Walberg was a scientist in Cosloff labs. Walberg was obsessed with time travel so he made a suit that can time travel anywhere. He was so obsessed with it he became a villain.

Making the endgame timeline

Walberg decided to make a different timeline so he actually tore through the time frame and actually made it into his universe. He did it when David tried to stop him but David was too late.

Working with Alchemic

During the Endgame vortex, Walberg decided to team up with the millionaire Seth Ashton who owned the Alchemy corporation. Seth Ashton had this robotic suit called alchemic and he becomes more enhanced. Seth and Walberg both agreed to work together to stop True Alpha fixing everything.

The bitter end

Vortex and True Alpha were battling it out, Vortex wanted to tear apart the universe but it was unsuccessful when True Alpha tor the time traveling material. A portal tore through Vortex' body and became a time portal.