Collin Johnson a family member of the Johnsons. Collin lives in Colorado Springs and has a happily family. Collin was very obsessed with True Alpha. Collin wished that a wolf could bite him so he can be one.

attacked by an evil wolf

While Collin was walking in the park. Collin was thinking how cool would it be if he can be a superhero. Collin heard something coming from the bushes and he realized there was wolf and it bit him on the shoulder and side. Even the leg. Collin was limping home and then he laid in bed. Collin rested for 20 hours.

first transformation

During the full moon Collin was outside and he felt something. Collin was transforming into a werewolf and he became evil. Collin went to a killing spree and he killed 10 people. He was very savage. Collin had blood all over him. He even killed his parents and his other family members except the ones who are the reversed alphas. Collin heard about the true alpha and he would do whatever it takes to kill him.

teaming up with the reversed alphas

Ultra Alpha was in a meeting with other reversed alphas the leader Professor Death, chaotic, reversed alpha, and renegade. They were planning a scheme that would defeat True Alpha and made him vulnerable. They all agreed with this plan. They set up the location of the constructed tall building. They wanted to be public

The greatest battle

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