John Marco was born in 1990, With estranged parents. John was obsessed with electricity. John wanted to be an electrician. John was conceived of a result of an affair from a millionaire and a love desired woman. John wanted to divorce his first wife Laura Marco.

Becoming Ropelink

John was fixing all of the cords and wires throughout the city and then at night time. It was lightning and thundering. The lightning came in and electrocuted him. John was in a coma for a year.

A year later, He became differently and he invented some kind of suit and he called him rope link.

Making chaos to the city

The day after, John was roaming in the streets like an animal. John was whipping everything in his path in Colorado City. True Alpha was there and he wanted to stop Ropelink. Ropelink tried to whip True Alpha but he was too fast. Ropelink got True Alpha and dragged to the ground and threw him to a building. He start whipping his suit. True Alpha's suit was kind of ruined.

Round 2