The whole story started when a teenaged boy named David Cosloff was in his church and he got the powers of the True Alpha. David tried out his powers he was running very fast. His adoptive sister Kimberly called him. David heard about that her dad was threatening Kimberly's mom Lisa. David met Kimberly and Seth at The Grayson's house. David met the Elder the true Alpha way before David. The Elder was teaching David about the ways of the True Alpha. David was training really hard so he can be the superhero that Colorado Springs really need. David saw himself transformed tot he True Alpha but he didn't lose control. David stopped a robbery from the bank.

David decided to tell his family the truth about what he was doing. David told them that he is the True Alpha. Kimberly was very proud of what David has become. Seth was also proud of him as well.

David and Seth went to the location where Dark Wolf was at. David tried to fight him but Dark Wolf was very tricky and then Dark Wolf attacked Seth.

David took Seth to the hospital and Kimberly was there and Kimberly was very upset and Seth wasn't functioning right. Seth was at his dying point. David decided to save Seth from dying so David put his claws to Seth's chest. God's energy went through Seth and everything functioned better than ever before. Seth became the beta.

David and Seth faced Dark Wolf but this time they had a plan. Kimberly poured the holy water to Dark Wolf and it burned him and he lost his powers. David stabbed him.

David and the others went to Bj's and had a nice gathering. David is so ready for his next enemies and challenges.