. He was physically abused by ten guys. Gravestone was bleeding to death. He was murdered in jail.