In this sequel of the True Alpha series, David, Kimberly and Seth were living their lives after defeating dark wolf. David wanted to pick up Brooke from her camp. The family had their reunion at Bj's Brewery. David doesn't know there would be new threats in town and they are the demon gang. Three brothers Brute, Lightning demon and elemental. They are the foes that David hasn't faced yet. David came back to DSM and he saw all of his friends there. David wanted to reveal Brooke his secret that he kept from her over a year but Brooke knows that he wants to protect her. David and Seth were training from the Elder. The elder knew that the demon gang is near. David also realized that Kimberly and Seth are moving into an apartment. David wanted to see Ashley one of these days to breakup with her. David learned from God that there is the fire wolf spirit. David got his new suit. Which is the True Alpha suit mark 1. There was an attack at the apartment and the demon gang were too strong for the alpha team so they won and captured Kimberly and Brooke. After the capture, David could feel the power f the fire wolf and feels stronger and powerful than ever. David and the alpha team were making a plan to stop the demon gang for good. Then the fight happened, David was dealing with Brute, Seth was dealing with lightning demon and The elder was dealing with Elemental. They all defeated the demon gang. They rescued Kimberly and Brooke. After that they were celebrating the victory. They had a good family gathering