The year after defeating The Phantom, David and the others have moved on with their lives. David had been thinking a lot about what happened last year. Kimberly and David had a good talk about last year. David and the others were having a fun time to go out and have a good time during the nice day. New threats came in, there is this other earth called Dark Earth and it is the darker version of Earth. When David, Kimberly, Brooke and Seth went to Steak and Shake. David was testing his powers, David was weaker and he glowed his eyes and it faded, he grew his claws and he bled. The Elder returns and he explains about Dark Earth. David and Hellfire decided to have a battle and it was unsuccessful because Hellfire was stronger than David. David wasn't ready to battle him. David was injected with a serum that could enhanced his powers and it worked successfully. David and the team figured how to destroy Dark Earth before the Incursion. David and Seth battled their doppelgangers. At the end, David is worried that there will be a threat coming.