Part 1

In the first part of this story, David had been having nightmares of his past when he was a child and after he became the True Alpha. Kimberly was worried for him so she had decided to make an intervention. During the intervention. David had a vision of the event Crisis War II. That is when Dark Alpha created chaos in the city so he could kill True Alpha. There were thousand of ships heading towards the city. David and Seth used their powers to destroy all the ships.

Part 2

David and Seth successful destroyed all the ships but one. David carried the ship with his super strength and he flew to the forest to drop the ship there. David checked the inside of the ship. Dark Alpha threw David to Chapel Hills Mall.

David battled Dark Alpha while Seth, Echo and Sorcerer battled the demons. During that time Brooke got her powers and became Telepathic.

David was losing his powers during the final battle. But he successfully killed Dark Alpha but he became a human agian and left the city. In the part 2, there were flashbacks that lead to the origin of the True Alpha.

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